Color 3D printing

Full color 3D printers create any model in 390,000 shades. This allows you to obtain photorealistic objects (for example, figurines of people or animals).

What is 3D color printing?

Fullcolor 3D-printing is a technology that allows you to obtain multicolored 3D objects immediately during printing … With the usual 3D printing the model is completely the same color, and a multi-colored model can be obtained by gluing individual colored elements or by decorating a monochromatic model.

This process is quite laborious and time-consuming. That is why color 3D printing has been rapidly developing in recent years and is becoming more and more popular, becoming simple and affordable technology. Full color 3D printers create any model in 390,000 shades. This allows you to obtain photorealistic objects (for example, figurines of people or animals).


Price for color 3D printing

The price of making colored 3D figures depends on the complexity of modeling the object, its features and volume. The cost of printing a product on a ProJet® 660Pro 3D printer will be from 35 UAH / gram.


Terms depend on the scope of work and the specifics of the order. If you have a ready-made 3D model, the production time will be limited only by the print speed of the printer. If you need to create a 3D object from scratch, you need to do 3D modeling first. Depending on the complexity of the object, the simulation may take 3-4 to 14 days.

Equipment for 3D printing in color

At KLONA you can order printing on a color 3D printer ProJet® 660Pro from 3D Systems. It implements CJP technology. Printing accuracy – up to 0.089 mm. The printing speed is 28 mm / h. Professional quality is now available for all products. Color 3D printer limits product dimensions to 254x381x203 mm.

color 3D printing
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color print

The price of color 3D printing depends on such factors

  1. Printing material.
  2. Print time.
  3. The need to do post-processing of the printed model.


Preparing a 3D model

The 3D model can be prepared based on drawings, photographs or verbal descriptions. Already at this stage there is an opportunity to consider in detail the future product and make your own adjustments.

The choice of technology, material and cost calculation

Based on the finished model and technical specifications the manager will select the material and production method. It will also calculate the exact manufacturing cost.

3D printing

After preparation, you can proceed directly to color 3D printing. The process itself takes from several hours to several days depending on the size and complexity of the product.

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color 3D printing to order
color 3D printing to order
color 3D printing to order


Where is color 3D printing used?

Custom color 3D printing has become very popular recently due to its demand among people who want to implement their design or architectural solutions. However, it finds its application in many other areas.

Application of color printing limited only by the purpose of the product. This is due to the fact that composite materials used to print 3D models in color do not have high mechanical strength and resistance to water. Therefore, it is undesirable to use color printing to create parts of complex mechanisms that must withstand constant loads. Consider this when ordering 3D printing. Contact KLONA for choosing the optimal method of manufacturing your product.

3D printing of souvenirs

Color 3D printing of human figurines is a very popular order. Modern 3D scanning technologies make it possible to quickly obtain a 3D model of a person, modify it and send it to print.

Color printing allows immediate get a full color souvenir … You can also print any other figures as souvenirs – animals, characters, buildings or three-dimensional paintings. We provide a 3D modeling service to create any shapes.

3D printing toys

Color 3D printing allows you to print any bright, beautiful toys made of hypoallergenic materials. The absence of fasteners and moving parts makes the toy even safer. Printing of cartoon toy characters is common. Such a figurine will be a great gift for both small and adult children.

3D printing of packaging

3D printers are used to print packaging and bottles in their original size. This allows demonstrate the packaging to the customer or focus group to assess its convenience

With the advent of full color printers, it became possible to make prototypes in color – with labels and textures. This allows you to evaluate the design and color of the packaging.

3D printing of interior items

3D printing allows you to create interior of your dreams – any small-sized item can be printed in color.

3D printing of landscapes

With a color 3D printer, you can immediately get volumetric color map with all elements of the landscape (trees, lakes, mountains).

Such geographic information systems can be used for engineering solutions or training. You can order color 3D printing from KLONA. This exclusive product will be a great gift or interior item for your home.

3D printing jewelry

Color printing on a 3D printer can be used for both making full-fledged jewelry, and for creating prototypes. Their creation takes a lot of time for jewelers and is an integral stage in the production of jewelry. Full color 3D printing saves prep time.

Color 3D printing in architecture

Color printing is in great demand to showcase architectural solutions – from building models to entire neighborhoods with roads and trees. In this case, 3D printing with a color composite saves time many times over due to the fact that the layout does not need to be additionally colored. In addition, the high quality of the layout will emphasize the professionalism of the work.

Using color printing in small batch production

Today, color 3D printing is expanding its niche in the small-scale production industry. Color 3D printers are used to production of exclusive products to order in limited quantities.

For example, small-scale 3D printing of figurines is ordered during conferences, seminars and competitions as a souvenir for participants. Also, the full color medal is a great 3D souvenir for employees for a job well done.

Let’s create the future now! Contact KLONA for color 3D printing and create your own masterpieces!