Crane concept development

KLONA was approached by a company that supplies bottled water. The designers were faced with a non-trivial task: to create a stylish, modern and, at the same time, practical design of the bottle tap.

 Дизайн крана

Crane design development: sketches

Before starting development industrial design crane, the specialists of the KLONA company conducted a study of the main world trends. As a result, we found out that most of the bottle taps:

  • have an unattractive appearance;
  • inconvenient to use.

Концепт-дизайн крана

At the first stage, the designers selected the reference for the crane. There are a huge number of cranes in the world of different designs, shapes and colors. Based on the existing models, the designers prepared several sketches of the crane. The customer liked the arch-shaped crane the most. It was this sketch that was sent for further development.

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Концепт крана

In addition to the appearance, it was necessary to determine the main parameters of the crane. It was intended for a bottle of drinking water. Therefore, the height of the tap had to match the height of the glass or cup.

Дизайн крана

The crane had to have a large capacity. Water flow rate is important to many people. And so that at high pressure the water does not splash, a special mesh nozzle was developed for the tap.


Концепт-дизайн крана

Instead of inconvenient handles for water supply, an infrared sensor (volume sensor) is built into the faucet body. It is worth bringing a hand to it and the water begins to flow. Remove your hand and the water supply stops. This is more practical than a standard valve. Many people do not have time to twist it in time, and water overflows over the edge of the glass. An infrared sensor helped solve this problem.

 Концепт крана

The body is made in a universal gray color, which emphasizes the high technological efficiency of the crane.

In the next step, the KLONA 3D modeller created 3D model crane.

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The crane model developed by KLONA has the following advantages:

  • maximum convenience;
  • security;
  • ergonomics;
  • durability.

Концепт крана

Before sending the crane to mass production, our company manufactured it prototype

The developed crane design fully complied with the customer’s requirements.


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