Protecting one’s life and health is a value that has been of interest to humanity throughout its development. KLONA decided to analyze the types and designs of the helmet, the main element of protection for thousands of years.

Helmet is an element of a person’s protective ammunition. He counteracts injuries and injuries in various activities. The helmet usually protects the upper part of the skull and the back of the head. To improve the protective properties, use depreciation in the form of lining and pendants.

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History of the creation of helmets

It is likely that the first helmets were made from materials at hand : wood, vines, flax and animal skin, but such objects are almost not preserved to our time.
References to the appearance of such helmets can be found in the culture of nations. Mesoamerica … For example, the design of Aztec helmets is striking in its brightness and grace. Helmets were not only a subject of protection, but also religious paraphernalia , which emphasized the status of the owner.

History of the creation of helmetsPages “ Codex Mendoza »1547 show the appearance of the Aztec warriors.

Permanent wars demanded improvements protective ammunition. This forced the blacksmiths to look for new solutions for enhancing the protective properties helmets. The shape was changed to soften or divert a direct blow to the head, added took away to protect the face and eyes, lengthened form to cover vulnerable spots (neck and shoulders).

History of the creation of helmetsFrom left to right: Corinthian helmet of the 6th-5th centuries BC (Greece) Anglo-Saxon helmet of the 7th century (York, Great Britain); kabuto of the 18th-19th centuries (Japan).

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Types of helmets

Military helmet design

The helmet is designed to resist shrapnel explosions and small-caliber bullets … The design of military helmets should take into account: reliability material, degree of protection, level depreciation , size adjustment, side fastenings for additional equipment. Additional side mounts include two headphones, a microphone or a throatophone. To protect against noise in the area of \ u200b \ u200bthe headphones soundproof inserts.

Дизайн шлемаBallistic helmets TOR-D and TOR from the Ukrainian company UaRms.

Aviation helmets

The materials and weight of the aircraft helmet must be carefully checked, because when the cockpit is depressurized and ejected, an insane load on the head and cervical spine spine of the pilot. The helmet must provide survival a person in danger. Fifth generation fighter pilot helmets have an additional feature virtual reality and allow you to follow the events around on 360 degrees , as well as online monitor all indicators of on-board computers.

Aviation helmetsPilot in virtual reality helmet Saab cobra able to better focus on targets on the ground and in the air.

Creation of working helmets

Construction helmets

The helmet has become compulsory the builder attribute at the beginning Twentieth century … The first helmets were made of aluminum, and this created a dangerous situation, since this material conducts electricity very well. Subsequently, for the production of helmets used fiberglass and polyethylene plastic … Work helmets in production have different color gradation , which depends on the needs of the company. The color shows the position of the worker, his affiliation to subdivision and executive responsibilities

Firefighter helmets

Fire brigade helmets are made from refractory synthetic materials that have high degree of protection from damage. The firefighter’s helmet protects the rescuer from high temperatures, open flames, electric shock, steam and shock. Material for this type of protective ammunition there should be easy and durable at the same time.

The helmet is made from brilliant materials, thanks to this, they are easier to see in the dark or in smoke. Helmet colors differ in different countries and regions. For example, in Australia, the color of the helmet means service rank … White helmet for ordinary firefighters, lieutenants have yellow helmets. Commercial employees must wear blue hard hats.

Creation of working helmets

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Sports Helmets

Hockey helmet design

Hockey is a sport with a high risk of injury. Helmets protect the player’s head from injury and impact. For helmet goalkeeper foreseen net and a guard on the jaw, which provides a low level of damage when direct hit washers in the face. Helmets are made from durable plastic and supplemented with shock absorption protection. The main manufacturers of ice hockey helmets are BAUER, JOFA, Reebok, and EASTON.

The colors for the hockey helmets are the same for the entire team. Only the goalkeeper can have a different helmet color. Sports stores usually sell helmets in three standard colors: blue, red and black.

Sports HelmetsGoalkeeper Felix Sandstrom wearing a BAUER helmet

Racing helmet design

Have helmets for auto racing strong inner protective carcass and additional neck protection … Helmets must be refractory and anti-shock. This is achieved by using aramid in the materials of construction, which consists of three degrees protection. The helmet system necessarily includes ventilation and heat transfer to avoid fogging the windows. Premium helmets have additional frameworks for maximum body mounts.

Racing helmets reflect personality and change every season. The design of a helmet can reflect important and simply special things in a rider’s life. For example, helmet design Jacques Villeneuve , the champion of “Formula 1” in 1997, repeats the colors on his mother’s blouse. In addition to the corporate colors, the helmet contains sponsors’ emblems.

Дизайн шлемаJacques Villeneuve in his signature helmet

Motorcycle helmet design

An additional criterion for the development of motorcycle helmets is the creation of good ventilation system which allows you to feel comfortable in the helmet and prevents fogging protective glass … Helmets come in several types, depending on the degree of protection.

Motorcycle helmets are mandatory not only in sports, but also in everyday use … The impetus for this was death Thomas Edward Lawrence better known as Lawrence of Arabia … He is an outstanding British intelligence agent who managed to organize the Great Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Lawrence managed to survive the First World War and life in a grueling climate, but crashed on a motorcycle near his own home in Dorset. His death from traumatic brain injury made a strong impression on the doctor Hugh Cairns … He launched a campaign to mandate the use of motorcycle helmets in civilian time.

