Creation of 3D-layouts

Today, on the Internet, you can find both articles on self-study 3D design, and a bunch of companies that are engaged in printing and make 3D layouts, but we recommend that you contact us.

What is 3D Prototyping?

3d layout – this is an exact reduced copy-miniature of the project of a house, enterprise or industrial building (real estate).

3d layout – development according to drawings, analysis and elimination of errors and subsequently printing layouts and miniatures of the project on a 3D printer.

Benefits of 3D layout

Saving Money. Using the services by Klona you will be able to prevent errors that could arise during construction in advance, make adjustments to the finished project and minimize losses.

Possibility competent and timely conduct testing focus groups.

You will achieve maximum mutual understanding between employees.

Creation exact copy a real prototype based on the manufactured part.

Carrying out presentations and demonstration to the sales department.

Where are 3D mockups used?

Usually 3D mockups are needed for demonstration architectural projects , such as:

  • Catholic and Orthodox architecture of churches, monasteries;
  • private houses, cottages and villages;
  • works of art;
  • exhibitions and gifts;
  • railways;
  • the creation of entire cities, megacities.

Stages of 3D prototyping


The most important thing here is the most accurate study of future details, the whole project is divided into several stages (elements), which later turn into a single work.

Cutting fragments

As soon as the work on the PC is finished, the electronic version of the fragments is sent to the machine.

Checking details

After all the details are ready, our specialists carefully examine every detail for defects and, if necessary, redo it.

Putting it together

With the help of special glue, the parts are connected.


Depending on the order – color or black and white.

Final works

Placement of the finished work on a sub-layout.

Order a 3D model from KLONA!

For several years now, we have been creating practical architectural, technical and industrial layouts for both legal entities and individuals. We use high-precision, latest printers and 3D printing technologies.

Today, on the Internet, you can find both articles on self-study 3D design, and a bunch of companies that are engaged in printing and make 3D layouts, but we recommend that you contact us.

This service is often ordered

Presentation of industrial 3D layouts

Can you imagine your life without electricity? The answer is obvious. Now just think about how important power plants are, which provide our country with electricity. In this industrial building, the main thing is the well-coordinated work of all its parts, from employees to the correct design of technical premises.

Collapse of the building envelope or collapse during minor earthquakes due to errors made in the drawings can lead to serious consequences and the death of many people. The Klona company will work through and eliminate all errors in the planned construction, and will help to avoid, we will not be afraid of this word – a disaster. It is not the first year that we have been designing and presenting 3D models of industrial buildings, both simple and of increased complexity.

Benefits of ordering layouts in KLONA

  • reasonable price – lightning-fast production.
  • we use three-dimensional printing, which guarantees high strength of the finished object.
  • if necessary, we can copy (clone) the layout in the shortest possible time.
  • we not only create a 3D model, but also eliminate the detected errors in order to ultimately get the perfect visualization.


It’s not the first year 3d modeling has established itself as a successful and proven method. KLONA specialists will answer all your questions, select the optimal dimensions for the future layout and point out the process of its production.

By contacting us, you will not only save time and money, but also get an exclusive opportunity to stand out from the rest, since our technology is not only high-quality, but also innovative.

Private persons

Each person has his own dream, but we can say for sure that everyone wants to have their own home, where you can hide from the noise of the city and have a good rest. Our campaign will help you make your dream come true.

Most importantly, you don’t need to have any special skills or professional programs. Trust us and today you can order a layout of your private house, cottage or country cottage. The only thing you need is construction drawings in any format. On electronic media or on paper – it doesn’t matter!

Our specialists will consider your project and, before printing, they will certainly discuss with you all the necessary nuances: color, size and general appearance of the raging building. We will create not just the exterior of the building, but we will develop a layout that will include all floors, rooms and even the smallest details of the interior.

For workshops

Are you a young company and you need help with 3D layout? No problem! We will help you. Our company will help you make three-dimensional printing of statues, people, cars, trees, fountains, background buildings that are necessary for creating models and any other models. Our work can be done both in classic black and white and in color.

If the deadlines are tight, you do not have time or are in a difficult situation, then feel free to write to us, we will definitely figure it out and make it all in time! If necessary, we can get down to work even at night or on weekends, but remember: the minimum amount of time to create a 3d model is 4 hours.

This service is often ordered