We are inventors at KLONA 🙂 Therefore, we are offended when objects of industrial design are evaluated primarily from the point of view of creativity or simply beauty. Creativity is great, however industrial design is, first of all, functionality and convenience. That is why it never occurred to anyone to make a mobile phone in the form of a teapot, for example. Perhaps the idea is original, but it will never be sold, and will remain, at best, in the form of a playful concept.

If this small analogy does not convince you, here are 5 examples of companies, whose inventions are successfully sold solely due to industrial design. There are a lot of such examples, we have chosen for you those where the influence of design on sales was unconditional.

You can order an industrial design that will make the product functional, convenient and, of course, beautiful in the KLONA company. Contact us and tell us about your invention, company managers will help you develop industrial designs that increase sales.

Bic ballpoint pen – patience and work will grind everything

Industrial design handle

The history of the ballpoint pen dates back to 1888 and is associated with the name of John D. Lauda, who patented the revolving nib pen. Unfortunately, despite such a breakthrough, the pen was not perfect: the ink leaked, then froze, and the design itself was not comfortable. However, many saw the potential in the idea itself, and after John Loud, more than 350 patents for similar goods were issued in the United States. The most famous entrepreneurs were the Biro brothers, who also tried to improve the pen. Their merchandise sold well at first, however, due to inconvenience and imperfect ink, sales slowly went down.

Finally, in the early 50s of the 20th century, Marcel Beek became interested in an interesting invention. Believing in the idea, BIC employees have been looking for a way out for 2 years. They carried out tests, buying up all the existing models on the market, identifying problems, and finally finding a way out. In 1952, the Bic Cristal handle was invented, which quickly achieved worldwide success. So what have the designers and employees of Bic changed?

We found ink of the right thickness, which saved consumers from blots and streaks. They gave the body of the handle a hexagon shape, so that it did not roll off the table and lay comfortably in the hand. Made the body transparent so that you can always see the remainder of the ink. We thought of a small hole in the cap to stabilize the pressure, which saved the handle from leaks. The cap was made the same color as the ink, which made it possible to quickly determine the color of the pen. The cap was designed in such a way that it, together with the handle, could be conveniently attached to clothes.

Bic handle

Such, at first glance, simple changes ensured the company phenomenal success, and most importantly – the huge impact of design on sales. Over 50 years, more than 100 billion pens of this model have been sold around the world, and the Bic company has become the symbol of the ballpoint pen. After such success, doubt that industrial design affects sales definitely not worth it 🙂 We wrote even more about the non-standard approach to the design of ordinary things here

Kikkoman bottles are a masterpiece for everyone

Industrial design of household appliances

Before the invention of the Kikkoman bottle, soy sauce was sold in cans. And this was a huge problem for two reasons. Firstly, the sauce was inconvenient to pour, and it was often spilled on the table. Secondly, in an open can, the product quickly deteriorated. Japanese designer Kenji Ekuan took on the challenge. Despite its simplicity, the soy sauce bottle we know today took about three years to develop. Before the original bottle appeared more than 150 prototypes were created and a huge number of ideas tested. According to the bottle’s creator, Kenji Ekuan, he wanted to bring back Japan’s good name, which had been disgraced during World War II. Therefore, in his invention he tried to convey the spirit of true Japan. Why is this bottle so famous? The design allows you to very accurately pour the sauce, because the holes are small and comfortable. The bottle fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its slim, v-shape. After pouring, the liquid does not drip from the bottle and does not dry out in the holes. The bottle itself is made of glass, which means that it can be used many times, moreover, it is convenient to wash. Successful design is associated with Japan and the bottle has long become its symbol.

