Creation of 3D models for gamesOne of the most famous applications of 3D graphics is 3D modeling for games. When developing computer games, 3d-modelers and designers cancreate almost any 3d character and three-dimensional reality, animated intros and video clips – realistic, with a high degree of detail.

3D modeling – is the process of building a three-dimensional model of a three-dimensional object.

Building a 3D model of an object allows you to:

  1. Present the object to the customer;
  2. Assess the aesthetic characteristics and functional properties of the object;
  3. Visualize a non-existent object;
  4. Design new facilities, etc.

3D modeling technologies are used today in almost all areas of human activity: architecture, medicine, education, industry, advertising and marketing, cinema, etc.

3D graphics – is the result of 3d modeling work. 3D graphics is considered to be a special kind of computer graphics that uses tools and techniques to obtain images of 3D objects, as well as manipulate these objects in 3D space. The result of three-dimensional graphics can be presented as a “flat” image – a projection, or as a 3D animation. 3D graphics are widely used in cinema and computer games.

With the help of three-dimensional graphics and 3D modeling technologies, you can create a realistic and most accurate copy of a real object, reduced, life-size or enlarged. As well as models of objects that do not exist or are invisible to the human eye (a model of an atom or the solar system).

Directions of 3D graphics:

  1. CGI graphics – the development of still or moving images that are used in cinematography, television, visual arts, etc.
  2. Computer animation is the creation of moving images used in computer games.

Computer 2D and 3D games

The first computer games that were born were two-dimensional. Projection-drawn characters that only move along two axes, X and Y. In order to bring such characters into action, it was necessary to draw the positions of his legs at various periods of time, and then run these frames in a circle. The classic 2D game is the first Tetris.

The wide possibilities of modern 3d modeling and three-dimensional graphics made it possible to create completely new computer games in three-dimensional space. Three-dimensionalgames are more realistic and expand the boundaries of the user’s (player’s) freedom.

3D computer games open up new possibilities and mysterious three-dimensional realities for the user, allow you to play with drawn 3D characters and use realistic 3D objects.

Creation of 3d models for games

3d modeling for games starts with creating a high-poly model of the required 3d object or 3d character. Creation of 3d models for games is carried out in such programs as: 3D MAX, Maya. Refinement of models, as a rule, is carried out in such programs as: ZBrush or MudBox.

Next, the layout is built – the image of a three-dimensional object on a plane. Based on this layout, the artist draws textures, which are then superimposed on the model.

After that, the materials are adjusted to make the textures more realistic – this is the final stage, after which the model is ready. However, in computer games, low-poly game 3d models are used, which allows reduce the requirements for the software of modern computers by an order of magnitude. You can get such a model from an already created high-poly by copying the model at one of the modeling stages.

High-poly models allow you to get a more realistic image, show the fine details of the object, the shadows that are present in the game as a texture. In addition, auxiliary textures can be obtained from high-poly models:

– The texture of the picture – diffuse;
– Relief texture – bump;
– Texture of reflections – specular, etc.

After all the game 3d models and textures are ready, they are exported to the game engine – the software component of the computer game responsible for the entire gameplay. Thus, the creation of a 3d character, environment and other objects of the game is carried out.

3D graphics technologies in 3D games

The most common 3D graphics techniques used in computer games today are the following:

  1. Panoramic technology – the ability to view space in 360 degrees, creating the effect of presence in three-dimensional space.
  2. Real-time 3D graphics – is a type of graphics that is visualized not when creating a game, but in the form of drawings or animation immediately on the user’s computer.

In addition, graphic tools are in great demand today, allowing you to change the environment and environment in a short time, increase the speed of response and movement of 3D characters. Such tools are indispensable when creating hand-to-hand combat scenes, space warriors, flight simulation, etc.

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