Electronics development

The development and production of electronics is needed when there is only an idea for a future device and a set of functions that it should perform. Then a detailed technical specification is drawn up with all the characteristics and requirements for an electronic device and the development of electronics begins.

Electronics development – the first step towards creating a new electronic device. The electronic part of the device embodies the very idea, functional future product. Therefore, it is better to entrust the development of electronics to professionals who will choose optimal way design of electronic devices and make sure that exactly to embody your idea in life.

What determines the cost of manufacturing electronics:

  • type of electronic device;
  • device functionality;
  • timing of the project.

The cost of developing electronics under the order in KLONA – from UAH 30,000 We will be able to calculate a more accurate price after drawing up the technical assignment.


Contract electronics development

This service consists in the development of an electronic device. The contractor (this is us) develops a prototype of an electronic product or its parts and transfers to the customer (this is you) a package of design documentation, with which you can start mass production of this product without our further participation.

Development of an electronic device to order from scratch

The development and production of electronics is needed when there is only idea future device and feature set that it must execute. Then drawn up detailed TK with all the characteristics and requirements for an electronic device, and the development of electronics begins.

Modification of the device

This case assumes the presence of a ready-made sample of the device and the need for it modernization. This development method is simpler and cheaper. It assumes the addition of some functions or general improvement of the device.

electronics development
electronics development process
creation of electronics

Minimization of production costs

The company’s specialists will find the perfect balance between production cost and functionality.

Completely finished working documentation

Upon completion of development, you will have the entire package of documents required for production. We provide documentation in editable form, so that you always have the opportunity to make changes if necessary.

The first working prototype of the device

Along with all the development documents, you will also receive working sample made in accordance with all requirements.


Study of the project and preparation of technical specifications

The development of the electronics of devices at the first stage should contain a large number of details about the future device. Requirements are made for functionality, appearance, dimensions of the device, etc. At the same stage, the cost of the project is calculated.

Electronic filling design

KLONA specialists are looking for ways to solve the problem described in the technical specification, select suitable electronic components, design schemes and fees

Software development

The next stage includes writing a program to provide an electronic device with all the necessary functions prescribed in the TK. Also, if necessary, software is developed for a smartphone or PC.

Product prototype creation

This includes: making the case, assembling and checking the device. If any errors are found, the device is refined.

Preparation for production.

After we make sure that the device performs all the necessary functions and suits both parties (our team and the customer), the preparation of all the documentation necessary for the production begins. KLONA also offers small and large batch services. production

It is worth remembering that developing electronics is only part of the job of creating an electronic device. Equally important is literate Industrial Design and organization of serial production. And you will find all this at KLONA. We provide comprehensive product development: from idea to branding!