A man needs a watch every day. Therefore, the watch should be laconic, simple and understandable to use for the owner. A wristwatch is more than just a commodity. This is an accessory that determines the status of a person.

The watch is an indicator of social and material status, it reflects the lifestyle and principles of the owner. The design of a wristwatch should embody all these features. Order the development of your unique design at KLONA.

Types of design of wristwatches

There are a huge number of varieties of original designs of wristwatches. Everyone can choose according to their taste. From classic models before difficult hours ( with additional functionality for synchronization with PC and smartphone). For fans of extreme sports or residents of the North, the sports watch because they are designed for harsh weather conditions. When creating them, durable materials are used that protect against hypothermia and moisture. If you are interested in high accuracy, please pay attention to chronometers (watches with increased time measurement accuracy) and chronographs (watch with a stopwatch). Also, a wristwatch can become a piece of art or a luxurious dream accessory. This type includes limited designer models and watches made of jewelry materials.

Development of wristwatch design: history

Breguet has documented the existence of some of the the first in the world wrist watch … They were made to order Abraham Louis Breguet for the queen of Naples Caroline Napoleon-Murat in 1810.

Wristwatch designIn the illustration on the left: Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger sister and Carolina, Queen of Naples. Right: watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet

According to the documentation, the watch was oval inlaid around the edges on a bracelet made of hair and gold thread. The wristwatch was lost after 1855 and its fate is still unknown. In 2002, Breguet, with the aim of recreate the idea design wristwatches Carolina launched a collection Reine de Neples

Development of wristwatches

Trends in wristwatch design


World fashion trends strive for brevity and simplicity. This is embodied in all spheres of human activity, from flat design for interfaces to geometric minimalism in wristwatch design.
Watch Ore created in collaboration Bulbul and KiBiSi … The designers removed the maximum number of elements, leaving only the most necessary for the implementation of the concept of the watch. Laconic steel clock face complements the classic strap. A bright accent in the design of this wristwatch is the blue Bulbul ribbon.

Дизайн циферблата часов
Many designers go further and try to rethink the concept of a watch. Robert Dhabi one of these specialists. He seeks take at the clock traditional temporary marking , turning it into the embodiment of color and minimalism. Despite this, the watch should remain a functional thing, and not just a design element. This is how the idea came about with colored time indicators … The movement of the pseudo-arrows is pleasantly shaded with a color gradient, bewitches the eye and reminds of the cyclical nature of time.

Watch design

Specialists from DesignWrigh have developed an unusual watch for Lexon NUNO … Their idea is similar to the previous design of the wristwatch. NUNO more strict and classic … The rounded steel case is housed on a leather strap. Traditional indicators time replaced by two features that move around the dial. The entire series is made in dark shades.

Development of wristwatches

Ecology and naturalness

Care about the surrounding environment has long gone beyond fashion trends, now it is a vital necessity for everyone. In addition, the world reigns pursuit to naturalness and naturalness things that surround us. WeWood was able to grasp this and develop a watch design that embodies the desires of a huge target audience. The slogan of the company is “One Watch – One Tree – One Planet”.
Wristwatches are developed from precious and exotic breeds trees that embodies people’s desire for naturalness and exclusivity. Materials are mined after primary processing waste of large corporations, in addition, WeWood signed a commitment that for every watch purchased, they must plant one tree … This allows each customer to contribute to something global and useful.
In addition to a powerful moral concept, the WeWood watch has an impressive design. The variety of colors and shapes allows anyone to find something to their liking. Among the fans of this brand are Paris Hilton and Colin Firth.

Design of a wristwatch made of wood

Timeless classics

Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical, some things are forgotten and come back from oblivion, while some remain eternal. Wristwatches from companies (Chopard, Rolex) or from designers (Dieter Rams, Achille Castiglioni) demonstrate high taste their owner, complement his image as a connoisseur of quality and stylish things.

Классический дизайн часовFounder of the Italian School of Design Achille Castiglioni in a wristwatch of our own design for the ALESSI company.

