In the new material, we We talk about trends in the design of smart home appliances. Among the abundance of trends and styles, we have identified several macro trends that have existed for a long time and will continue to be reflected in the technology around us.

Industrial design trends of smart home appliances

Maximum minimalism

Fewer notches, fewer unnecessary buttons, maximum simplicity when interacting with technology, monochrome colors – all these are parts of the minimalism style. This is the main trend in recent years in development. industrial design. The intelligence of things will help to achieve this. According to information from the report of the American venture capitalist Mary Meeker on the trends in the development of the Internet, the future belongs to voice input of information. This means that soon the instructions for household appliances will fade into the background. Ideally, you won’t need to press buttons to make coffee or toast. In the future, we will tell our devices commands that they will understand without pressing any buttons. This will greatly affect the design of the appliances around us.

Household appliances design

Embedding and digital technology

Built-in appliances save space in the kitchen – an important aspect in modern conditions. The current generation of consumers hates the abundance of detail. They easily part with everything that does not fit into their coordinate system. Therefore, the technology and design of built-in home appliances resonates in the hearts of consumers. The more free space and fresh air, the better.

Digital technologies and artificial intelligence are what will set the tone for all future developments. Scientists have set a goal to simplify our lives and make Bradbury’s fantasies come true: in the story “It Will Be Gentle Rain” describes in great detail what we call “smart home” today. Remote control, getting rid of everyday problems and displaying information on all accessible surfaces are the three main areas that are affected by this trend.

Also virtual reality will be used to design objects. This is not a common practice now, but it is planned that by 2050 it will be ubiquitous.

Ecology and nature

T reuse and rethinking of old things was given along with the understanding that man is disfiguring the planet. In the case of technique, it is more difficult to use the old to create the new. Therefore, eco-design finds more responses: the use of natural materials and textures, the durability of products, the energy-saving characteristics of household appliances. Good examples are the Eco Force vacuum cleaner from Electrolux (an innovative motor design that uses less electricity) and the Bio range hood from the Elica brand.

Industrial vacuum cleaner design

Design a vacuum cleaner and make the world a little better – nothing is impossible for Electrolux

The first makes the world a better place and has a non-standard design – it looks like a spaceship turbine. The second one gives a feeling of lightness thanks to the natural materials that were used to create it.

Industrial hood design

Create an eco-style hood design: the Elica brand

Design as a subject of art

This trend is exactly the opposite of the previous one. Its essence is that industrial designers strive to make art objects out of ordinary things. They look for inspiration in nature, new materials, contemporary art and fashion. An example would be the refrigerator from Smeg. The brand is known for its striking releases of household appliances. The design of the FAB28RDMC refrigerator echoes the iconic dress from Yves Saint Laurent.

Refrigerator design

Design as a heritage

Blurring boundaries and uniting the world has many positives. However, there are also negative ones – the peculiarities of cultures are becoming more and more difficult to find in the works of different artists. Therefore, many are trying to go back to basics and reflect this in the design of household appliances. For example, Smeg refrigerators in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana. Traditional Sicilian painting was applied to the classic shape of the refrigerator.

Household appliances design

Glass use

Glass is an inexpensive and practical material, it can be painted in any color, it is better than plastic and cheaper than metals. Therefore, recently it has been used more often.

Industrial design of household appliances

Scandinavian style

Popular both in interiors and in the design of household appliances. The silhouettes of the rocks can be seen in many works of industrial designers. An example is KitchenAid appliances. She is laconic and austere – and the gray graphite color adds greatness to her.

Large household appliances design

These are the main trends that characterize the design of household appliances today. Professionals say that they are a little tired of the dullness and coldness of hi-tech and want to see more warmth, natural materials and colors. We will likely see these trends manifest in the future. By the way, the colors of 2016 were recognized as “serenity” (15-3919) and “rose quartz” (13-1520). Smeg has released a line of washing machines and other appliances in these shades.

Washing machine design

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Home appliance design development: original examples of smart appliances

Smart home system design

Household appliances design

At CES 2016, ready-made kits for controlling sensors and compatible home devices were widely presented. Peanut stood out – made in the form of a small robot, like a nesting doll. The set from LG has also become interesting (a control camera and a hub for all smart home systems). It resembles a fruit bowl. Most manufacturers try to blend in their products with the environment and make them less visible – to avoid the effects of big brother tracking.

