Manufacturing of landscape and architectural models

The layout allows you to examine the object in more detail, see all its advantages and disadvantages, location relative to other objects, etc. You can order a landscape or architectural model from KLONA.

Why do you need 3D prototyping?

Manufacturing of landscape and architectural models is one of the the best ways to showcase a large object or part of the area. Despite the development of new technologies and indisputable advantages 3D renderings and animations , the number of those wishing to order a 3D model is only growing.

The layout allows you to examine the object in more detail, see all its advantages and disadvantages, location relative to other objects, etc. Order a landscape or architectural model can be in the company KLONA. We will take into account all your requirements and create an attractive and detailed layout.


1. Overall dimensions the designed layout. The larger the layout, the more difficult it is to model and manufacture. Accordingly, the creation time and the price increase.
2. Materials manufacturing. Materials are selected depending on the purpose of the layout and production technology.
3. Detail layout. The higher the level of detail, the longer it takes to produce the layout, which increases its final cost.
4. The complexities of backlighting. The more complex the backlighting, the more problematic it is to correctly position it on the layout.


Drawing up the technical assignment

A technical assignment is a document that spells out the basic requirements: the purpose of the layout, the required level of detail, size, materials, etc. Accurate and most detailed TK determines the quality of the layout and its cost.

3D modeling of all elements of the layout

3D modeling is creation of all the details of the future layout in a special program. The more detail needs to be reflected on the layout, and the higher the level of detail, the longer it will take 3D modeling … This is a very crucial stage that determines the appearance of the layout.

Designing a layout assembly mechanism and lighting

At this stage, the main technical moments , namely: what materials will be used in the manufacture, how the elements will be highlighted, how different parts will interact with each other, etc.

Manufacturing of all elements of the layout

Each individual element is manufactured according to the chosen production method. In addition, after completing this process, you must carefully check all parts for defects. If necessary, some details are finalized or altered.

Decorating and assembling the layout

Finished parts lend themselves necessary processing : painting, grinding, etc. After everything is ready and tested, the layout is assembled. As a result, the necessary edits are made. To find out the exact cost and order a layout, contact us in a convenient way … We will calculate the price of the layout based on all the requirements and wishes.

creating a layout of the house
3d house layout
creation of a three-dimensional layout


Making a model of a house (building, residential complex)

A model of a house or residential complex is usually created in order to be the opportunity to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of a future building … For investors, there is an opportunity to clearly see where they are investing money.

The creation of an architectural layout helps to convince potential partners, because the layout is much more descriptive than 3D visualization or a commercial.

In addition, it is useful before construction begins. order a layout and think over the main technical points. Perhaps there are flaws or features that were not noticeable during the design.

Another argument in favor of ordering a 3D model is an opportunity to see a building or a residential complex surrounded by nature and other buildings … This allows you to assess how appropriate the location is, think over communications, etc.

Creating a layout of the city

The layout of a city or district, in addition to the location of the main objects, also reflects the features of the terrain, relief, the presence of reservoirs, etc. Such a layout can be used for displaying the main attractions, planning developments, attracting investors. Depending on the goals, the layout can be either very detailed or conditional with the display of the required objects.

Manufacturing of an industrial layout

The creation of an industrial layout reflects the features of industrial structures: factories, factories, workshops, etc. The task of such a layout is to show as accurately as possible the features and possibilities of production, the design of individual mechanisms, etc. Therefore, high accuracy is the most important thing here.

terrain model
making a three-dimensional model of the house
3d building model


Creating a layout for a presentation

Presentation to investors is one of the most crucial moments in the life of a new project. From creating a quality layout and the ability to present it decision making, and, accordingly, the future of the project depends. When creating a layout, it is important to take into account both the visual side and the rational one. Those. make the layout both visually appealing and as accurate as possible.

Making a 3D model for the exhibition

The task of the layout at the exhibition is to maximize vividly display all the benefits of the product. As a rule, bright and detailed layouts are made for such events. Additionally, you can think about lighting and other interactive elements. At the same time, the accuracy of individual parts can be sacrificed.

Ordering a layout to identify shortcomings

Most people find it difficult to visualize sketches or drawings in 3D space. Therefore, the best solution is to order a layout that helps examine the object from all sides, see possible problems and evaluate the accuracy of the drawings.

Creation of a 3D model for training

3D-layouts facilitate the learning process. With their help, you can view the object from all sides, as well as visualize some of the processes. To create layouts, clarity and accuracy are extremely important.

Ordering a layout as a gift

You can order a 3D model as a gift for a loved one or business partner. A signature or company logo can be applied to the layout. This is where visual appeal comes into play.

Order the creation of layouts in the KLONA company. We carefully we will understand the essence of your problem and offer the best solution.