The body of the device is its base, the main supporting part on which the parts of the device are attached. Case design is the most important stage in product development. Industrial designers create an interface, their goal is to to make the product as easy to use as possible, simple and straightforward.

Case design development

When designing a case, it is important to consider the features of the product. This is what an industrial designer does. It analyzes the characteristics of the device, thinks over the location of the internal filling of the device. An industrial designer works in the 3D space of graphic programs.

We face the results of the work of industrial designers everyday. They make our life easier and more beautiful. Designers are changing our environment and the world around us.

Case design creation

When creating an industrial design for enclosures, it is recommended to focus on 5 aspects.

1. Corporate identity … A new product must fit into the company’s lineup and design, this concerns first of all.

2. Practicality … It should be easy to use the product. The ideal option would be if the person intuitively understands how to turn on the device, how it works. This is especially important for devices with limited functions and a couple of buttons.

3. Specifications … It is worth considering all the data of the future device, and choosing materials for it. They must meet technical requirements and take into account the cost of the product, production capabilities.

4. Assembly and maintenance … Technical devices tend to break. To fix them, you will have to disassemble the case. Therefore, when designing it, they think over and test options for removing the case and repairing the product.

5. Visual appeal. This point directly depends on the target audience of the product. The shape, proportions, lines, textures and color scheme of the body of the future product are chosen according to her requests.

Instrument case design: how is it right?

Before starting the development of the hull design, the project team brainstorms and generates ideas for concepts. Further, the designer develops an original solution for the design of the device. This is followed by applying textures to the model, creating prototypes and prototypes for the hull. The final stage of work is putting the product into the production stream.

The most important part corpus design electronic device – estimate the scope of work. This happens during the preliminary research phase. Each device has its own technological and price features. They are taken into account when developing concepts.

Step-by-step instruction

1. Search. An industrial designer studies experience and collects information about similar or similar projects from around the world. He delves into the technical characteristics of materials and selects those that are suitable for a specific product. Ergonomics, functionality and economic factors are important here.

2. Terms of reference … The customer takes an active part in its development. The designer can only add something that he has learned by researching similar projects. The product should carry something new, be better than its counterparts. The TK specifies the requirements for the product: technical, operational, aesthetic. All three points are equally important.

3. Creation of sketches of future concepts. Drawing inspiration from the environment, the designer looks for a solution for the project. He makes sketches and sketches (by hand or on a tablet).

4. Simulation. After approval of several concepts, a 3D model is created. Also, for presentation, the model is rendered and photorealistic 2D images are obtained.

5. Design development. On the basis of the model, the structure of the case is created. This takes into account the possibilities of production, assembly and material characteristics. First, a prototype is produced, after its approval and all checks, the body is put into production.

Beauty and convenience: examples of modern case design

Surveillance cameras at the time of their invention, they did not look very beautiful. But the situation changed quite quickly and now there are many different options. One of them is the 360fly camera.

Camcorder body design

Electric toothbrush from the company “ Philips looks impressive. She has a ceramic case, it has control sensors, light indication of modes, battery indicator and a power button. The device is easy to operate, cleans teeth using ultrasonic vibrations. One of the 5 modes will even tell you when to move on to the next section of the teeth.

Industrial design of household appliances

Collection of decorative panels “Whirlpool Art Gallery Hood” for hoods “Whirlpool” is distinguished by an interesting design and a new approach. This is art as a part of everyday life, an everyday thing that makes life easier and better.

Industrial item design

Home appliances tend to look very futuristic. Its design is dominated by steel and white. All this cannot be said about the Kenwood kMix collection. The kitchen appliances of the English brand are famous for their technical characteristics, reliability and practicality. A multi-colored palette will make any kitchen play with colors.

Industrial design of kitchen appliances

Industrial enclosure design: possibilities for customization

The process of creating a product is approached carefully and tried make it not only functional, but also beautiful. It is not always possible to do this, some things are not given due attention, and apart from the functional load they do not carry anything.

Top items with poor design include shoe dryers, water pumps, intercom pipes, water coolers, extension cords. All of them are functional, but I can’t call them beautiful. This happens with goods that carry only a utilitarian function. … They are inexpensive and their design leaves a lot to be desired. In the case of the intercom, the problem is also in the cheapness of the materials that are used to create the case.

Another thing that is not only ugly, but disfigures public spaces is the rear panel from the air conditioner. Its design is virtually the same for different manufacturers. The problem can be attributed to the fact that this is the last thing people think about when buying an air conditioner, but this does not improve the appearance of the panel case.

LG release line of designer air conditioners “LG Inverter V ARTCOOL Stylist” which received the prestigious iF Design Award 2014. They differ significantly from ordinary air conditioners, their rear panel is slightly smaller than ordinary ones. However, this does not change the global situation.

Household appliance case design

Unlike simple household items like a water bottle or a knife, technology is more and more complicated. The body must fit the filling that will allow the product to work. This is why the air conditioner still has a large rear box. On the other hand, any obstacle is an opportunity to change everything, to find a new way out.

Designing a case for a device is a painstaking job that requires knowledge and training. And at Klona has an experienced team for this. Contact us and let’s change the world together!