Motorcycle helmet designFrom left to right: Colonel Lawrence of Arabia; newspaper editorial reporting the death of the colonel; physician Hugh Cairns.

Cycling helmet development

A bicycle helmet must combine ease , strength and aerodynamic properties. For extreme types of cycling, there are models with additional protection for the lower jaw. For racing, an aerodynamic helmet with a weight of about 200 grams , and for strength, they add armid

In everyday life, cyclists neglect safety and do not use protective gear. 92% cyclists indicated that the reason for this was the lack of opportunities for easy carrying helmets. Morpher offers a solution to this problem, their helmet folds up and fits into a purse or backpack. Learn more about ergonomic and profitable industrial design in our article

Cycling helmet development

Helmet design: innovations and trends

Innovation in the development of aviation helmets

Helmet for fighter fifth generation F-35 allows you to expand the capabilities of the pilot. Dashboard displayed on the visor of the helmet, which allows the pilot to see the space around the aircraft, to determine navigation and the target during the fighting. By setting infrared the pilot can see at night. The helmet adjusts the information panel to the distance between the pilot’s eyes.

During development, the helmet underwent modifications, as it was found to be dangerous for pilots weighing less than 74 kilograms. During the ejection, the cervical spine could experience severe damage. By adjusting the headrest, the developers declared the helmet safe even for pilots weighing 47 kg.

Innovation in the development of aviation helmets

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Development of fire helmets

C-Thru Is a helmet that allows you to increase efficiency fireman. The helmet combines a huge functional : gas mask, thermal imager, cameras and microphones. C-Thru corrects orientation firefighter in space, thanks to the lighting system, it allows see outlines items during a strong smoke … This saves time and prevents injury among the staff. Microphone system and soundproofing focuses the firefighter’s attention on orders, as well as on the cries of victims, while reducing extraneous noise. Built into helmets recording system , which allows you to get detailed information about events from each firefighter. Thus, Quality control work will become much more efficient.

Development of helmets

Cycling helmets design

Standard cycling helmets are large enough ventilation holes. They are effective for cooling surface heads but harm aerodynamics. Company Lazer decided to find a compromise and created Chrome AeroShell … This is a one-piece helmet with closed vents, which undeniably enhances aerodynamic properties. A special material has been developed to prevent sunstroke and heatstroke. It displays up 55% sunny radiation which is 35% more than conventional helmets. A significant additional benefit of the helmet is magnetic tape holding sunglasses. Now the rider does not need to experience discomfort due to friction behind the ears or lose points when cornering.

Cycling helmets designAndre Greipel wearing a Chrome AeroShell during the Tour Down Under

Racer Helmet Design

Car pilots try to capture memorable moments in their helmets. The spectrum of fantasy is unlimited here. Someone uses photos of friends, someone makes graffiti of his wife and children, and some pay tribute to their favorite actors.

Дизайн шлемов  Racer Romain Grosjean put a photo of actor Matt LeBlanc on his helmet.

The most eccentric helmet designer is motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi … He is a brand follower of the Italian brand AGV already 21 years old, but he changes the design of the helmet several times a year. As a result, he has a whole collection of unique helmets that make him recognizable all over the world.

Дизайн шлемов

In everyday life, many people also want to add style to their protective gear. The design of the helmets follows the fashion trends of the seasons. On the market you can find helmets like the heroes of the films “Star Wars”, “Predator”, “Iron Man”. Plus, vintage is back in vogue.

Дизайн шлемов

Helmet design trends

Industrial design of work helmets to improve efficiency

Human empowerment through additional reality is one of the most popular trends in industrial helmet design … We have collected the most popular design developments to improve human efficiency:

  • night vision;
  • maximum zoom;
  • online event recording;
  • obtaining information through communication channels.

Helmets of this type are no longer just a protective element, they combine many possibilities and devices, facilitate and optimize work military, rescuers and builders.

Industrial design for life protection: sports helmets

In sports helmets, the number of requirements for quality of materials … The athlete should feel maximum comfort and ease , this will allow him to achieve high results. On the other hand, manufacturers are trying to create a helmet design that will protect against heatstroke, head injuries and burns (the most common causes of death). This is especially noticeable for motorcycle and racing drivers, because an accident at high speeds leads to injuries incompatible with life. And in the event of a car fire, clothing and a helmet must protect the athlete as effectively as possible until help arrives. In individual sports, there is a tendency to transform helmet design into a kind of player’s business card … Uniqueness and brand names become some kind of amulets for the athlete.

Helmet design for safety in everyday life

Every year the requirements for the degree of protection of the helmet are growing, new developments and materials appear. The fields of application of helmets are expanding, now they are worn by fans of roller skates, skateboards and scooters. This helps to preserve the health and lives of hundreds of people. Given the growing number of consumers, manufacturing companies are guided by their tastes and life style … This is reflected in the design of the helmets. It gets more varied. Helmets of all possible colors and shapes can now be found. Manufacturers are ready to satisfy any design desire, the main thing is that the head and neck of the buyer are reliably protected. The trend in the development of helmets for everyday use is moving towards maximum ergonomics. No one wants to carry bulky protection or huge, unsightly helmets with them. The pace of life is so fast that people have neither the time nor the energy for such a thing. Therefore, industrial designers are trying to develop helmets that fold and fit into a backpack or bag, while not losing their protective functions.

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