Industrial Design

Sometimes it seems to us that everything that can be invented has already been invented and there is simply no room for innovation. And then industrial designers enter the scene and surprise us with unusual and functional gadgets, which gradually become our faithful companions.

What is industrial design?

Industrial Design – a comprehensive service aimed at creating a beautiful, functional and ready for mass production product. Industrial design is at the intersection of exact sciences and art.

The rectangular shape of monitors and smartphones, the concave shape of the bottles, the number and location of buttons on the TV remote control, the bend of the bench near the entrance, the size and length of the prongs of the fork in the dining room – all these are the results of industrial design.

Industrial Design

Applications and types of industrial design

Industrial design is divided into two groups.

To group “A” refers to the design of mechanical engineering and machine-tool engineering items. This group of industrial design items is the most knowledge-intensive and technically complex. A high level of professionalism is required from designers.

To group “B” includes consumer goods that make a person’s life more comfortable – household appliances, furniture, toys, work equipment, equipment, etc.

In which areas most often deal with industrial design:


Sometimes it seems to us that everything that can be invented has already been invented and there is simply no room for innovation. And then industrial designers enter the scene and surprise us with unusual and functional gadgets, which gradually become our faithful companions.

Industrial Design
Industrial Design

What tasks does industrial design solve?

Development of industrial design objects , from cars and medical equipment to household appliances and tools, shapes human life and comfort. Industrial design solves the following tasks:

  1. Explain the benefits … The appearance of the product should communicate its purpose to the user.
  2. Be comfortable … Designers must take care of the safety, simplicity and intuitiveness of the product interface. Large buttons and labels on controls contribute significantly to this.
  3. Reduce production costs … The functionality of the product, materials of manufacture, the way the body is processed and the assembly directly affect the final cost of the product. All these points need to be optimized.
  4. Simplify maintenance … Nothing lasts forever, so the process of disassembling and replacing individual parts in the device should not cause any difficulties for the user.
  5. Be the face of the brand … Any product embodies the philosophy of the company, its mission and goals, and also sets a certain level of quality that consumers can count on.

Braun designer Dieter Rams in the 1960s, he was the first to invent color-coded hardware , now the red square of the stop button and the green start triangle are common things that all companies use, but then it was a breakthrough

Recently, a factor has been included in the ease of use ease of processing and the absence of negative consequences for the environment. Apple Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive believes that simple and clear design will always be in demand , because: “when we deal with objects, it is important for us to feel that we are managing them.”

Industrial design examples from KLONA

Company KLONA creates industrial design of products in Ukraine. For 7 years of successful work in the market, we have implemented more than 100 different projects. Here are just a few of them:

The price of industrial design development in Kiev depends on:

At first glance, industrial design is not a cheap pleasure. Average price – from 50,000 hryvnia. But in the context of the batch, its cost is practically leveled. For example, you order an industrial design for thermo mugs. For a batch of 3,000 pieces, the service markup will be less than UAH 17 per mug, and with the release of 20,000 product units – only UAH 2.5.

What factors affect the cost industrial design:

  • the complexity of the device and the list of requirements for functionality;
  • the number of developed concepts and body elements;
  • amount of edits for the selected concept;
  • the number of renders that need to be done in the end;
  • terms of project implementation.

The deadlines are from 1 month … If you need it faster, we can discuss options.

What will be the result?

The result of the development of industrial design – solid 3D model of the product , set of drawings and documentation … You can come with them to any suitable plant and start multi-batch production of your product … In addition to the 3D model, you can prepare a number of product visualizations, for their use, for example, on a website or for or for prototyping advertising materials.

Industrial Design
Industrial Design
industrial design
industrial design

Stages of industrial design development at KLONA

Industrial design – the service is complex, which means consists of several blocks – conceptual part (items 1-4) and engineering development (items 5-7).

  1. We carefully we will listen to your ideas , we will ask a lot of leading questions and we will draw up a technical task , in which we will write down all the requirements for the future product.
  2. We will carry out market analysis , we will find your competitors with similar products, collect all the data on the advantages and disadvantages of their solutions.
  3. Let’s draw some sketches and simple 3D models of the future product, we will select a color scheme, design user-friendly interface
  4. We will show the results in the form of a beautiful presentation. We will listen to your comments and wishes, make corrections and choose the best option
  5. After approval of the design concept, begins device design development and internal fasteners. Conducted testing of ease of assembly, maintenance and operation of the product.
  6. Selection optimal materials of manufacture , which will take into account the requirements for strength, safety and cost of the final product.
  7. Preparation of drawings and technical documentation, building a solid 3D model
Industrial design blocks

Key challenges in industrial product design

In an era of easy access to information, the web has been rife with myths and misconceptions about industrial design. They can spoil not only the idea of the field, but also the whole business of young entrepreneurs.



Industrial design is art, first of all it should be beautiful!

Industrial design is not art … And this is the first thought that we try to convey to the people who come to our studio. The industrial designer’s job is to design and design an item. This means that it should be convenient to use, understandable, focused on a specific consumer, realizable, and only then beautiful. “Make it beautiful” is for artists.

Industrial design can be done by the firm’s in-house designer, or anyone with a little familiarity with 3D modeling.

The designer has one head, the industrial designer has 4 … Not literally, of course. The peculiarity of an industrial designer, in contrast to a graphic one, for example, is that he has to simultaneously be a constructor, a material scientist, a marketer and, finally, a designer

Therefore, they create industrial design studios, where all the necessary specialists are gathered under one roof, who form a team and issue a finished product as a result.

If you hire a freelancer, you can get the same result for an order of magnitude cheaper.

Perhaps, just do not forget that:

  • the freelancer is NOT responsible for the product;

  • freelancer is NOT a technologist, not a marketer or a material scientist, and there are no such specialists in his team;

  • A freelancer will NOT prepare a model for production and certainly will not make it for you.


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Entrust us with the development of industrial design for your product

KLONA company – an industrial design studio with vast experience in industrial design (design of an object, product, device). Our experts will be happy to help you create a beautiful and functional design for your device or product. Our design studio cooperates with the best qualified manufacturers in the field of industrial design and factories that produce finished products on an industrial scale.

Don’t take risks and don’t waste your time. Trust the professionals. Order industrial design at the KLONA studio.