Attention to needs

It is important to consider and understand the needs of people with disabilities. For the first time project Bradley was launched on a fundraising platform. Just a month clock idea for people with vision problems was a huge success and collected more 600,000 dollars … The reason for its popularity was a noble goal and a successful design of wristwatches. Its basis is magnetic mechanism between two steel spheres that act as arrows. Only touching to the device, the person will immediately guess what time it is.

Дизайн циферблата часов


A person wants his worldview and life goals to be noticeable through style and accessories. The clock is best suited for such a demonstration. Italian Denis Guidon He understands this and offers his own version of the design of a wrist watch. Designer supporter avant-garde , which he is trying to show in his works. The design of his wristwatch has references to creativity. Kandinsky and Malevich … Abstract composition with simple geometric shapes which replace traditional time indicators. In fact, the dial becomes a canvas for creativity. Denis Gvidon does not stop at copying the ideas of famous avant-garde artists, he moves on. And he creates one of his best wristwatch designs. Ora unica demonstrates cyclicality time. They have no marks, only swirling line , the tips of which indicate the time interval. The concept of Ora Unica is original and functional, despite its unusual embodiment, the time on this watch is quite easy to determine.

Оригинальный дизайн часов
V Mr. Jones watches believe that there is no need to make the watch strictly classic in functionality, since now you can find out the time by any gadget. The design of a wristwatch should go beyond imagination, make a person think or smile. After all, a clock is smart accessory … Designer Crispin Jones independently designs all watches at Mr. Jones Watches. They are the embodiment of his worldview and mood, so the number of hours in each design concept is limited and totals only 100 pcs

Individual design of wristwatches

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Classification of design of wristwatches


Breguet exists more than 200 years and manufactures perhaps the most famous watches in the world. Alexander Dumas, Prosper Merimee, Stendhal, Balzac, Victor Hugo and many other literary geniuses wrote about them.
Over the years, Breguet has developed its own unique style, which guarantees watch exclusivity and high degree of protection from fakes. Since 1795, the dials have been secret signature that can only be seen under good lighting. Each watch has its own individual number , which certifies their uniqueness. Ornament The dial is made using the guilloche technique, thanks to which the design of the wristwatch becomes a real work of art. Numerical indicators and arrows have not changed for 200 years, their developed company founder Abraham Louis Breguet

The price of watches of this brand reaches the mark in 700,000 euros.

Wristwatch designLuxury

Jaquet Droz make exclusive watches from precious materials … The company uses in design unique elements eg dinosaur bones. Designers are constantly on the lookout for new minerals for production, including African shattukite, chrysoprase, agate and stromatolite. It is because of the exclusivity of technology, batch size may not exceed 8-16 copies

This watch house has its own symbols and talismans … This is the number 8, which, one way or another, is embodied in all Jaquet Droz models, as a symbol of eternity and prosperity. Another mascot of the company is the small clover leaf , which is not visible without special lighting. It is not only a quality mark and protection against counterfeiting, but also copying secret signature the founder of the company.

The cost of Jaquet Droz watches reaches 148 thousand euros

Design of wristwatches with elements of nature

1st class

The price of the watch reaches 10,000 euros … The design of watches in this category is stylish and laconic. This is a watch of high quality, it is suitable for people who want to get a thing that is designed with no frills and using the latest technology. Such brands include Maurice Lacroix, Edox and Fortis.

Wristwatch design

2nd grade

The price segment reaches a maximum in 3000 euros … A quality budget watch especially for those who strive for Swiss quality, but do not want to overpay. The movements of these watches are precise, and the design is in line with modern fashion trends. Among them are Victorinox, Tissot, Timex, Alpino and CANDINO.

Wrist watch, design


We should also characterize the design of wristwatches from fashion houses. They began to be produced in the middle of the twentieth century to expand sales and complement collections with accessories. Watches of this type have a high aesthetic value and are designed by masters of their craft. To develop a quality product, fashion houses invite the best watchmakers to cooperate.
Chanel, Versace, Armani, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Givenchy are engaged in the design of watches.

Design of expensive wristwatches

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