3d modeling technologies and, accordingly, programs for 3d modeling today are in great demand and are in great demand.

This is primarily due to the enormous possibilities of three-dimensional modeling, as well as their affordability.

3D modeling: possibilities and applications

3d modeling – modern technology for constructing a three-dimensional model of an object in three-dimensional space based on professional graphic software products.

Advanced 3D modeling technologies and professional 3D modeling programs give unlimited possibilities for creating 3D models of objects of different sizes and levels of complexity, as well as to manufacture and test prototypes of products.

Application of 3D modeling:

  • production of a prototype of a product ;
  • development of volumetric animation;
  • preparation of a presentation of a new product;
  • testing the functionality and design of a new product;
  • creation of outdoor advertising and advertising layouts;
  • design of packaging for goods, printed products and POS materials;
  • 3D prototyping in architecture and design;
  • design of injection molds ;
  • computer games, cinema, etc.

3d modeling software (free software for 3D modeling)

The most famous and professional software products for building and editing three-dimensional models are:

  • Blender;
  • Sweet Home 3D;
  • SketchUp Make;
  • Sculptris;
  • LEGO Digital Designer.

With these programs you can create a 3D model of almost any level of difficulty object, in addition, each of them contains highly specialized tools for three-dimensional modeling. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.


Программы для 3D моделированияBlender 3D modeling software is a free package for working with 3D graphics. The program contains tools for animation, modeling, rendering, as well as tools for video post-processing and computer games development.

Blender’s functions allow both professionals and amateurs to work with it, there are all the basic tools and tools, texture sets, event handlers and models of a professional 3D editor. In addition, it is possible to implement additional features of the program by connecting special plugins.

Blender features :

  • support for various kinds of geometric primitives;
  • contains built-in mechanisms and tools for rendering and merging with external renderer YafRay;
  • includes tools for creating animation – by keyframes, nonlinear, skeletal, tools for the dynamics of soft and rigid bodies, mesh deformation, etc.
  • enables non-linear editing and combined video creation;
  • > contains a Python tool that allows you to develop a logical system for computer games, automates tasks.

Sweet Home 3D

3d моделирование Another free simulation software, most often used when working with interior design. Sweet Home 3D allows you to simply create a plan for a single room or the whole house, arrange furniture, windows, doors, stairs, etc. at the discretion of the designer. The program has a special catalog with furniture samples, for greater user convenience, it is sorted into categories. You can download new furniture models from the developer’s website for free.

Features of Sweet Home 3D :

  • convenient and simple interface;
  • availability of furniture samples collected in one catalog;
  • the ability to import individual 3D objects or a house plan from the program;
  • the ability to edit textures, import them and format furniture fittings;
  • multilingual interface and support for many useful plugins.

SketchUp Make

3d modeling servicesConvenient program for building 3D objects and editing them. This simulation program practically no windows for presets and this is one of its main advantages. Thanks to the plug-in Google Earth built into the software package, ready-made 3d-objects can be placed on the Google map service.

SketchUp Make is an optimal program for novice 3D modelers and designers, in comparison with complex and overloaded counterparts.

Key Features of SketchUp Make :

  • simple and user-friendly interface;
  • the presence of basic editing tools that are understandable to everyone – an eraser, pencil, ruler, protractor, etc., only in three-dimensional space;
  • the ability to export / import elements of both raster 2D graphics and 3D graphics – psd, png, jpg, bmp, 3ds, ddf, dwg;
  • availability of a replenished library of styles, components and materials, the ability to use various plugins;
  • shadow setting functions;
  • the ability to download ready-made scripts;
  • merging with the Google Earth program.


Программа для 3д графики A program for 3d modeling, the main advantage of which is gradual, quick and easy mastery of the skill of creating three-dimensional models. The simplicity of the interface and the ability to work with the program, even for a beginner.

Contains tools for extruding, extruding, smoothing the developed model. The presence of a large number of editing tools and settings systems allows you to create models of varying complexity in Sculptris.

Main features of the program :

  • storing the model in OBJ format, which makes it possible to work with this model in another 3D editor;
  • automatic editing of model symmetry;
  • setting up working “brushes” – adjusting the size, pressure, and more;
  • the presence of sculptural brushes designed for pressing, stretching, smoothing and twisting, etc.
  • contains a system of masks that protect the model area;
  • simulates a large number of different materials used to create 3D models;
  • gives the opportunity to “paint” the model.

LEGO Digital Designer (LDD)

Программы трехмерного моделированияConstructor, designed for building 3D LEGO models. It has a huge selection of all sorts of parts, the color of which can be modified in the process. Easy to operate and has a user-friendly interface.

Gives the ability to zoom in and out of the LDD work area, freely move and rotate at any angle. Turns on the view of the finished model, where you can change its background.

Main features of LEGO Digital Designer :

  • a wide range of LEGO elements, more than 700 varieties;
  • storage of finished models;
  • the ability to upload the finished model to the official website of the program;
  • unlimited parts.

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