One of the most important functions of 3D printing – is the production of a prototype of a product before launching mass production.Why is it necessary? Even a perfectly built 3D model does not guarantee that in the end the product will look exactly as the customer needs. Therefore, before starting production, a control assembly of the product is carried out.

That is why one of our clients came to us. KLONA was given the task of making a prototype of a plastic cap for cream on a 3D printer.

The customer already had a finished 3D model, but it was necessary to check the product for assembly, i.e. make sure both pieces fit perfectly together.

After receiving the task and clarifying all the details, we set to work. The resulting 3D model was loaded into the 3D printer and the printing process started. Because the detail is small, it took only a couple of hours.

As a result, we received a finished sample, which we sent to the customer.

Making a prototype for assembly testing

With the help of a prototype, the client was convinced that the cap meets all the necessary requirements. This means that the finished 3D – model can be used for mass production without worrying about the quality of future products.

Checking for assembly is the most important stage of serial production. This avoids possible failures and saves significant amounts of money.

If you are starting mass production, please contact KLONA, we will help you with checking the assembly of new products, as well as 3D modeling, mold making and other production steps.