The market for wearable devices in Ukraine and around the world is growing rapidly. The latest wearable gadgets appear almost every day. And with the help of crowdfunding platforms, launching your own startup is becoming easier.

I present to you an overview of the latest wearable gadgets and technologies at wearable electronics market that have appeared recently. I hope they inspire and delight you.

Breakthrough in the wearable electronics market: flexible nanomaterial

The market for wearable electronics is rapidly gaining momentum. The latest wearable gadgets are capturing people’s hearts and the demand is increasing every day. However, there is no limit to perfection, and devices can always be made more convenient and functional. Existing devices in the wearable electronics market have only a flexible strap, while the construction itself is rigid and rigid. Scientists from the United States have found a solution to this problem.

Wearable technology

Scientists at the University of Illinois have created a nanofilm that is good bends, while not losing its properties. In addition, it conducts electricity very well. This will allow you to create all the components of the wearable device from it. New material is not very expensive therefore, devices made from it will cost no more than those already existing on the wearable electronics market. The film retains its properties after a lot of stretching and bending and has long service life.

Leather will replace touchpad in the wearable market

Smart watches are one of the most popular gadgets on the wearable device market. People have long fallen in love with this small and useful device, which, however, still has one significant drawback. Namely – limited screen size … Researchers at Carnegie Mallon University have figured out how to solve this problem.

Wearable Devices

Soon, as a touchpad in the wearable device market, it will be possible use your own hand. The system is called SkinTrack. It allows you to perform the same actions as with a standard touchpad: flip through pages, dial a number, and even draw. SkinTrack is capable recognize touch even through clothing.

The system is two-component and consists of a ring that is worn on the hand and a sensor adjacent to the skin. The technology is not yet ready for sale. has a number of problems. For example, the issue with the power supply for the transmitter ring has not been resolved. However, it is expected that solutions will be found in the near future, and the new technology can be introduced to the wearable device market.

Latest Wearable Life Saving Gadgets

The KickStarter website has released the concept of a special bracelet for bikers and cyclists. Its purpose is notify its owner about exceeding the maximum allowed speed limit … Vibration is used for warning. The more often the bracelet vibrates, the greater the excess speed. When the speed decreases, the vibration dies down.

The newest wearable gadget is synchronized with a special application on your smartphone. The application database is constantly updated with new information.

Wearable electronics market

The bracelet design is pretty simple th is a thin strip of Italian leather with an electronic board and vibration motor attached from the inside. The battery lasts for 15 days, provided that the bracelet is used for two hours a day. It takes three hours to fully charge the battery.

The approximate date for the newest wearable gadget is March 2017. It will cost 99 euros. This is much less than the standard speeding penalty in European countries. In Germany, for example, it is 600 euros, while in Italy it can reach 3200 euros.

FORCEemotion: caring for loved ones

Ukrainian startup FORCE LLC has presented its own new look at standard financial trackers. Their development – FORCEemotion health bracelet is designed to take care of elderly relatives and people who need constant supervision of relatives.


Bracelet tracks heart rate, blood oxygen level and emotional state. The device is also equipped with a gyroscope that detects a fall and immediately notifies a loved one of the wearer of the bracelet. In the middle of the gadget there is an alarming emergency button.

At the moment, you can pre-order the bracelet for $ 169. KLONA also took part in this project. For the bracelet we developed industrial design and described this project in detail here

Concepter Soul Soul Gadget

Ukrainian entrepreneurs from Concepter have figured out how to use technology not only for work and sports, but also for caring for loved ones. New Concepter Soul Bracelet keeps track of the time it takes the owner spends with friends and loved ones.

Новейшие носимые гаджеты

The gadget consists of two components: a mobile application and a bracelet or key fob to choose from. The device calculates how much time its owner spends with a certain person (provided he has a similar gadget). All statistics for each person can be seen in the application.

At the moment, fundraising is taking place on the Indiegogo platform. The development team is finalizing the device, so you can look forward to new features in the future. The estimated price of the device is $ 30.

New gadgets: fitness tracker for swimmers Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition

MisFit has released a new version of the fitness bracelet designed specifically for swimmers. The Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition supports all the same features as its predecessor, the Misfit Shine 2, and has a number of innovations.

Wearable device market

New among gadgets – the swimmer’s bracelet is even better protected from water, measures the distance covered in the water, as well as the number of laps made in the pool. All these statistics are transmitted to a special application on the smartphone. In addition, the bracelet by vibration notifies about the end of the workout.

The price of new items on the wearable electronics market is $ 120. You can wear the bracelet without removing it, because it is powered by a battery , which is enough for about six months.

Latest gadgets: fitness tracker for golf lovers

Garmin Approach X40 is another highly specialized novelty in the electronic device market, the start of sales of which is scheduled for the end of the year. The new fitness tracker, in addition to the standard functions, provides a number of others, especially for golf lovers.

Последние новинки гаджетов

Bracelet can estimate distance to various obstacles on the golf course: ponds, pits, etc. A tracker connected to a smartphone determines indicators that are important for a golfer, for example, impact force … And also notifies about missed calls and messages. The model is protected from moisture and dust. The novelty gadget has information about 40,000 golf courses.

The battery lasts up to 5 days of work, with an active GPS module, the time is reduced to 10 hours. On the wearable market, the bracelet will be available in three colors: black, blue and white. Its price will be approximately $ 250. Tracker weight – about 30 g.

Smart Golf Shoes

Sports fans do not always have the opportunity to use the services of a professional coach. A track your result, achievements and improve your technique still want to. It is on this desire that IoFIT has played, creating its new product – shoes for golf lovers.

IoFIT looks like a regular shoe, but it has a number of special functions. With the help of pressure sensors, the shoe monitors impact force, posture, weight distribution and other important indicators. This allows players to adjust their technique in real time.

New gadgets

All data is transferred to a special application on the smartphone. It also allows you to compare your punches to those of the pros. All this allows improve your skills on your own, without the presence of a coach. Smart shoes will be useful for both beginners and professional golfers.

Without recharging, the shoes function for five days, provided they are used for two hours a day. The smart sneaker is priced at $ 189 and will begin shipping in September 2016.

All the best for kids: the latest training device

The Adidas Zone bracelet is specially designed for children and teenagers who lead an active lifestyle and play sports. It measures heart rate and other indicators. Data during training is transmitted to the coach’s smartphone, which can track the performance of the entire team in real time and adjust the training program.

adidas zone

While there is little data on the new bracelet, it is known that it will most likely be able to withstand significant loads. The battery will last for five days. Date of sale and price are unknown, according to some reports, the bracelet will cost $ 140.

Latest wearable device: Shark Leash

Unfortunately, surfers are often attacked by sharks. Until now, some companies have tried to solve this problem and produced special devices. Recently, two companies with experience in the production of similar gadgets, teamed up and released the new Shark Leash device.

New gadgets

The device uses a special Sharkbanz technology that scares away sharks. The device generates special electromagnetic waves that cause discomfort in animals. The creators claim that it is absolutely no harm sharks, analogous to the harsh light in the dark for humans. The device works only on sharks and rays and does not in any way affect other underwater inhabitants, such as dolphins and turtles.

We at KLONA hope that more and more new gadgets and wearable devices will be created in our country that will benefit people. Our an experience suggests that it is quite real.

We are always ready to help you in the development of industrial design and serial production of products Contact the CLONA company, we solve problems, not add to them.