A little care, a little patience and a bit of inspiration – that’s all it takes to create a 3D model! Thanks to these sites anyone can design a simple layout, publish their work, and customers – to find a talented specialist who will make dreams come true.


The history of this service began in 2010 in the city of Mumbai, India. Several young enthusiasts decided to create a site for everyone who wants to do 3D modeling, and even for those who have no idea how to do it, and there were quite a few of them at that time. This is how the world’s first web site was created, adapted to work in a browser. For three years of work, the number of users of the resource has exceeded 100 thousand.

3DTin — сервис для 3D-моделирования

Main characteristics

  1. Simple interface, convenient functionality … Even a casual user who accidentally wandered into the site can figure it out. The default toolbar is black, which reduces eye strain.
  2. Connoisseurs of English are generally lucky – everyone is interested questions can be discussed on the forum or read in the blog.
  3. The storage of three-dimensional layouts allows you to select the desired workpiece and not waste your time. True, on the site there are only the simplest layouts, complex projects will have to be created by hand.


This service was created in 2011. The information sheet on the site states that from 2011 to 2013, more than 4 million layouts were created using this resource. The platform positions itself as a site that even children can use. It is not so easy for an ordinary user to make sure of this: to open the working window, you need to register.

Tinkercad — сервис для 3D-моделирования

Main characteristics

  1. Availability of training video on the site made life easier for more than one user, after registration it is offered to take a whole course on how to learn how to create a 3D model in a few minutes.
  2. All layouts are saved in the cloud on the site. If necessary, the user can easily find his work, edit it. All that is needed for this is Internet access.
  3. Created by model can be printed on a 3D printer, since it is created in STL format.

Autodesk 123D

This is a platform where everyone will find something to their liking: beginners are given the opportunity to take their first steps, experienced specialists – to create masterpieces of 3D visualization. The entire site is divided into several separate sites: the creation of models, sculptures, design, etc., so you can avoid difficulties when working with the resource. To get started, you also need to register.

Autodesk 123D — сервис для 3D-моделирования

Main characteristics

  1. This resource allows create 3D models using photographs.
  2. Those who are going to make 3D models for commercial purposes, can get a paid subscription. VIP users will have open access to ready-made layouts, which will allow them to be downloaded without restrictions. A premium subscription also gives you the ability to create a huge amount of presets and store them in the cloud.
  3. Anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life can place an order for the purchase of special equipment – devices for cutting various materials, a 3D printer. All this can be ordered directly on the website.


This resource is primarily intended for designers who want to showcase their 3D layouts , will be useful for those looking for a modeling specialist. Uploading or downloading a model is as easy as shelling pears and absolutely free.

Archive3D.net — сервис для 3D-моделирования

Main characteristics

  1. The catalog of ready-made layouts is on the main page. This is convenient and practical, as it may take a few seconds to select the desired 3D model.
  2. The site has a wonderful the “find a designer” option. A specialist can be selected from all over the world, speaking any language, it is possible to indicate his specialization, to view the finished work.
  3. The site shows which of the designers are online and can promptly accept an order or answer customer questions.


Good news for everyone who is tired of suffering with the translation of strange and incomprehensible phrases on foreign resources: this site is completely Russian-language. It’s pretty easy to get started on a layout, but the site is focused more on experienced professionals, moreover, interior designers.

AUTODESK HOMESTYLER — сервис для 3D-моделирования

Main characteristics

  1. The working window, where the mesh for creating a 3D model is shown, is simple, everything is very clear. True, the light color of the interface does not please, but these are trifles.
  2. I have an opportunity use ready-made textures , easy to post your work.
  3. The site has a menu with an interesting name “Index of professionalism” … This is actually a list of design and 3D modeling studios with portfolios.

Use these resources, discover new opportunities in yourself, read our blog and stay on top of everything that happens in the exciting world of 3D technology!

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