3D printing services continue to gain popularity, mainly due to their simplicity and affordability. Three-dimensional printing of models of three-dimensional objects on a 3D printer is widely used not only by large industrial companies, but also by development engineers and private entrepreneurs.

Modern printing on a 3D printer allows you to implement almost any design solutions, high quality, using a wide selection of materials.

A new project of KLONA was the creation of plastic containers for household chemicals for «PIRANA», the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of household chemicals and cosmetics.

So, how was the plastic bottle created for the new household chemicals?

After receiving a brief from the customer for the design of the facility, our team began to develop the design concept and geometry of the bottle at the fore-project level.

The customer was given a choice of 3 design options, each of which is unique and meets the technological requirements.

Concept 1

3D printing of packaging

Concept 2

3d modeling of containers

Concept 3

3d model of a plastic bottle

Of the presented fore-projects, the customer chose concept No. 3. It was according to this design that a 3D model of the product was made in a solid modeling program. We preliminarily coordinate the product model with the technologist, we get clear technological parameters that must be taken into account when building a 3D model and later when creating a mold.

Plastic container 3d model

We coordinate the resulting 3d model of the bottle with the customer for compliance with his requirements and technological conditions. The next step was to print the eggplant on a 3d printer. Depending on the consumable material, the customer was given two printing options to choose from:

Thread – a more affordable option, but less accurate;
Photopolymer – more expensive and more accurate option.

Production of plastic containers
Packaging for household chemicals

If the object does not fit on the printed surface in terms of its dimensions, it is divided into several components and fixators are added.

Upon completion of printing, the finished product sample can be used as a prototype of the product, or as a demonstration model, the three-dimensional model of which will serve as the basis for creating a mold, and then manufacturing a large print run.

In addition, a product sample can become a master model needed for small-scale production.

3D printing and product prototype manufacturing

3D printing and prototyping technologies not only open up new opportunities for manufacturers, but also provide many undeniable advantages.

Benefits of 3D printing

  1. Innovations – printing a three-dimensional model in a matter of hours, the possibility of feedback, starting a repeated work cycle. Three-dimensional printing allows you to bring the product to the “ideal”.
  2. Informativeness. The ability to print a realistic and full-color 3D model that visually represents the object. More informative than a picture.
  3. High speed, simple and affordable.
  4. Speeding up the process of bringinga new product to market. Reduce the time spent on the product development process by printing the necessary for the model, directly in the office.
  5. Reducing the cost of product development, tooling and the process of building a model.
  6. Presentation to the customer, partners or client a realistic model of the future product.
  7. Possibility of testing a prototype, in order to make adjustments before starting production.

KLONA carries out high-quality 3D printing on modern equipment, using a wide range of consumables.

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