Serial production of plastic products

Increasing the number of manufactured items can both increase the cost and decrease it. For example, when molding plastic under pressure, an increase in circulation leads to a decrease in the cost of one product.

Individual production of plastic products to order

The production of plastic products is considered to be a piece when it is necessary to make from 1 to 20 units. The most often chosen technology is 3D printing , this is the most suitable method for a number of reasons. Namely: optimal cost and simplicity of the process … However, there are also minor drawbacks: the limitation in the dimensions of the product and the low speed of 3D printing.

The cost of manufacturing custom-made plastic products on a 3D printer depends on the selected material and technology.

Small batch production of plastic products

Small-scale production of plastic products from 20 to 300 pieces. With such a quantity of required items, the production method of plastic injection into a silicone mold is used. In terms of quality, this method is slightly inferior to injection molding into a mold, but for the manufacture of a small batch it is the best option.

The cost of manufacturing plastic products to order by this method is from 2000 UAH (minimum lot) … For a detailed calculation and free advice on other issues, please contact our managers.

Large-scale production of plastic products

Large-scale production of plastic products to order is production of 300 or more pieces. In such batches, the plastic injection method is used. it the most accurate way to make custom-made plastic products. However, at the same time, it is also the most resource-intensive. Therefore, the production of plastic parts to order by injection molding is justified only when it is necessary to make a large batch.

The cost of the minimum batch is UAH 10,000. For a more accurate calculation, please contact the manager of the KLONA company.


Method of making plastic products to order

Different methods involve different amounts of preparatory work.

Circulation of products

An increase in the number of manufactured products can both increase the cost and decrease it. For example, when molding plastic under pressure, an increase in circulation leads to a decrease in the cost of one product.

Overall dimensions of plastic products

The larger the product, the more plastic will be needed to manufacture it. Also with an increase in size, the complexity of preparatory work is growing : 3D modeling, mold making, etc.

Complexity of product geometry

A complex product with many small details complicates the entire manufacturing process and delays it in time … Accordingly, the cost also increases.

Requirements for the final form of the product

Requirements for the final appearance of the product may influence the choice of production method. In addition, the product may need post-processing, which will increase the cost of making a custom-made plastic product.

Terms of implementation of the project for the production of plastic products

All of the above criteria determine the final time frame for the project. Sometimes it is necessary to make a batch of plastic products at a time precisely specified by the customer. All this affects the final cost.

production of plastic products to order
order plastic products
manufacture of plastic products


Choosing the best manufacturing method for custom-made plastic parts

The choice of production method most often depends on required circulation. However, this is influenced by other factors, for example, final view of the product, terms of project implementation etc. The selection of the optimal method is carried out by the manager after receiving all the necessary data from the customer. However, you can pre-determine the most suitable production method using this diagram.

Drawing up the technical assignment

After choosing the optimal method for manufacturing custom-made plastic products, additional data is found out. At this stage it is important to take into account all the subtleties and nuances since the quality of the future product will depend on this.

Creating a 3D model of a plastic part to order

The 3D model of the product is a virtual copy of the future product in 3D format. You can create a model according to a drawing, verbal description or photograph

Already at this stage, you can look at the future product, and, if necessary, work out some details and correct deficiencies.

Create a mold or silicone mold

Depending on the selected production method, a silicone or metal mold is created. If 3D printing was chosen as the production method, then the creation of the form is not necessary. The model is simply loaded into the printer and printing is started.

Test casting of a plastic part

Test casting is necessary in order to check all the features of the future product. The first finished sample is checked for surface quality, strength requirements, functionality, etc.

If the first sample of the product is not as expected, then changes are made … Changes can be made to both the 3D model of the product and to the silicone or mold.

Launch of custom-made plastic parts

When everything is ready and tested, you can launch the production of plastic products.

Large or small batch, simple or complex product – all this is within the power of KLONA specialists. Contact us, we will select the best way to solve your problem.