Interesting and unusual toys will always be popular with children and their parents. That is why manufacturers strive to stand out from the general background and create something original.

Klona was approached by a customer with an original idea – to develop a design of snowballs based on images of children’s monsters.

The following images were selected as successful examples.

Development of a 3D model of a toy

To begin with, a technical assignment was drawn up, which described the main wishes of the customer and provided references. On its basis, the specialists have developed several design concepts for approval.

3D modeling of toys

After the general view was approved, the designers proceeded to finalize the selected concepts. One of the customer’s conditions was the possibility of dividing the model into parts. Taking into account all the wishes and improvements, three variants of snowballs were developed.

Option number 1

3D modeling of children's toys

Option number 2

Industrial Toy Design

Option number 3

Industrial Toy Design

This project was stopped at the modeling stage. However, in the future, these models could be used to make a prototype, check assembly and serial production of products.

3D modeling is irreplaceable when developing new projects. It helps profitably present the project to potential investors and evaluate the idea.

If you need to develop a 3D model, please contact KLONA. Talented professionals will help you present your idea in the best possible light.

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