Products with luxurious design emphasize the image of a person … Industrial designers care about their usability and aesthetics. Luxury Industrial Design Trends on the example of premium cars, watches and modern gadgets.

Luxurious machine design

One of the most developed areas of industrial design is car design. Professional industrial designers are engaged in it and amateur artists like to dream up about it. The design of modern cars is strongly varies by class. For example, for a car class F are characteristic restraint and classic , a sports car design is different futurism and underlined impetuousness to extreme.

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Sports cars in the center of industrial design

The first luxury items that come to mind are sports cars … They are the ones who are in the center of industrial design and for them you can give several million dollars. We have highlighted six main trends in the design of sports cars.

1. Red in the design of cars

The most expensive modern supercar is Lamborghini Veneno Roadster , produced in a limited edition in honor of the 50th anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini. Original car model is available only in red. Many other sports cars use this color.

Car design

The best designs of Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and Pagani Huayra cars

2. Brutality in the design of the car body

All sports cars are different aggressive design – from the front bumper to the body. This emphasizes the combination of red and black, used forms in interior and exterior design. The rear bumper of cars is often resembles launch vehicle engines Lykan hypersport looks very durable and even bomb-resistant. Scissor doors cars distinguish sports cars from others.

Car body design

Lykan Hypersport and Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

3. Development of car design with the improvement of aerodynamics

Streamlined shape popular in industrial vehicle design. For sports cars, she emphasizes their swiftness and speed because the streamlined shape improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the car. V Veneno roadster the entire nose serves as a solid piece that enhances downforce. In a supercar Bugatti Veyron the airflow meets the bonnet and roof with the lowest drag coefficient of 0.39.

Car design development

Bugatti Veyron

4. Lightness of sports models

Sports Models are particularly light and industrial designers use all sorts of techniques to reducing the weight of the car. For example, in a sports car Veneno roadster industrial designers even decided abandon the roof in favor of reducing the weight of the car and only the protective glass was left. Reducing weight allows the use of special ultra-light materials.

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5. The use of carbon fiber for sports cars

CFRP allows you to do durable and lightweight parts for sports cars. Carbon fiber is used in many modern sports cars. The Lamborghini seats are also made from this durable fiber and in addition the entire interior is covered in fabric. CarbonSkin … The Pagani supercar is also made of ultra-expensive and ultralight carbotanium

6. Futuristic in automotive design

Inside, the sports cars are characterized by maximum driver comfort and futurism at the same time. Pressure gauges Lykan hypersport presented ID4 displays with TFT panel. Futurism can be traced in the interiors of new sports cars, where the dashboard resembles more a spacecraft control panel. The use of modern ultra-light materials in car interiors emphasizes the fact that the future has already arrived.

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Industrial design of premium cars

Luxury cars are class F, cars for the elite where the focus of industrial design is on convenience of transporting a passenger in the back seat , which is reflected in the design of the car’s interior. Executive cars usually at least 5 m long, most often sedans. The interior uses premium materials for decoration. The industrial design of luxury cars has little to do with sports car design and is characterized by the following trends.

1. Aggressive design of a modern F-class car

The first distinguishing feature of premium cars is the presence prominent rectangular radiator grille. Recently, they have become more strict, wider and with clear edges, which gives impressiveness and aggressiveness in appearance auto. Rectangular grilles have ceased to be the hallmark of Rolls-Royce only, and are actively used by other premium car brands.

The design of a modern F-class car

Bentley Continental Flying Spur and Rolls-royce Phantom

2. Luxury car interior design

Classic, luxurious and enhanced comfort – modern premium cars are made with such a bias. Industrial designers have not yet moved towards futurism, but use familiar classic forms and improve the convenience of the machine. There is a tendency to popularize white in interior design. White is associated with calmness and serenity. Interior Phantom serenity decorated with Far Eastern floral motifs.

Car interior design

Rolls-royce phantom serenity

3. Handcrafted car interior design

Handcrafted wood and leather – the main value of executive class cars. These materials highlight naturalness and exclusivity of products. Interior Bentley mulsanne – an example of luxurious design using 13 types of wood, brightly brushed stainless steel and unique durable glass for the dashboard trim.

Car interior design

Bentley Mulsanne inside

4. Narrow tail lights highlight the unique design of the vehicle

A distinctive feature of the industrial design of premium cars – emphasis on the taillights. it the only futuristic looking element modern executive class cars. Have Lincoln continental sleek, eye-catching one-piece headlights (more precisely, a headlamp).

Unique car design

Lincoln continental

5. Ultimate minimalism on the outside and luxury on the inside of premium cars

Industrial designers are not trying to find the best solutions to improve aerodynamics or reduce the weight of premium vehicles. Vice versa, auto class F can weigh several times more than a sports car. Outside, premium cars are made in simple shapes and transitions. So far here do not plan to use carbon , and rely on luxurious interior decoration. German cars Mercedes-Maybach 900 are distinguished by special elegance and accentuated minimalism.

