Technoplankton mold

Technoplankton is a pressed barrel or pill that is attached to the main line for installation. Getting into the water, the bait begins to slowly dissolve in it and create a "dusty" cloud. This is what attracts fish.

Every fisherman, regardless of whether he is a professional or an amateur, has used a technoplankton mold in practice. European markets introduced it to their range just 15 years ago. The pioneers of technoplankton were local fishermen in the British Isles, who found a new approach to catching silver carp, or “freshwater whale”.

A relatively recent invention quickly caught on and became popular with fishermen. For its manufacture, a special device is used, which is called a mold. Without this device, it will not be possible to produce technoplankton of the required shape and density. Therefore, the purchase of a mold for technoplankton in Ukraine is becoming a popular request of companies that produce products for fishing.

How technoplankton works

Fish bait is based on taste preferences. The fish diet includes phytoplankton, zooplankton and detritus. For the bait to attract fish, it must be cloudy. Technoplankton is a pressed barrel or pill that is attached to the main line for installation. Getting into the water, the bait begins to slowly dissolve in it and create a “dusty” cloud. This is what attracts fish.
Large technoplankton dissolves on average within half an hour. It depends on the temperature of the water. In warm water, the process is accelerated, and in cold water, it slows down.

Technoplankton production technology

Technoplankton is obtained by pressing the tableted mass. It consists of a crushed grain mixture (bran, cereals, cereal flakes) and auxiliary substances.

Technoplankton should have a smooth, uniform surface and regular shape. Auxiliary substances contribute to obtaining the compressed mass, increase its strength, and also ensure rapid dissolution. And flavors change taste, color and smell.

Technoplankton production technology
Technoplankton mold

Manufacturing of molds in Ukraine

Due to the fact that every time it is expensive to buy bait wholesale and retail, craftsmen and fishermen have come up with their own way of making it. In order to make your own bait, you must not only know the recipe and be able to mix the ingredients in the correct proportion, but also have the appropriate equipment available.

A mold for the production of technoplankton is a special device with the help of which all bulk components are compressed to the state of a barrel or a tablet. The pressed product is put on the fishing line. The main components of such a device:

  • The cylindrical shape is a hollow tube, the optimal height of which is 6 cm, with a mandatory thread at the end.
  • The plug is screwed onto the main cylinder.
  • A special pin with which a hole is punched in the finished keg.
  • A seal is a tube with a diameter that is as close as possible to the diameter of the main cylindrical shape.

In theory, a plankton mold can be made on your own, but this is quite difficult to do. Therefore, it is better to contact our professionals.

You can buy a mold for manufacturing technoplankton at an affordable price at KLONA. The cost of such a product will depend on the materials used and their quality.


Technoplankton manufacturing process using a mold

Making groundbait using a mold is called cold pressing. All actions are reduced to a few simple manipulations, the result of which is a finished briquette. Manufacturing procedure:

  1. A mixture of all ingredients is poured into a metal cylinder in accordance with the recipe.
  2. The contents are compacted with a seal. Tamping the briquette will be most effective if you use a vise, clamp or jack as an auxiliary tool.
  3. After pressing and separating the mold from the contents, a compact compact briquette with a hole in the middle is obtained.
Where to buy a mold for making technoplankton?
order a mold Kiev

Where to buy a mold for making technoplankton?

You can order a mold for technoplankton at the KLONA industrial design studio. The latter option guarantees the quality of performance through the use of proven materials and technologies.

Well-made technoplankton does not have any chemical impurities, artificial flavors or other harmful additives. Buying a mold for technoplankton will be the best purchase when the desire to return with the catch is the constant goal of every fishing trip. How much a mold costs will depend on the materials used in the process of its manufacture and on their quality. Metal and plastic definitely have different costs.

Industrial design studio KLONA has all the necessary material, intellectual and physical resources in order to guarantee a positive result and create a mold for the production of technoplankton. Please contact our managers on the website or by phone.