The accessory market is constantly replenished with new products and is distinguished by its flexibility – consumers meet with interest the release of new products. Smart watch iWatch from Apple entered the technoaccessories market in September 2014. They have created a whole new industry in the development of the accessory market through design watch straps Apple i Watch.

In hardware stores you can find all kinds of watch straps iWatch: from fabric to metal with mechanical or magnetic fasteners. Today we will tell you why development of straps for iWatch is a great business idea for the Ukrainian market and how can you implement it together with the company KLONA.

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Industrial design iWatch

IWatch watches are presented in three collections – base, Sport and Edition. The display of the base model and Edition is covered with sapphire crystal, while the Sport model is covered with glass reinforced with ions. The case materials are stainless steel, anodized aluminum and gold (the case of the Edition model is plated with 18 ct gold). The watch has a rectangular shape and is available in two sizes – 38 and 42 mm. Force Touch technology allows the display to distinguish between pressing force.

Watch cases

IWatch equipped with two controls – a circular wheel (for scrolling and zooming in) and a rocker button for calling. Industrial watch design takes into account the activity of their use so they have no connectors. The battery is charged at wireless station. Since this watch is smart, it can also serve as a fitness bracelet. To do this, they have built-in heart rate monitor , there is pedometer and calorie counter

Product design is what sells. Examples of chic industrial designs that help brand owners make millions you will find here (many bright photos luxury things ).

IWatch strap design

The industrial design of smartwatches takes into account the different lifestyles of its owners and looks appropriate both on the hand of a businessman and on the hand of a college student … A huge selection of watch straps helps to complete the look. Apple’s collection has about 40 different strap options. However, not for every taste, which generates additional demand. Therefore, bands for AppleiWatch are offered by different brands of accessories. This area is developing rapidly because the demand for custom accessories is growing all the time.

IWatch Industrial Design Trends

In the industrial design of iWatch bands, we have highlighted 4 main trends b.

1. Use of super strong materials

The strap must correspond to the active lifestyle of the owner of the watch and be resistant to adverse environmental conditions … Therefore, straps are made from polymers – silicone or fluoroelastomer … These materials are characterized by increased durability and water resistance.

2. Matte surface of materials

Reducing friction between hand and surface The strap is facilitated by the use of materials with a matte rough surface. This is especially important for people who play sports with smart watches.

Smart watch straps

Hereinafter: screenshot from the official site apple com

3. Minimalist strap design

Consumers prefer plain straps … Steel and Milanese mesh bracelets are usually only available in silver and black. Also simple geometric patterns are popular, monotonous prints and neutral shades.

4. Unusual fasteners

In the manufacture of smartwatches, various unusual clasps are often used. The main requirement for them is secure fixation of the watch on the wrist and preventing unauthorized stretching of the watch. For sports straps, buckles such as pin-and-tuck, and in steel bracelets – magnetic.

Apple iwatch strap clasps

Making iWatch watch straps

The emergence of smart watches iWatch from the iconic Apple brand gave prerequisites for the development of the sale of additional accessories for this device … This primarily concerns watch straps and bracelets, with which you can reveal your individuality. Therefore, modern brands of accessories, including Ukrainian ones, are engaged in the manufacture of straps for iWatch watches.

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Today the smart device market is just developing … Here is a brief analysis of the wearable electronics market and forecasts for the future.

Wearable electronics market development

Apple watches signified a new wave of interest in wearable electronics and stimulated sales of the rest smart wearables (smart wearable gadgets). Their share among other wearable devices is 45%, with fitness bracelets accounting for 61%. Sales of smartwatches are up from $ 1.2 million. in 2013 to 24.9 million devices in 2015. This trend is projected to continue and sales of wrist devices will grow to 101.4 million. by 2020. Already, crowdfunding investments are mainly in devices that can be worn on the arm or wrist.

Development of the market for wearable technoaccessories

When developing industrial design of watches the target audience, country and existing market should be considered. These are the same factors that need to be considered when making iWatch watch straps.

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Target audience of iWatch watches

Smart watches get mostly men – up to 70% of buyers. it wealthy people aged 35 to 54. They lead an active lifestyle, most often they are businessmen and people with a high level of income. The constant need to keep a lot of information in your head and the desire to monitor your health lead to the purchase of smartwatches. Such watches emphasize the image of the owner. The target audience of smart watches can be divided into 3 categories.

1. iPhone owners

Apple brand audience differs very high loyalty. Therefore, the owner of the iPhone most likely acquires an iPad over time, and then an iWatch. It is also worth considering that without an iPhone, “smart” watches turn into pumpkin the most common accessory, because applications are launched only after they are installed on a smartphone.

2. Busy people who care about their health

Today, fitness bracelets are more popular than smartwatches. However, iWatch smartwatches are almost as good as advanced fitness trackers. In addition, with their help, you can send calls and answer messages, which fitness bracelets cannot do. This leads to new buyers who want to monitor their health without interrupting work.

Target audience of wearable gadgets

3. Lovers of style

Industrial Design iWatch distinguished by restraint, minimalism and elegance. It can hardly be called futuristic, because the motives of the industrial design of the iPhone3 can be traced in it. A huge selection of straps and screensavers allows you to turn iWatch into a completely individual accessory, the appearance of which can be changed with a strap. This is especially loved by those people who always choose a watch for their daytime look.

Development Steps for Apple iWatch Watch Bands

Together with KLONA you can organize your own own production for the manufacture of watch straps. The work is carried out in several stages.

Stage 1: industrial design of the watch strap

Based on customer requirements, the industrial designer comes up with various strap options, combining the most suitable materials and buckles for it … After that, the customer chooses the most successful concepts. The strap must meet three basic requirements – to be comfortable, durable and hold on securely

Industrial design of straps for apple watches

Stage 2: modeling and rendering

According to the chosen concept, the modeler creates 3 D-model of the strap. For visualization, a watch is built into the strap, various options for combinations of colors and textures are considered. At this stage, you can imagine how the watch will look live on the wrist and in the interior.

Visualization of straps for smart watches

Step 3: choosing a strap manufacturing method

Next, the customer will have to decide on the circulation of products and the preferred manufacturing method. More detailed you can find information on the choice of production method in the guide here

Stage 4: mold design

At large-scale production most expedient make watch straps in molds. To do this, it is necessary to build a model of the mold and make it in the tool shop on machine tools. More about mold design process you can learn here

Step 5: making watch straps

After the mold is ready, production can begin. Modern plastic molding methods under pressure allow choose different materials and production methods. So you can implement any design ideas and intentions.

Launch of our own production of straps for iWatch Is another business idea that we are happy to share with you. If you have any questions about how to organize the production of plastic products, contact our managers to discuss the details.