The creation of 3d models from photographs, the construction of a three-dimensional model from a drawing or a sketch has become quite real thanks to modern three-dimensional technologies, and besides, it is available to everyone. If you have photographs of an object (3 angles – front, top and side views) or drawings for 3d modeling – it is very easy to order a 3d modeling service.

3D modeling is

3d-modeling is a special type of three-dimensional computer graphics, on the basis of which a three-dimensional model of a real object is built using specialized programs and hardware tools. Today, the professionalism of designers and modern 3D modeling technologies allow you to create an accurate and most realistic 3d model from a photograph or drawings in accordance with all technical requirements.

The basis for building a 3D model can be :

  • the photo;
  • sketch;
  • finished product sample;
  • 3D scan results;
  • drawings for 3d modeling;
  • oral description.

3d modeling from photography

The creation of 3d models from photographs is called “photogrammetry”. There are many computer programs to create a 3D model from photographs, but only a small part of them can actually build a 3D model of an object. The rest of the programs allow you to display only a pseudo-3D image.

It is possible to obtain a 3d model from a photo of high quality and realistic only with the use of professional graphic programs and on the basis of photographs of the three faces of the object: face, profile and top.

3d model from photos

When is 3d modeling from photography necessary? In the event that drawings are missing or have been lost. And also when it is important to achieve photographic similarity of a 3D model with a real object, and in the case of building a 3D model of a person.

The following requirements are imposed on photographs that will be used in the process of three-dimensional modeling. :

  • size – not less than 4 * 5 cm;
  • mandatory display of the object in profile and in front; for an inanimate object, a top view is also required;
  • photographs should be of high resolution and high quality, clearly showing the object of modeling.

Creation of 3d models from photos from the KLONA company is

1. High quality 3D model that meets all technical requirements.
2. Accurate and highly realistic.
3. Ready-made 3d-model, which can be applied in the process of prototyping.

3d model from photo

Creation of a 3d model according to drawings

A drawing is a technical documentation in which you can find information about the dimensions of an object, its structure, materials.

Drawings for 3d modeling are, first of all, some templates used in the process of building a 3d model of an object.
To create a three-dimensional model, you must have 3 required types of drawings – side, front and top views.

Drawings for 3D modeling

Requirements for drawings for 3D modeling :

  • in the drawings, the dimensions of the object, the thickness of the walls, the parameters of the planes, the dimensions of the internal parts, etc. must be indicated.
  • drawings must be clear and legible;
  • there must be data on the materials from which the object is planned to be made.

In addition to the necessary drawings, in order to build a 3D model, it is also necessary to provide information on the prototyping method (3D printing, molding, 3D milling or combined prototyping).

The drawings provided must comply with generally accepted standards, if necessary, KLONA will assist you in standardizing the drawings.

3d model according to the drawing

3D modeling by sample

Another option for building a 3D model is to create it based on the model of a real object. This method is used in the event that it is not possible to carry out 3D-scanning of an object, there are no photographs and drawings of it. The sample for construction must be mobile, have compact dimensions, so when working on the model, the engineer will need to rotate, move and move it, and possibly disassemble it into separate components.

KLONA company – a professional in the field of 3D modeling and 3D printing. Our professionalism and considerable experience allows us to create high-precision, high-quality realistic 3D models. We carry out 3D modeling according to drawings, photographs, a sample of an object, and the results of 3D scanning. Besides. You can order the production of a prototype or a small batch of products from us.