Industrial design and 3D modeling of the housekeeper

In the summer of 2016, a company for the production of wooden souvenirs ordered the development of a key holder design from KLONA specialists.

Tasks of the project for the development of the design of the housekeeper

The task of the project was to create a 3D model of an open wall key holder, as well as four options for 3D visualizations of its appearance in a home interior.

The housekeeper entered limited edition sales for the Independence Day of Ukraine. The customer provided clear parameters products: size 297 × 420 mm, material from light wood species (oak, beech, ash, maple).


Making a design for a key holder to order

Marketing research: target audience

Housekeeper is a case for storage and carrying the keys. Its function is to combine and fix keys for reduce the risk of loss … In addition to functional qualities, it is also relevant and interesting design solution for hallways of houses and apartments. Therefore, when making a key holder, you should take into account fashion trends (color, type of wood, shape features). Added to the wall key holders keyrings that allow you to minimize the possibility of losing your keys outside the home. The development of the design of key fobs must be approached with responsibility, since it will become part everyday style person. Therefore, a keychain is often designed as an original piece of jewelry.

Making a design for a key holder to order

KLONA marketers conducted research and found that residents usually buy a housekeeper major cities (regional and district centers). More 62% buyers live in large houses, the rest are apartment owners.

The target audience was divided into two categories according to the direction of the purchase:

  • housekeepers are bought for themselves by women aged 30 to 40 years with an average income and a family;
  • for a gift, a housekeeper is bought by men aged 18-25.

Search for references for creating a 3D model of a housekeeper to order

When analyzing the market and developments of competitors, the following features were found:

  • existing models of key holders are small and are designed for 2-3 keys;
  • the most popular is the open type of key holders, which are placed on the wall;
  • in most models, the keychain is not conceptually connected with the key holder in any way;
  • a hook system is used for fastening;
  • the predominant materials are wood and plastic.

KLONA designers decided to make a housekeeper with massive key chains that will be visually linked to the base. The board should be designed for 5-7 keys so that the owner can place everything he needs there: from keys for a car and an apartment to keys for a basement and attic. The key holder design should be massive, functional and laconic … This will allow it to be relevant in modern interiors for a long time, regardless of changes in fashion.

Дизайн ключницы

The design of the custom-made housekeeper should reflect the involvement of the holiday Independence Day of Ukraine … The customer was provided 12 concepts the appearance of the housekeeper, he chose the one that repeated contours of Ukraine … The customer liked the idea of unity and integrity, which was laid down in the concept.

Ключница в форме Украины

3D modeling of the design of a housekeeper to order

After the concepts are approved, the 3D modeller builds an accurate solid model of the housekeeper. Keychain concepts for it are modeled separately. Textures are applied to the finished 3D model, the modeled housekeeper is visualized in the interior of the hallway.

3D modeling of the design of a housekeeper to order

To emphasize the idea with the map, the KLONA designers included in the visualization the images of Ukrainian territories on the maps of the 17th century by Guillaume de Beauplan.
Learn more about the services subject visualization and visualization in the environment from the KLONA company.

Дизайн ключницы на заказ

The results of making a key holder design

The concept of the key holder and key fobs fully met the customer’s requirements. The design has embodied the spirit of the holiday and has become a unique piece of furniture. The project was launched in a limited edition and received positive reviews from buyers.

KLONA creates stylish and ergonomic products that will become the favorites of consumers and increase the company’s sales. Each project is an opportunity for us to show our own talents. If you have interesting ideas for implementation – contact the managers. We are looking forward to your project.

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