Tool shop: making molds for plastic injection

The quality of mold processing directly depends on the level of production equipment. The KLONA tool shop is equipped with high-precision equipment.

Specialization tool shop – this is mold making increased accuracy and complexity for plastic injection molding … In addition to molds, the shop produces stamps and spare parts for equipment. The KLONA tool shop is high-tech modernized area for production. Our employees create molds in accordance with European standards

KLONA makes affordable launch serial production for small and medium businesses. We guarantee the long-term performance of our molds. Engineers are ready to implement free replacement worn out details , because the quality of services and comfortable cooperation are our main rules. The advantage of ordering molds is cost reduction with each subsequent casting.


The quality of mold processing directly depends on the level of production equipment. The KLONA tool shop is equipped with high-precision equipment. Among them are machines for turning a Japanese company Sodick

Wire-cut electric spark installations

Models AQ327L Premium and VZ300L used for the production of parts of complex geometric shapes with rough surfaces. The installations are characterized by high accuracy in small and medium batch production … The VZ300L has 10 year warranty positional accuracy. The maximum optimum weight for workpieces on this machine 500 Kg … AQ327L Premium can handle parts on 5 axes at the same time, has a high-speed mechanism for automatic wire threading in 12-15 seconds

Coordinate-stitching installations

AQ35L and AD25L are designed for the new growing market of micromachining with achievable precision in ± 1.5 micrometers … AQ35L equipped with telescopic working bath, linear servo along the X / Y / Z axes and pneumatic unit aerobalance. The AD25L is equipped with a Z-axis linear motor that supports high-speed movements and guarantees instant response … It is a machine with stable machining precision, and is equipped with energy-saving structure and technology. zero wear electrodes. This system creates a uniform satin surface and significantly improves the quality of the mold.


The tool shop uses high quality steel imported and domestic production. Each part uses its own steel grades:

  • 40X, 5XHM (1.2714 *), 40X13 (1.2083 *) for shaping parts such as matrix and punch;
  • 45 (1.1730 *) for base plate and fixings;
  • U8, U10.9XS for bushings and columns;
  • U8, U10 for pushers and counter-pushers;
  • CT45, 40X for shank and set rings.

If necessary, KLONA specialists chrome and cover wear-resistant layer individual parts, which is very important when using abrasive molding materials and a large number of castings. Parts for cooling ducts are made of corrosion-resistant steel. All high-life mold parts are hardened to hardness 47HRC (with basic hardening at 28HRC).

Cooperate with the KLONA company on the most favorable terms. We guarantee quality production of plastic injection molds. Order a service from our managers