Have you noticed how successful game console design ? Have you ever wondered how many different functions the gaming joystick we are so used to combine in one?

Unlike devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and “smart watches” that have appeared in our life relatively recently, the first game consoles hit the market much earlier.

Back in the 90s, the first game consoles were popular, which were in incredible demand: devices called wash Dendy and Sega were a must-have for any child.

sega game console design

Of course, the design of game consoles has undergone a number of changes in our time. Devices have become more functional and easier to manage. In this article, we will introduce you to the basic principles that formed the basis for the design of TV boxes today.

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TV Game Console Design Trends

First of all, each manufacturer pays attention to the dimensions of the device it produces. Modern game consoles are as lightweight and compact as possible for easier handling.

Compactness in the design of consoles

modern monitor attachment design

The developers got rid of both huge joysticks and remotes and bulky system units for consoles, replacing them more technological and smaller counterparts. Thanks to this, game consoles have been reduced as much as possible while maintaining the same set of functions.

In order to achieve such a result, all the navigation keys on the body of the console had to be located as close as possible to each other, using all the usable space with the greatest efficiency … A development process for an electronic enclosure is not an easy task.

Comfortable joystick design: basic principles

handheld game console design

From a technical point of view, each set-top box can be called a controller. This designation is applied based on the fact that the main function of any game console, first of all, is to provide maximum control in the game world.

Considering the variety of modern games and the existence of a huge number of possibilities provided to the player, it is not hard to guess that the design of game controllers should be as comfortable as possible for the player … The latter should be able to easily reach the key he needs and use this or that function in the game world.

TV and Monitor Game Console Design Must Sell Successfully

Speaking about the appearance of a particular commercial product, it is necessary to take into account its influence on the marketability and final demand in the market. In this regard, the design of set-top boxes for TV should be maximized attractive and popular with its target audience – gamers … It’s no secret that there are many cases of how industrial design is able to sell … You can safely include game consoles among them.

TV game console design

Design of joysticks and set-top boxes is capable of solving specific problems

There are attachments designed to solve some specific problems. Obviously, their design should have its own characteristics and be different from other devices. As an example, you can name such types of attachments as a gearbox simulator; dance platform; and a light gun. Each of these controllers, having their own function, must have an appropriate design

The evolution of console design: an excursion into history

The first game consoles appeared in the late 70s. Then they worked without a computer: in one of the first consoles, Atari VCS , the processing of user actions was carried out in a cartridge on which only one game was placed. The player could use a joystick as well as a trackball to perform actions on the TV screen.

this is what one of the first Atari 2600 consoles looked like

What path have consoles traveled in the history of their existence?

Later versions of the games had a similar design: for example, the world’s second game console Fairchild Channel F released in 1976 also used a joystick as an input device. It had to be held in one hand, while with the help of the other, the player moved a special triangular elevation.

World famous consoles Sega and Dendy released in 1986 and 1983, respectively, had a more versatile controller in the form of a rectangle with a cross-shaped key and A, B, Start, and Select buttons. The design of the game consoles was simple, but at the same time allowed for efficient use of the device for games.

The real breakthrough was the release in 1994 of a product from Sony called Playstation … It was this device that became the basis for the design of modern game consoles. It had a design that makes access to all navigation keys as convenient as possible. At the same time, the controller was comfortable to hold in hand, and its dimensions remained compact.

nintendo game console design

Updating the functionality of game consoles

Game console developers have been constantly working to expand the capabilities of their controllers; make them more functional and attractive for gamers … While the first consoles were equipped with function keys, modern devices use many more features that make the gameplay much more realistic.

For example, consoles controllers began to “feel” movements in space (thanks to installed inside the gyroscope m), as well as recognize the force of pressing some keys. In addition, modern consoles are equipped with a vibration mechanism in order to provide the player with “feedback” on events in the virtual world.

There are other options available on modern game consoles: touch screens, camcorders, microphones, and more. The developers implement all this in such a way as not to violate concise design of the TV game console and keep it comfortable and attractive.

Traditional and portable game consoles: differences and design features

Analyzing the design of TV game consoles and joysticks, we can conclude that there are two of the most popular types of these devices on the market today. The first one is called “ traditional “Prefixes, the second -“ portable ”.

Wii console design

Traditional set-top boxes are represented by an input device (controller), their processing (console), and an output device (monitor or TV screen). In turn, compact set-top boxes are ready-to-use devices that combine the three above components … They look the same: the design of portable game consoles is compact and wide functionality, enclosed in small dimensions.

