3D renders for Amazon and other online stores are a popular method of product visualization. Why do marketplaces prefer 3D models to photos? It would seem that the photo is cheaper. Not really. Let’s take a look at the benefits of 3D rendering for online stores.

Than a 3D model of a product is better than a photo

First, it often happens that a product is made to order, it is impossible to show it before the sale. This situation occurs, for example, in furniture stores. However, the client needs to see what he gets for his money, and preferably as accurately as possible. The way out is a photorealistic render, which is created from drawings and sketches.

Secondly, in fact, professional photography is very expensive. For it, you need to involve a team of photographers, find an appropriate room or studio, spend money on lighting fixtures and other equipment. If the product changes even slightly, you have to photograph it again. Three-dimensional rendering allows you to quickly redo the visualization and change the picture on the site.

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3D model of the product

What other advantages does a model have for an online store over photography? The list is quite large:

  • objective presentation of goods – the visitor of the store sees him as he really is;
  • visibility – the subject can be viewed from all sides;
  • spectacular presentation and motivation to buy – animation and other effects present the product in a favorable light, more motivating to buy.

For which products can you make 3D models

Imagine that you are going to sell your product through your online store, partner stores or international platforms. In this case, you need 3D models of goods for Amazon and other online stores. What products are more profitable to present in three-dimensional form:

  • furniture;
  • smartphones and accessories;
  • confectionery;
  • sport equipment;
  • jewelry;
  • household appliances and much more.
3d model of goods

What else can 3D modelers do:

  • architecture: models of buildings, communications, interiors;
  • industrial design and serial production;
  • development of electronics: circuits, boards, cases;
  • models for 3D printing;
  • development of molds;
  • animation in games, commercials, etc.

And yes, we can do all this and even more. We are the industrial design studio KLONA. Contact us and order a service

Is sheepskin worth the candle?

Is sheepskin worth the candle? Of course! Firstly, visitors remember online stores better, where there are high-quality 3D models of goods. Often they come back and place an order on these sites.

Three-dimensional models show the product from all angles, and each of them will be the best. The buyer gets a more detailed idea of the planned purchase than from photographs.

High-quality 3D models of goods

Secondly, our Clone lamb ensures that the job is done well on time. The progressive child of modern technology symbolizes that Vault is… sorry. Seriously though, the lamb represents the importance of proper design and branding. The costume is reminiscent of video games and technicality, and the headpiece, as in Breaking Bad, is suggestive of ingenuity in every sense. OK. We all just love Fallout.

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The lamb was invented by the specialists of the KOLORO branding agency, we have been cooperating for a long time. Therefore, you can be sure that you will receive a 3D model, the design of which will be beautiful, modern and meeting all the requirements. Our work corresponds to the requested price.

3D models

Cost of 3D models for an online store

Let’s take a look at how to successfully romance and get everything you need from a fashion designer. The duration and price of your romantic relationship depends on:

  • data quality – drawings, sketches and photographs from the customer;
  • the complexity of the subject being modeled;
  • the number of objects;
  • timing of the project.

First, you need to give as many details as possible: drawings, sketches, photographs. The more detailed and thorough the technical task from the customer, the easier it is for the modeler to achieve the perfect similarity of the render to the product.

Cost of 3D models for an online store

If you are producing nuclear cola, as in your favorite game, and you want to offer it to your customers in the best possible way, then you can order 3d model from us … Industrial design studio KLONA will understand you like no one else.

Secondly, the simpler your product is, the faster the work goes and the faster you get the desired product. The more difficult it is, the longer the working sessions. The same goes for the number of objects. It is necessary to take this into account not only when collecting cockroaches for a visit to a psychoanalyst, but also when creating a technical assignment for a modeler.

The Clone Lamb with his thumb, as it were, tells us that there is still time and everything is fine. Therefore, there is usually no need to rush. Speed and haste are somewhat different things. Give time to the modeler to make your product renderings look perfect.

Order 3d model

Stages of 3D rendering in the CLONE studio

We understand that we will not convince you with just beautiful eyes of a lamb that you should contact us for 3D modeling. Therefore, we will tell you in detail: how do employees of the KLONA industrial design studio build realistic three-dimensional models of a product? Usually the process looks like this:

  • creation of a base for modeling;
  • building an initial model and adjusting it;
  • overlaying textures, setting up lighting;
  • 3D visualization and presentation to the customer;
  • performing a series of renders from various angles.

Now let’s tell you more about each step. In approximately the same way, 3D models of goods for Amazon are made.

The basis for work can be: a photograph, a sketch, a ready-made sample, an oral description. 3D scanning and blueprints are also used. Often, photographs or drawings of the object from different angles are sufficient: from the front, from the side, from the back. Photos must be of high resolution.

On the basis of the collected sources, the actual three-dimensional model of the product is made. Most often we use CAD and Autodesk 3ds Max, special programs for creating 3D objects. The preliminary model is then adjusted to match the actual item or the customer’s wishes as closely as possible.

3d models of goods for Amazon

At this stage, a quick visualization of the model is possible to find out if there are any inaccuracies and inconsistencies. After the correction, the model gets the required high accuracy for mapping (texturing).

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Texture is an image that is superimposed on the model. Mapping means the process of applying textures, giving shape and color, relief and texture. The word “mapping” comes from the English map – a map. The fact is that the necessary properties of the model are given with the help of maps: gloss map, irregularity map, reflection map and other maps.

By the way, the industrial design studio KLONA provides mapping services. Order texturing from us!

An example of texturing from KLONA

After completing this stage, we make a more detailed visualization and present the model to the customer. You decide in which angles you want to display the item on your site. Then we overlay the 3d model on the selected background and create a series of renders from specific points of view for the best presentation of the product.


3D modeling is promising and convenient for online store owners, manufacturers and distributors of goods. 3D models allow you to attract more customers and return customers to yourself again and again.

Industrial design studio KLONA will help you realize all your daring endeavors. Are you creating something new? Unique? We know how to render it beautifully, effectively and economically. Order 3D modeling from us!