Camcorders – this is exactly the subject of industrial design, which firmly entered our life and filled it with meaning in many aspects. The prevalence of video cameras and the wide range of their applications require them convenience, practicality, functionality and aesthetics. All this is the task of industrial design, which is described in more detail in our article.

A little about the scopes of video cameras

About 9 years a person spends his life on watching movies or TV series shot with professional television cameras. Household camcorders allow you to shoot memorable moments of our life without the involvement of the operator, and the Kinect system made it possible to create absolutely new gaming experience

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Real-time communication anywhere and any distance is possible thanks to the built-in video cameras in our portable devices. Waterproof cameras give you the opportunity to show the beauty of the underwater world , and the cameras installed on the rovers are the vastness of the red planet.

Classification of video cameras

In this article we will consider industrial design of various camcorder housings , as well as their structure and purpose. Let’s start with the classification of video cameras.

There are three main categories of camcorders: household, professional and special … Household cameras allow a person without special education shoot the world around you in good quality. They are also used by videographers for filming. Family memories etc. Now such cameras predominantly digital and have built-in storage. The development of the industrial design of such a device takes into account that the camera will be transported in a regular bag. That’s why small amateur camcorders

Professional camcorders are used by cameramen, cameramen and videographers to obtain large volume of high quality video material … Such cameras are distinguished by a huge number of settings and equipment complexity, which allows the operator to get the desired picture. Professional cameras usually large and require additional equipment for their installation (tripod, etc.) – you can’t put the camera in your pocket.

Designing video cameras

Special camcorders – the most varied and interesting. These include medical cameras for research, as well as a video camera for outdoor surveillance. Also includes cameras for PC and set-top boxes , action cameras , webcams , video recorders and many others.

Industrial design of a home camcorder

Someone has to shoot funny videos with cats or raccoons? This is done amateur operators … Suitable for home filming budget camcorders (mostly digital, but sometimes analog are still used). Such devices equipped with a minimum of necessary settings for capturing memorable moments. Manual settings usually do not give the desired result and force users to shoot “automatically”.

One of the brightest representatives of budget cameras is Sony HDR-CX405 … The camera has a small, lightweight body and weighs only 215 grams … The lens cover opens and closes manually … The camera shoots videos in Full HD quality. Optical stabilizer image allows you to shoot in motion and at dusk. There is no viewfinder, but there is a small flip-down LCD screen for viewing footage. Under it is a Micro-HDMI output and a memory card slot. The camera connects via a USB cable that can be easily hidden in the grip.

Household camcorder body design

Trends in industrial design of budget camcorders

Amateur camcorders can boast at the same time its low price and functionality. Among camcorders in this category, the following trends in industrial design can be traced:

  • high ergonomics – cameras are comfortable to hold in hand;
  • small dimensions and low weight;
  • lack of protection from severe weather conditions;
  • simplified design and an almost complete lack of input and output interfaces.

Professional camcorders

Holding a professional video camera in your hands, you can feel like an operator filming a report from the White House. Professional cameras used mainly on television … Let’s consider the modern product design of professional cameras using the example of one of the most popular camcorders Panasonic AG-AC160.

Trends in modern industrial design for professional camcorders

Like all professional grade cameras, the AG-AC160 has many settings to regulate and control shooting. This allows you to get the desired picture with a certain skill of the operator. The three rings around the lens are responsible for adjusting focus, zoom and aperture. In addition to adjusting the image, the operator can control and sound by selecting sound sources and changing other parameters. Wearing such a camera will require the operator physical fitness – it weighs about 2.5 kg, and you also need to take into account additional equipment.

Professional camcorder design

The upper part of the body is the classic handle for transporting the camera. In front of it are the built-in stereo microphone , recording indicator and other sensors. Matte plastic body prevents fingerprints and does not collect dust. The center of gravity cameras have exactly threaded hole and allows you to firmly attach it to a tripod. The camera has video finder and LCD screen without a sensor. The dynamic image stabilization system guarantees high quality recordings.

In professional grade cameras the emphasis is on functionality and an abundance of settings. Therefore, you will hardly be able to admire the aesthetic design of a professional camera. They are available in black. To protect the camera from harsh weather conditions, you will need to buy a protective cover. The design of the camera is already overloaded with functionality, and the addition of protective mechanisms would entail an increase in weight twice. In addition, such cameras do not differ in shock resistance , so don’t drop them.

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Industrial design of outdoor video cameras

The most popular type of video surveillance is outdoor surveillance of enterprises and private facilities. Surveillance cameras are used to ensure the safety of property at any time of the day. The data obtained from them should help the police and security services to catch violators of the order. Therefore, surveillance cameras must shoot videos in acceptable quality, so that the footage can serve as evidence in court. Most often, such cameras filmed in b / w mode to save space on the drive.

Industrial design trends for outdoor cameras

The main requirement for industrial design of such cameras is their functionality. In 2016, the iF Design Award was awarded to panoramic camera PanoVu (Hikvision). It features simple design and compact construction. The camera combines 8 matrices that provide high definition panoramic images. Using such a camera can reduce the cost of purchasing three separate cameras. The camera has white case that attaches easily to any outdoor surface. Outside, the lenses are protected by a transparent anti-vandal casing for a video camera.