Special attachments with special functionality

Game console classification cannot be reduced to the designation of traditional and portable; joysticks and steering controllers. There are a large number of devices for data entry used in one area or another.

For example, in Japan, are very popular dance machines which can also be referred to as a game controller. The design of this type of set-top box is completely different from the compact joysticks we are used to dealing with. The same goes for prefixes such as:

  • gearbox for more realistic driving in car racing simulators
  • aircraft cockpit attachments for flight simulators;
  • a pistol for shooting;
  • trackball for more comfortable cursor control;
  • rackets for playing tennis and ping-pong and many others.

The appearance of each of these products must comply with the recommendations given regarding the industrial design of the case

game gun Atari XE Games System

Set-top box device: a combination of different elements in a single design

As noted earlier, game console control device functions can be completely different. This can be both reading simple keystrokes, and obtaining information about the position of the controller in space, about the force of pressing; reading handwritten text, capturing an image with a camera, and much more.

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Game console controller design

In connection with such versatility and a variety of applications, the developers are trying to adapt the design of such a device to its purpose as much as possible.

For example, if we are talking about a wheel for video games, its appearance as close as possible to the appearance a real steering wheel of a racing car, equipping it with rubberized pads, stylized spokes, elements that simulate a horn button. If we take an electronic pistol for video games as an example, we will see decorative elements that are also present in real weapons: front sight, imitation of a safety catch, characteristic thread on the handle.

steering wheel design

This approach is used by the designers of game consoles and accessories in order to immersion in the atmosphere of the virtual world was as complete and realistic as possible. This factor must be taken into account when drawing up your design.

Main unit design

The external appearance of the main unit of game consoles, which contains the hardware used for processing signals from the controller, as a rule, does not have any identifying features. Most often, its body has decorative elements of a general nature: stylish luminous stripes; an attractive developer logo, and so on.

In this regard, we can conclude that the design of the main unit of game consoles, most often, performs an aesthetic function. They do it “ just beautiful ”In order to attract a buyer and popularize your product.

The most popular modern game consoles

Now there are several companies on the market that are leading in the field of game consoles. Each of them has its own set of products, complemented by the most modern development. I would like to draw your attention to the design of the most technologically advanced, modern consoles.

PS4 game console design

PlayStation PS4 is the most technologically advanced device presented by the Japanese Sony at the moment. The game console is equipped with a rectangular console with beveled corners, as well as a joystick made in a classic style and combining two colors: black and gray.

Nintendo WII U is a product of Sony’s rival for the gaming industry, Nintendo. The console is made in a light design with rounded corners around the perimeter, as well as round control keys on the body. The STB control device is presented in the form of a rectangular panel with navigation elements, including a touchscreen display in the middle and an internal camera in the upper part of the body.

Steam Machines is a series of gaming devices developed by Valve based on proprietary solutions. These are innovative game consoles that will interact with Steam games. To control the player will be provided with a Steam Controller, a remote that looks like Playstation controllers. However, the design of this console is distinguished by the presence of special trackpads that allow for tactile feedback and increase the accuracy of interaction with the gameplay.

Nintendo 3DS is a handheld console developed by the global gaming giant Nintendo. The design of this type of game console is not anything remarkable: the device is made up of two parts, each with a display. There are also navigation elements in the lower part of the case for a comfortable game. The peculiarity is that the top display has the ability to simulate a 3D effect without the need for special glasses.

What will the design of the game console be in the future?

One of the most promising branches in the development of the gaming industry at the moment is virtual reality. There are already devices related to virtual reality that allow put the player in the virtual world using a helmet or special glasses.

virtual reality helmet design

A virtual reality

In the future, the design of game joysticks and TV-boxes will successfully combine not just the usual screen , a special helmet or goggles that will convey a more complete picture of virtual game worlds. And given possibilities of modern three-dimensional graphics , we can safely say that the games will become even more addictive!

Design of future consoles

As for the actual appearance of game consoles, they are likely to offer us new ways of interacting with the game. For example, in addition to vibration, we will get new tools for communicating with the console, which will create in our imagination even more realistic virtual world … Moreover, the use of new technologies has already become something familiar to our market: people are only interested in those things that can surprise and amaze them. This principle is relevant both for the smartphone or watch industry and for set-top boxes.

The question is, rather, not how the consoles of the future will look, but which of today’s contenders for leadership in this niche will be able to achieve some revolutionary changes in the joystick and main unit we are used to.

A company that can implement a successful idea will conquer a market valued at billions of dollars, which is growing every year.

futuristic PlayStation 5 concept

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