Industrial design and sales

Such a simple invention glorified both the designer himself and the whole of Japan. The Ecuan bottle even became an exhibit at the New York Museum of Modern Art.The impact of design on sales was undeniable. By 2012, the company had sold over 300 million of these bottles. Unfortunately, in 2015, Kenji Ekuan passed away. However, his work lives on, and his words should serve as an edification for all industrial designers. People need design no matter what the object is. I am convinced that the main purpose of design is to serve a person, whether he is rich or poor Kenji Ekuan

HeadBlade razor – genius lives in the little things

Industrial design and sales

As in previous cases, the creator of the razor, Todd Green, did not invent anything, but only improved the existing model. It all started with posing a problem. At the age of 20, the young man noticed that his hair began to fall out and decided to shave his head. However, it is not very convenient to do this with an ordinary razor due to its design. It is much easier to hold the blade in your hand, but it is extremely unsafe.

The decision did not come immediately. In 1998, Todd built the first prototype, which was then modified and improved. This was followed by founding a company, building a website and, of course, selling. What is so good about the HeadBlade razor? The special finger grip allows for a comfortable grip and a snug fit to your head. The shaver is equipped with small wheels for easy gliding. The open design of the blades makes it quick and easy to rinse them under water. Hanging blades reduce the chance of scratches and cuts.

Impact of design on sales

Time magazine named Todd Green’s invention one of the best in 2000, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York has added one copy to its collection. Today HeadBlade sold in over 20 thousand stores and generates $ 7-10 million in revenue annually. And this is only in the USA, although the product is popular all over the world. Order industrial design increasing sales is simple. Contact KLONA managers and we will help you develop a design that will bring unprecedented profits.

Clocky alarm clock – design for the laziest

Industrial alarm clock design

This invention was not the fruit of many years of work. Its creator, Gauri Nanda, constructed the first prototype in just three days for an industrial design class at the university. It was not originally planned to launch industrial production or work with the prototype in any way. However, the idea advertised itself. The description was first posted on the MIT Media Lab website, then hit the Internet on popular blogs, and soon the prototype became an Internet meme. And the creator was even invited to the popular American show Good Morning America. After such popularity, Gauri Nanda still founded the company and started the production and sale of alarm clocks … How is Clock different from a regular alarm clock? After pressing the button, let me sleep, the alarm clock starts to run away. Clocky is equipped with special wheels, thanks to which the watch can ride on any surface. The watch is designed in such a way that every time it runs in a new direction.

Alarm clock industrial design

In the end, in order to wake up, you really need to get up, find and turn off the alarm. Because at the moment of repeated triggering, each time it finds itself in a new unexpected place. Today is an unusual alarm clock sold in more than 45 countries around the world and its popularity is only growing … To date, the profit from sales of the device is estimated at approximately $ 10 million. If you still have doubts that industrial design affects sales, read the last case, after which all questions will disappear by themselves.

A Vertu phone is a common thing for unusual people

Vertu phone design

Vertu phones are not the most popular, or even the most advanced phones in the world. However, this brand has traditionally been associated with luxury and exclusivity. And it’s all about their design. In 1997, Nokia’s designers and engineers came up with an idea – create an exclusive phone by decorating it with precious stones. The idea was not new, but it was in Nokia that they were able to implement it most successfully.

Inside, Vertu are ordinary mobile phones. What has changed in the design? Phone case consists of thousands of individual elements and is assembled by hand … And very expensive materials are used in the production, for example, 950 platinum, 18 carat gold and handmade leather. The Swiss trial board even put its trial on Vertu phones and recognized them as a new kind of jewelery. Phones Vertu have won their recognition among the most sophisticated and demanding public all over the world, and it has become a real breakthrough in both phones and luxury goods.


The most expensive exclusive model Cobra costs 310 thousand dollars. The size of the company’s profit is kept secret, but according to some sources it is from 200 to 300 million euros annually. And these are just 5 examples of how companies were able to make millions simply by creating competent industrial design. In our portfolio you can see even more similar projects implemented and successfully launched on the Ukrainian market. If you want industrial design to be profitable for your company, contact KLONA. We will study the market, determine the needs of your customers and we will develop a design that increases sales at times.