Is it worth changing something in the established order of things? Conservatives would say it’s not worth it. However, science does not stand still and innovative rethinking of familiar things is the engine of progress. We will tell you about inventions of our time , which turned familiar objects into new ones , more simple and functional.

We will tell you about inventions of our time , which turned familiar objects into new ones , more simple and functional. Learn more about interesting things around from our blog !

Flexible wheel

Scientists’ attempts to reinvent old things are often referred to as “reinventing the wheel”. Many people think why invent something new if there is an old one that works well. Sam Pierce decided that it’s time to reconsider our understanding of the wheel , which we have known for over 7 thousand years.

Loopwheels flexible wheels , inside which are carbon springs. They allow you to significantly damp the wheel, which makes the ride much more comfortable. Such wheels have found their application primarily in wheelchairs, where it is difficult for people to endure shock and vibration when driving on uneven roads. Today the price for one 20-inch wheel is £ 259.00. The company also produces finished products – bicycles, strollers, bike rides, etc.

Solar panel operating in the rain

Scientists from China have made a real breakthrough in the field of alternative energy. Previously, the use of solar panels was limited by the climatic conditions of the territory and the level of insolation. No one could imagine anything more absurd than a solar panel that works when it rains. Thanks to new technology, solar panels, covered with a layer of graphene thick just one atom, capable of producing electricity even on the rainy days.

How do these panels work? Raindrops contain dissolved salts and create a layer of positively charged ions. They interact with graphene ions to form a double layer with positive and negative charges, creating an electrical potential. Splitting in double layer creates the same voltage as in the battery.

So far, the effectiveness of such panels is not very high. They are capable of converting only 7% of energy into electricity, while conventional panels are capable of converting more than 20%. Improvement of this invention will open up new possibilities the use of solar panels in areas where it seemed impossible.

The latest inventions of the 21st century

The latest invention of the 21st century – the graphene-coated solar panel

Kyon Pet Loss Collar

Even in the 21st century, more than 10 million pets are lost every year. Many people have lost their four-legged friends through negligence, because even a vigilant owner cannot always keep track of a nimble animal. To avoid losing the dog, the collar was invented Kyon equipped with GPS sensor. An area within a radius of about 90 meters around the phone is considered safe for the dog. If the dog runs out of this radius, the owner immediately receives a notification on his phone.

KYON Sense system informs the owner about pet condition thanks to the sensors built into the collar (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, altimeter and two temperature sensors). In addition, the collar is waterproof and notifies the owner if the animal is drowning. On the surface of the collar there is an LED screen that displays information about the animal or its condition. The owner will always be aware of whether the dog is cold or hot, she wants to walk or she is tired.

Battery lasts for 30 days , so if the loss of the pet was not noticed immediately, the charge will be enough for the duration of the search. This collar will soon be available for $ 219.

The invention of the collar for animals

Little invention – the Kyon collar

Smart frying pan

The attitude towards the frying pan has not changed for centuries – it was considered only a tool for cooking. With invention Pantelligent everything has changed – now the frying pan knows how best to cook a steak or salmon. The frying pan looks like any other, but inside it there is a temperature sensor that is synchronized with the application. Further, the pan itself tells you when to turn or stir the contents.

The application contains a database with the most popular dishes and provides the user with step by step instructions for cooking. In addition to information about the temperature, the application informs you when it is time to add to the pan. All dishes will be equally tasty, nothing will burn or remain raw.

Smart frying pan

Practical invention – the Pantelligent frying pan

Clever clothespin

Another familiar household appliance that has found its rethinking in the eyes of the inventors of the Omo company is Peggy clothespin … There are several sensors inside it to determine temperature, humidity and light … The clothespin integrates with the smartphone app and predicts when things will dry. In addition, she sends a notification about the need to remove dry clothes. If it is going to rain, the application will persistently inform the user to move the clothes to another location.

Such an invention will become a real boon for residents of the private sector and will significantly simplify the process of washing things.

A handy invention is a clever clothespin

Convenient invention – Peggy clothespin

Air pollution tracker

In conditions of significant air pollution, environmental monitoring more and more concerned about the public … Environmentalists, politicians and ordinary citizens are trying to change this situation. Unfortunately, radical changes require substantial financial support from the state. However, today humanity can already protect itself from the harmful effects of air pollutants.

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TZOA – Portable Environmental Tracker … Connected to a smartphone app, it monitors the concentration of pollutants, temperature, UV, humidity, and more. Such a tool will help you choose the best place for jogging, warn about danger and will be indispensable for allergy sufferers. The creators of this little tracker are sure that with it the lives of many people will change, because they will be aware of the impact of the environment on their health.

Newest invention

Powerful invention – TZOA environmental tracker

Shower that saves water

Another invention that ecologists are delighted with is portable shower Hotaru with water purification system. It will allow a family of three to shower for 14 days with just 20 liters of water. Considering that about 40 liters of water is spent during a normal shower, such an invention will dramatically reduce material costs and save fresh water supplies.

Filters purify water from detergents and dirt, effectively working for about two months. The portable shower fits easily into the car and reaches 180 centimeters when unfolded.

The newest inventions

Newest inventions – portable shower Hotaru

3D Printer for Smartphone

OLO is a small device that can turn a smartphone into a 3D printer. Using light from the phone display, the printer creates small objects out of plastic. It is the first portable technology that allows you to craft items anywhere … The printing time will be the same as with a conventional printer. Such a device will cost about $ 99 and will be very convenient for designers, engineers, students and parents.

Round rollers

Another unusual reinvention of a very familiar thing – roller skates. Post Modern Skateboard Is a new experience in street sports. The circular rollers allow you to glide down the street as easily as to ride a skateboard, without having to push off the ground. Since the wheels are not connected, this allows for different 720 ° spins.

Inventions of our century

Wine decanter

Leaving open wine in the refrigerator every time there is a chance that it will become saturated with food smells and lose its quality. To avoid spoilage of wine, was invented The Wine Squirrel – lead-free crystal decanter , which does not allow air to pass through at all. The sealing mechanism is so strong that the wine can be stored in any position, both vertically and horizontally.

New inventions

Cookie holder

If cookies inevitably fall into tea or milk, it’s time to get out the cookie holder. System Dunkin ‘buddy will make sure that not a single crumb falls into the drink. The device consists of two parts – a cookie box with a magnet wrapped in food grade plastic, which is dipped into the drink, and a magnet on the outside to control the immersion level.

Simple invention

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