3D modeling of icons

You can order 3D modeling of the icon in the KLONA industrial design studio. Our experts will quickly bring your idea to life.

3D modeling of icons

A high-quality volumetric image is necessary for the manufacture of icons. In essence, 3D modeling of icons is the creation of a virtual model depicting God, the Mother of God and saints in three-dimensional space.

You can order 3D modeling of the icon in the KLONA industrial design studio. Our experts will quickly bring your idea to life.

3D modeling of icons

At KLONA, specialists will first determine all the nuances of the order and then set the exact price. After drawing up a list, taking into account additional requirements (if any), the client will receive clear information about the production time and the total amount. The cost is due to such factors:

  • complexity order;
  • quantity modeled units;
  • quality starting sample ;
  • urgency execution of the order.

The task execution time can increase with the increased complexity of the sample and a large number of elements.

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3D modeling of custom icons

Modeling an Icon in 3D: Types of Services

3D virtual products are created based on samples provided by the client. He chooses how to convey to the specialist his criteria for the image of the icon.

  1. The customer can describe the expected result. This is convenient if you need to make a sample correction and there is no photo or drawing at hand. 3D designers define the basic parameters of functionality and quality level so that the rendered image meets all requirements.
  2. You can order a 3D model of icons in the CLONA company using Photo … This option allows the query to be completed more quickly when there is a clear image from three sides: top and side views, as well as the front side.
  3. The most accurate 3D model of the icon can be obtained from drawing … It provides a clear reproduction of the design and aspect ratio of the image.

Our specialists solve problems of any complexity related to the modeling of icons in 3D.

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Modeling an Icon in 3D: Types of Services

Stages of modeling icons in 3D

We have developed a step-by-step approach to work with orders. The performance inspires to share a description of each link in this algorithm.

Formation of technical specifications for 3D-modeling of icons

The terms of reference are created not only on the basis of the customer’s requirements, they include every little detail related to the characteristics of the future 3D model. Before starting work, a specialist makes sure that all the details of the material of manufacture, the method of production, dimensions and other nuances have been taken into account.

If there are additional options indicated by the client, a control check of the TOR is necessary.

Creation of the initial 3D model of the icon

At this stage, an initial three-dimensional model is created, taking into account the terms of reference. A convenient graphics editor is used (usually 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, SolidWorks), in which the master makes a preliminary sample. The result obtained is intended to proceed to the next stages in order to correct and correct.

Rendering a 3D model of an icon

Rendering is also called rendering. This concept means the transformation of a data structure (model from the previous stage) into a digital image – a flat picture. It is created by superimposing chiaroscuro, texture and colors on the original graphic object.

Building a sample (prototype)

A prototype is needed to control the quality of work, identify inaccuracies, and correct them if obvious.

After the specialists make sure of the correctness of the work performed, it is possible to make models of icons for CNC, mold or other method.

3D modeling for CNC

Three-dimensional modeling of icons for CNC deserves special attention. This process begins prototyping, that is, building a sample. The modern version of rapid prototyping is 3D milling. It consists in using a numerical control (CNC) milling machine.

This method of prototyping provides high quality 3D models and speeds up the product manufacturing process. Rapid milling prototyping is applied to such materials as: plastic, polymers with ester and fiberglass additives, stone, wood and composite materials from it.

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Stages of modeling icons in 3D

Scope of application

The three-dimensional model of the icon is in demand in a narrow field, icons can be an important element in films and cartoons.
You can use details such as an icon or a cross in computer games and marketing for the same purposes. The 3D model also allows you to create serially or individually their samples from metal, plastic, wood and other materials.

3D modeling of icons: order at KLONA

Order 3D-modeling of icons in the KLONA company in Kiev and entrust us with the creation of a unique three-dimensional model. We value our customers.