Three-dimensional technologies, firmly entrenched in our lives, do not stand still. Printing on a 3D printer has become almost a mass phenomenon and continues to expand its scope. What can be printed on a 3d printer?

The 3D printer has entered our lives so deeply that it is used today in almost all areas of human life, from medicine to jewelry.

Applications for 3D printing

3D printing is a process of layer-by-layer manufacturing (building up) of an object based on its built-up three-dimensional model from the following materials – plastic, photopolymer, gypsum, metal, paper, and others.

The availability of printing on a 3D printer makes it possible to carry out experiments in the construction and architectural field, in small-scale production, education, medicine, printing, advertising and jewelry.

We can distinguish the following main areas of application of 3D printing:

Architecture and Construction . With the help of a 3D printer, architectural models of buildings of almost any level of complexity are created. Such layouts clearly demonstrate the object of architecture and present it to the customer in the most profitable way. Ready-made models of houses and structures are also quite popular due to their low cost.

Medicine . Printing on a 3D printer has taken modern medicine one step further and allows saving human lives. With the help of a 3D printer, dental crowns, prostheses, an artificial kidney, joints, skin cells, human organs and tissues are printed.

3D printing in medicine

Education . 3D printing of educational layouts and visual aids for classrooms.

3D printing in education Training layouts

Small batch production . Creation of a prototype for a new product, the production of which is planned to be launched, in order to present it to the customer and finalize the form. Manufacture of parts of mechanisms – reconstruction of lost or broken parts. Prototype printing, which creates a silicone mold for casting small batches of products.

Cinema . Three-dimensional objects printed by the film industry are much more realistic and cost-effective than computer graphics and real decor – antiques, jewelry, cars, interior decorations, etc.

Manufacture of clothes and footwear . Today, new models of clothes for high fashion are made on a 3D printer – dresses, fur coats, shirts. In addition, three-dimensional printing allows you to make completely unusual models of shoes from polyurethane, plastic and rubber.

3D printing of clothes

Packaging design . Today it is possible to make a trial layout of packaging and bottles on a 3D printer. Such layouts can be colored and retain all design elements – a barcode, a label, a trademark, etc.

Jewelry . When creating jewelry, the most time-consuming process is the manufacture of a wax prototype; today, a wax model of a future jewelry item can be grown using 3D printing.

Decor elements and bijouterie .

Making souvenirs, toys and accessories .

What can be printed on a 3d printer?

Printing on a 3D printer is a revolutionary technology that has become an integral part of the field of science and technology. In addition to the already listed areas of application, the 3d printer is used in the most unexpected industries.

We present to your attention the masterpieces of modern 3D printing.


You can print sweets on a 3D printer in any quantity, in white or color, and you can also give them different flavors – mint, vanilla, fruit flavors.


Design company Emerging Objects has released futuristic 3D printed furniture; – a bench made of a mixture of cement and a lamp made of natural salt.

Furniture manufacture

Musical instruments

In New Zealand, a line of so-called ODD guitars was released. In addition, an “artificial” violin and a real acoustic guitar have already been created.

Musical instruments 3d printing of musical instruments

Reflex camera

Leo Marius has developed a technology for the production of a SLR camera, now you can download files and print your own camera on a 3D printer.

Camera details


The Urbee 2 car consists of 50 parts, each of which is printed on a 3d printer.


Cody Wilson 3D printed a real 3D weapon – the Liberator pistol.

Now you should not have a question: « What can be printed on a 3d printer?». The possibilities of 3D printing are almost limitless. That is why 3D printing services are in demand and are in massive demand. In addition, modern 3D printing technologies are available to almost everyone.

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