We have collected 7 most useful sites for advanced industrial designers and hobbyists, where you can find your inspiration.

Industrial design products are meant to make our lives easier and better … They also need to be beautiful and graceful. Probably the most common example of an industrial design product is the famous Kikkoman sauce bottle by Kenji Ekuan … Such objects are striking in their simplicity, they are functional and look aesthetically pleasing.

Be able to find this “Golden mean” between functionality, beauty and convenience – the property of ingenious industrial designers. There are many types of industrial designs. Read more about this in our article. here


A community of designers founded 18 years ago – Core77 … It is one of the largest industrial design communities in the world – the audience of the site is more than 11 million. people a month! The site contains 6 useful categories.

1. Blog – the latest news from the world of design. The most popular article in recent years is how the new TeslaModel 3 will affect the development of the automotive industry.

Industrial car design

2. Calendar: upcoming events in the world of industrial design (conferences, competitions, summits, competitions, etc.).

3. Forum: here any user can ask a question about the design and get an answer quickly. Designers can find work or simply show their skills, share inspiration or new ideas.

4. Gallery: large photo reports about past events and innovations from industrial designers.

There is also a section with the works of readers – here subscribers willingly upload their current projects, and other users can leave their comments. The education section aims to show the secrets of industrial design and useful tools.

Industrial design

CONNEX-cable by Eunice Hwang, MAP


Behind the website of the International Society of Industrial Design icsid must be followed by every industrial designer (by the way, we do!). It contains the latest news from the world of industrial design, as well as a calendar of upcoming events (exhibitions, competitions, etc.). The site’s blog contains useful information – interviews with designers, helpful resources, innovations in technology and new approaches to solving old problems.


The best examples of industrial design of interior items and useful things are collected in the online magazine Yanko Design … Most of the articles are an overview of useful items that follow the trends of modern industrial design. The authors of the articles carefully seek out unique and futuristic ideas to share with millions of readers.

Industrial Design: Examples from Yanko Design

BMW Concept

Industrial car design

Futuristic knives from Klivisson Campelo

Industrial knife design

Nixie clock

Industrial watch design

Design Milk

In the Tech category on the site designmilk collected examples of unusual industrial design. In addition, the site is constantly updated with articles about new items in art, architecture, interior design, decor, etc. – there are a lot of inspiring ideas from all over the world.

Industrial design: photo by designmilk

ATMO SFERA: for true connoisseurs of vinyl records

Product design

Shwood sunglasses for those who love to travel

Industrial glasses design

CarDesign is a real paradise for car enthusiasts

The whole site, dedicated to car design cardesign … The latest events from the world of the automotive industry – for designers and those who are fond of beautiful cars. Design novelties, interviews with design creators, the latest photo reports from concept presentations and car exhibitions – all on one site + in Russian!

The site’s portfolio is constantly updated with original illustrations and futuristic concepts from users.

Industrial design: picture from portfolio dan.m996

Car design concept


Site Hackaday – comfortable a guide to the world of industrial design. The blog contains specialized useful articles about innovative technologies and the development of certain areas of industrial design. The site’s blog is the best inspiration for engineers and enthusiasts who want to keep up to date with the latest innovations.

For example, WireBeings are small open source robots that are 3D printed. The robots are built on the Arduino platform. By the way, since April 12th Arduino is available for Raspberry PI from Linux ARM. Also in the blog recently: development of medical equipment for ultrasound and the creation of a microscope for the iPhone.

9GAG on industrial design

One of the biggest entertainment resources in the Internet 9GAG collects interesting and funny examples of industrial design.

Bike design

Inspiration Bonus: WaitButWhy

Technology News Blog – waitbutwhy … Tim Urban writes simply about science (about the Fermi paradox), self-development (“Why do people procrastinate”) and technology (about the revolution in the development of artificial intelligence). The blog is sometimes updated with new products from the world of industrial design, and the rest of the articles contain many ideas for inspiration and development.

If you want to know more about modern industrial design and unusual novelties in this area – take a look at our article