The design of the cctv camera body is no less important characteristic than the technical parameters of the lens. Let’s figure out why.

Since the second half of the last century, video surveillance systems have been used in various spheres of life. They are installed in train stations and parking lots, in shopping centers and small shops, in offices and private homes, in laboratories and educational institutions. The goals of the installation are also different: maintaining order, avoiding crime, scientific research, catching criminals, control and accounting.

The first surveillance cameras were bulky, inconvenient to use and had a limited set of functions. It’s hard to believe when looking at modern mini cameras, the design of which is worthy of gadgets from the James Bond films. Appearance CCTV camera housings has changed significantly: ergonomics and functionality have come to the fore.

cctv camera body design

Designing CCTV Cameras: Let’s Start First

Before finding out the features of the housing of CCTV cameras, it is worth noting that there are modular (or frameless) video cameras. They are a lens that attaches to the board. Due to this design, the device can be installed in almost any case, as well as used for covert surveillance by installing a modular camera inside furniture or interior items (for example, as in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” – the camera was installed in the eye of a teddy bear).

CCTV camera housings

Depending on the external design, the following types of box-type surveillance cameras are distinguished:

  • domed;
  • cylindrical;
  • cubic;
  • PZT cameras.

How are different types of CCTV cameras used?

Domes are convenient for indoor use. Due to the dome, which “hides” the lens, it is not visible where the camera is directed. Dome devices are mounted to a wall or ceiling, most often placed in the corner of a room to cover a large area.

It is recommended to install dome cameras outdoors only in a vandal-proof housing that is resistant to mechanical damage and bad weather conditions. The body itself is made of metal (from 3 mm thick), durable plastic or polycarbonate, and the protective dome for the lens is made of acrylic or thick glass. Sometimes you need a thermal casing for a CCTV camera – a removable case that protects the device from overheating and hypothermia.

cctv camera body

Cylindrical cameras are called “outdoor”. Their design provides protection against dust and moisture, as well as a thermoregulation mechanism – thanks to this, the device will not fail either in severe frost or in hellish heat. Housings are made of metal alloy or plastic. Mini cylindrical cameras are also used for indoor video surveillance.

CCTV camera bodies

Cube camcorders are miniaturized and controlled wirelessly (via Wi-Fi network). The plastic housing for the CCTV camera is easily attached to a vertical or horizontal surface.

to develop a housing for CCTV cameras

PZT cameras are rapidly gaining popularity, despite their high cost compared to other types. Their main advantage is mobility: these devices are able to turn, tilt and bring objects closer. Due to this, the viewing angle of the PZT camera reaches 360 degrees.

creation of the design of the body of CCTV cameras

Industrial design of CCTV cameras: what needs to be considered?

We figured out that an anti-vandal case is required for outdoor cameras, but the degree of protection may differ. For example, the IP65 designation says that the device is completely protected from dust, but an abundant amount of moisture can damage it. And the IP68 mark means the camera can be submerged in water.

IK is an indicator of strength. The highest level is 10, which means that the device has passed the test – a 5 kg load dropped onto it from a height of 40 cm. Housings for devices with this degree of protection are usually made of steel. To ensure the quality of the products, the developers conduct crash tests: they drop, hit, drown and even set them on fire.

instrument housings

When choosing a material for making a case, one should take into account its chemical and physical properties. So, most metals are susceptible to corrosion, so manufacturers prefer metal alloys or treat the product with a special anti-corrosion coating. The aluminum housing for the CCTV camera is also not afraid of the destructive effects of rust.

Designing a CCTV camera body: non-standard solutions

The main goal in the development of a video camera is to achieve the maximum functionality of the device. The challenge for industrial designers in this context is to create a lightweight and compact body that can accommodate all the necessary stuffing. At the same time, attractive design is the last criterion that the buyer pays attention to. However, there are exceptions.

Individual design

The Russian company DSSL has launched the MyActiveCam project – manufacturing custom-designed surveillance cameras. Customers can offer their own design options or choose a product from the offered assortment that will fit into the interior.

plastic housing for cctv camera

Funny animals

Designer Eleanor Trevisanutto finds video surveillance quite intimidating. Indeed, some people feel uncomfortable when the lens is pointed at them. Just the sight of the camera is unpleasant. Therefore, the designer decided to develop a housing for CCTV cameras in the form of animals. The aluminum body reliably protects the inside, and the attractive design distracts from the thought that you are under the intent of the lens. The cameras are mounted on a branch-shaped metal bracket with an electronic cable hidden inside.

aluminum housing for cctv camera

Stylish security camera

Cocoon is a device that performs the functions of a security system. The device is equipped with a motion sensor, siren and microphone. The Cocoon resembles a stylish hi-tech interior accessory rather than a serious home security device.

design development of CCTV cameras

360 degree rotation

The Angee smart security camera is a project of the Indiegogo company. The device rotates 360 degrees, recognizes voices and is equipped with motion sensors. Angee sends notifications to the owner’s smartphone about all the events that take place in the house throughout the day. The camera with a modern minimalist design looks harmoniously in any interior.

thermal casing for cctv camera

Hidden camera in the lantern

To prevent intruders from getting into the house, Kuna released a hidden video camera disguised as a porch lantern. CCTV camera body is available in three designs: traditional, modern or craft. If portable device detects suspicious activity, it will send a message to the owner of the house on the phone so that he can turn on the siren.

industrial design cctv cameras

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