Inside premium cars

German car Mercedes-Maybach 900

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Industrial watch design

A watch is a thing that without further ado emphasizes the status of a person. The chic industrial watch design is different using precious metals and precious stones that are processed manually. There are four main trends in the industrial design of modern watches: space, Earth, minimal and classic.

Stellar watch design: wrist planetariums

Industrial watch designers gaze into the starry sky and draw their inspiration from the vast expanses of space. Their ideas are embodied in modern premium watches. A distinctive feature is rethinking the usual attitude to watches and turning the accessory into a small planetarium.

Unusual watch design

Unusual watch design: Midnight Planétarium, Moon Meteori, Sky Moon Tourbillon

Limited edition Midnight Planétarium Poetic Complication by Van Cleef & Arpels’ is a luxury model for astronomy lovers. The dial is a real planetarium that is exactly repeats the movement of 6 planets closest to the Sun. The action takes place against the backdrop of a bottomless blue space made of aventurine with a scattering of stars. The scale consists of 24 hours, and the time is shown by a small shooting star.

Louis Moinet Tourbillon Moon Meteori Is a piece of the moon in your hand. Clock face hours made from a cut moonstone … The case is made of rose gold, the strap is made of crocodile leather. Double sided watch Patek philippe sky moon tourbillon is another small starry sky with the Milky Way and the moon on the inside. The dial is covered with blue enamel, and the decorative ornament is engraved on the sides. The watch includes 686 pieces

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Unusual watch design: Earth and events

Natural phenomena, events and whole stories can be told in one watch face. Designers embody intricate ideas, drawing inspiration from the life of plants and animals.

Оригинальный дизайн часов

Modern watch design: The Bird, Christophe Colomb Hurricane, Orbis Terrarum

The Bird by Jaquet Droz – a real work of art, housed in a small dial. Simultaneously, the clock represents perfect industrial design. They are equipped 8 mechanisms that power the wings of birds, water and chicks. In the center is a pair of goldfinches carved out of gold. The white gold dial depicts the sights of Geneva.

Watch Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane – another panel in a tiny space on the back. The watch is equipped with a gyroscope that minimizes the effect of gravity on the movement. All elements are hand-carved and depict Columbus’s arrival in America.

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum is the best inspiration for travel lovers and businessmen. In the center of the dial is the Earth, around which there are 24 time zones.

Modern watch design: classic

Luxury watches are traditionally presented classic models … Underlined elegance and restraint – these are the main attributes of the industrial design of luxury watches.

Modern watch design

In the model Historiador Vuelo by Cuervo Y Sobrinos industrial designers equipped watches complicated dial. The tachometer scale is engraved on the bezel. Unlike its predecessors, this watch is equipped with additional buttons. The dark blue arrow combined with the red accentuates the modernity.

Classic notes can be seen in watch design Ulysse Nardin. The model is available in classic combinations of blue and black with gold. Latin numerals emphasize the restraint of the design and the style of the wearer.


Minimum detail or even lack of numbers distinguish such a watch from others. Simple and elegant is Piaget SA. Black and white emphasize the minimalism of the model. In edition Portuguese Hand-Wound Boutique by IWC Schaffhausen a combination of brown and gold is used – no more unnecessary details.

Minimalism in watch design

Gadgets – the unusual design of ordinary things

Many gadgets are also luxury goods. The design of modern gadgets is a combination of futurism and minimalism. The most popular color for such devices is white. Virtual reality helmet k PS4 from Sony – the embodiment of fantasies about the coming future. Unlike the Oculus Rift, this helmet looks simpler and more aesthetically pleasing. In such a device, industrial design is accentuated on the convenience and ease of use. They are lightweight and will not cause fatigue after long immersion in the virtual world.

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When everyone had already buried Google Glass, there were even more different options for smart glasses. Industrial designers are trying to make them simpler and more natural, moving away from bulky structures and complex shapes. To do this, it is necessary to design glasses that will not stand out from other accessories. Jins meme completely look like regular glasses. Industrial design is focused on turn augmented reality into a familiar part of our life.

Unusual glasses design

Tablets, music players, headphones, set-top boxes, quadcopters and other devices display the desire of industrial designers to minimize the design of the device. No embossed lines, borders or bright patterns – only functionality, convenience and ease of use. Perhaps this trend is related to the desire for transhumanism and the desire to completely turn gadgets into an extension of the body.

Gadget design

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Exercise trackers or fitness bracelets are the absolute leaders in minimalist industrial design. No extra buttons and displays, only sensors – the smartphone will tell the rest (the devices are integrated with applications on the phone). Smart bracelets are full of colors for every taste. The industrial design of such devices is being developed taking into account the maximum comfort of using the bracelet during training.

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