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Design Camera: Industry New Arrivals

Camera design development

Today, there are a great many smart cameras being created. Presence from Netatmo became a bright novelty of 2016. It is characterized by a non-trivial design and looks more like a street lamp than a tracking device. In addition to the original design, the camera can remember faces. Having once hit her lens, a person can no longer remain unrecognized.

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Designing a TV: revolutionizing the way we think about the screen

The main trend is changing the view of the screen. LG presented a TV with two screens. The second was located on the back panel. At the same time, the trend of ultra-thin surfaces remains – the thickness of the entire structure is only 4.9 millimeters. Panasonic is working on creating a transparent screen (when off). The TV presented at CES 2016 can still be called translucent, but the plans are to achieve the full implementation of the idea.

Develop a refrigerator design: artificial intelligence in every home

Samsung and LG presented their smart refrigerators at CES 2016. Samsung’s Family Hub features cameras for viewing content (without opening the door) and speakers for playing music. The refrigerator resembles a large rock. There are options in black and metallic colors. On one of the doors there is a screen in the form of a giant smartphone.

Refrigerator industrial design

LG has a similar concept. The door of their Signature smart refrigerator becomes transparent, if you knock on it. The refrigerator itself looks very futuristic and can open when a person approaches it (thanks to touch sensors). Questions remain about this function – not every time you pass by the refrigerator, you want to get something out of it.

Design a washing machine and make life easier

Washing machines can already independently determine the type of fabric and soiling, and then select a program for washing. Electrolux, Gorenje, LG, Panasonic, Siemens, Smart Chime are working on this technology. Such solutions are interesting, but do not greatly affect the design of the washing machine.

Innovative can be called Samsung and LG washing machine models. Samsung came up with a solution for forgetful consumers. Thanks to the additional doors, you can abandon the thing you forgot about at any time of the wash. They placed an additional drawer right in the porthole door. LG has created a pull-out panel at the bottom of the car. Thanks to her, two washings can take place at the same time. This approach saves time, energy, water and cleaning products.

Industrial design of a washing machine

Router design by Google

New Google product – OnHub router created together with TP-LINK and has an unusual oval shape. It contains 13 antennas. The main advantage of the new item is the simplicity of settings. Even a child can cope, the creators assure. The router got into the list due to its non-standard appearance, matte color and its practicality (it is convenient to dust off the new product). In Ukraine, the router went on sale in early 2016.

Router design

Design gadgets: home doctor on guard of family health

The Pillo robot monitors the health of the family and knows everything about the medication schedule. He remembers all household members in person, stores information in the cloud and learns in the process. The creators humanized him as much as possible – creating eyes and a small mouth on the screen. The robot will go on sale in 2017.

Technique design

Design gadgets: smart mirrors

Turning surfaces into screens is not a new idea … Car manufacturers have been working on this technology for a long time, and have already presented smart rear-view mirrors (for example, Nissan). We wrote about the application of these technologies in our article about the design of cars.

Household appliances design

Many manufacturers offer digital solutions for in-home mirrors. Today, you can find options that bring time, temperature and similar data to the surface. For example, the iMirror product from the Canadian company POSH View. By design, the product of the Canadians resembles a large smartphone. You can go online from the mirror, visit social networks and learn about traffic jams in the city.

There are also more unusual options, such as Naked 3D Fitness Tracker from Naked Labs. After you stand in front of the mirror, the camera inside scans your body, creates it 3D model … Then the user can look at himself from all sides and outline a training plan.

Design gadgets for the home: making the environment more comfortable

Small round object Sono can be mounted on any glass unit and suppresses noise. The maximum result is a decrease in the volume level by 12 decibels. By its design, the gadget resembles a smooth sea stone, and the clips are circles of water around a sinking stone. Its principles of operation are similar to noise canceling headphones. Perhaps in such a device, the future salvation of the inhabitants of megalopolises from the prohibitive loudness of the streets is possible.

New technologies are changing our lives and making it easier. This is the main task of industrial designers – to look for the problems that a person faces every day and to solve them.

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