Industrial design outdoor surveillance camera

Outdoor camera dome housing

Industrial design of housings for outdoor surveillance cameras for architecture

Many outdoor surveillance cameras have a very unattractive design. Designed by Parson, the Animal range of decorative enclosures is designed to redefine the look of outdoor cameras. Bright hulls in the form of animals do not spoil the architectural appearance of the street, but add liveliness to her … These cameras will be great decorative element even the schoolyard. They must be installed on special mounts – perches

Outdoor camera housing

Bright surveillance camera body

PTZ conference cameras

Widespread for videoconferencing received Pan-tilt-zoom-cameras … They can rotate, tilt and zoom the image using remote control. Such a camera is installed on rotary device and fixed to the ceiling … One of the main advantages is the ability to turn above the horizon.

Dome camera body for indoor surveillance

Traditionally, dome IP cameras are used for indoor surveillance. PTZ cameras are also used for indoor surveillance – they can focus on a specific object (pixel wobble makes the camera move). These cameras are usually equipped with white dome-shaped body.

Камера для конференций и наружного наблюдения

Action cameras

Action cameras are designed for filming on the move in harsh environmental conditions … The pioneers of such cameras are GoPro … These are small action cameras, the weight of the latest model is only 83 grams. They are mounted on people, animals or controlled devices for shooting active sports or recreation.

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GoProHERO4 industrial case design

The camera has rectangular view and is equipped with everything you need to shoot exciting videos. On the front of the camera is protruding lens and small monochrome display with menu. On the back panel – touchscreen … The body is made of textured plastic , which prevents the camera from slipping out of your hands. Additional transparent body ( aqua box ) protects the camera from shock, dirt and dust, allows you to dive to a depth of 40 meters. Additional aluminum enclosures only help protect the camera from falls. The Surf modification provides a surf mount.

Shooting quality and camera capabilities

The latest model shoots Ultra HD 4K30 video and has Wi- Fi module , allowing you to remotely control your camera through the app. The camera has ultra-sharp quality and a large SuperView viewing angle. The improved audio system has got filter to suppress external noise … New firmware allows you to shoot Time Lapse video.

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Trends in modern industrial action camera design

In addition to GoPro, action cameras are produced by a number of other companies. The following trends can be traced in their design:

  • water resistance the camera itself or the presence of an additional waterproof case;
  • minimum weight (the camera should not interfere with active human movements);
  • availability of fasteners guarantees reliable fixation of the camera on a helmet or on any other supporting platform;
  • predominantly square shape and maximum use of the camera surface to accommodate all the functionality;
  • ultra wide angle lenses are one of the main advantages of action cameras;
  • built into the chambers all kinds of sensors (GPS, compass, thermometer, barometer, etc.) and stabilization systems during shooting.
Action camera body design

Industrial webcam design

Webcams are designed for capturing images in real time in order to immediately transmit it over the Internet through special software (for example, Skype). These webcams have fixed focus lens, aperture is automatically controlled, which eliminates the need for operator intervention.

Webcam product design trends

Most of the surface of webcams is lens … On such cameras there are no extra levers for adjusting the image, and there is only an on-off button … Most cameras connect through USB … Cameras fixed to the monitor with a bracket or mounted on a special tripod. Professional webcams have a remote control and improved sound quality.

Industrial webcam design distinguished by creativity : Cameras are presented in different shapes, but the predominant one is rectangular. However, you can find much more futuristic looking round cameras , and children’s webcams in the form of funny colorful men and cartoon characters. All cameras are equipped with a secure mount, and some models have an optional extended tripod.

Funky webcam bodies

Webcams for games

One of the most exciting areas in industrial design is the creation of webcams that recognize the player’s movements and allow you to interact with the game. The development of industrial design in the gaming industry has opened a new gaming experience for video game lovers all over the world.

Externally cameras for games are distinguished by simplicity and minimalism. They are also united by emphasis on functionality and black color of the case. Industrial design does not provide vandal-proof housing or waterproofing for this type of camcorder. The PlayStation Eye camera for PS3 has built-in OmniVision Technologies. The Kinect game controller has a camera and IR sensor for tracking body movements and facial expressions. The microphone array recognizes the voice.

Game webcams

Kinect for Xbox and PlayStation Eye for PS3

Requirements for industrial design of video cameras

In addition to trends in industrial camcorder design, there is also a number of requirements for the manufacture of video cameras.

1. Ergonomics

The strong integration of video recording tools into our life requires high ergonomics from them – they should be comfortable to use. For example, action cameras are very lightweight, as they are often helmet-mounted and consumer cameras fit in the palm of your hand so you can shoot with one hand.

2. Intuitiveness

In the case of professional cameras, it is difficult to achieve intuitive interaction between the user and the camera. However, industrial designers keep trying to keep even complex equipment simple. Placing buttons where the operator is most likely to look for them can increase the intuitiveness of the camera.

3. Responsiveness and speed

Any camera should immediately respond to human action. This is especially important for surveillance cameras, which must quickly respond to changes in the environment and focus on them.

4. Optimal functionality

Any camera must correspond to its intended purpose. That is why webcams do not have complex settings for adjusting sound, and surveillance cameras often lack even the function of recording sound.

Features of the manufacture of cases for video cameras

The final stage of creating a video camera is creating a device case … Industrial designers try to optimally position all sensors, lenses and other functionality inside the case. Outside, the body must also meet its intended purpose. Cameras observation usually supply vandal-proof enclosures … Cameras adapted to work in harsh conditions also have waterproof housings or other protective mechanisms. Professional cameras are not as well protected and imply careful attitude of the owner.

Material for the case is usually chosen lightweight and durable , most often it is matte plastic … In the future, it is possible to use carbon fiber , which is characterized by increased strength. Modern look of camcorder bodies characterized by minimalism, restraint and smooth lines … Industrial design focuses on the functionality of the camera, not its appearance. The most common colors – white and black

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