Subject 3D visualization

It is also important to make 3D visualization for planning the placement of an object in relation to the landscape, assessing the quality of lighting and selecting materials for construction.

What is 3D product visualization?

Subject 3D visualization – creation of realistic images. This is an opportunity recreate an object in ideal conditions : space and chiaroscuro. Photography does not guarantee 100% quality of the result, and may cost more 3D visualization items will fit for presentations in advertising, exhibitions and projects.

The cost of 3D rendering depends on:

  • the complexity of the model for visualization;
  • quality of texturing and elaboration of the environment;
  • quantity renders.


Visualization of objects in architecture

Helps to display placement, structures and finishing elements before the building is built, to present the project to investors and customers. Making 3D visualization is important for planning placement object relative to the landscape, assessment of the quality of lighting and selection of materials construction.

Architectural visualization
Architectural visualization

3D visualization of objects: technologies

Design is highly dependent on visualization, because it allows evaluate the concept and correct design inaccuracies and fastening system.

Make 3D visualization in decor

Uniform lighting, extra space to display perspective and neatly selected elements – all this is very difficult to translate into a photo shoot. Especially if you project under development and does not exist in reality. Therefore, 3D visualization of objects is an integral part of interior design.

Визуализация интерьера
Предметная визуализация
Decor visualization
Object visualization of decor

3D model rendering: transport

dimensions and lighting complexity the object is forced to turn to visualization as an effective and high-quality method. It allows maximum highlight the design , display the details proportionally housing.


Mesh cleanliness in visualization of industrial objects

Apply detailing only where necessary. By supporting low poly mesh … The stage will become cleaner, more accurate and more convenient for processing render.

Object visualization: real units

Using natural quantities is easier to correct adjust dynamics and textures (especially liquids or tissues).

Background contrast in 3D subject visualization

For online stores, the white environment looks professional and does not distract from the product’s characteristics. This is not enough for a presentation, experimenting with different background colors will make pictures unique and interesting. Adding a simple environment will allow you to expose the functions goods.

transport visualization
transport visualization
subject visualization of a car

Stages of visualization of industrial facilities

1. Registration of TK for visualization of industrial facilities. Are being discussed key technical points about the qualities of the object (its size, material, texture ). Determined the target audience and her main preferences.

2. For creating a 3D model existing product references are selected from all points of view. This will make it possible develop a model proportionally at any angle.

3. Texture mapping in subject 3D visualization. This imparting to surfaces certain visual properties of materials from which the object is made.

4. Setting up lighting. KLONA 3D visualization studio specialists will build exposure, adjust white balance and softness , will select the angle and shape of the light source.

5. Development of additional special effects to liven up the picture. These are glare, drops, fog and shine.

6. Rendering in object visualization. This is a process getting the finished image 3D model in 2D version.

3D-visualization studio KLONA creates realistic and high-quality work.

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