Today, modern 3D technologies have already gained recognition in various fields of human activity, recently such technology as 3D scanning is gaining special popularity.

Scanning 3d objects allows get 3D digital models of various physical objects in a matter of seconds. Ready-made models can be used in medicine, construction and architecture, in the film industry, etc.

The use of a 3D scanner significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of obtaining a 3D model of an object, in addition, it allows you to get the most accurate model.

3d scanning: principle of operation and advantages

3D scanner Is a special device designed to collect and analyze data about a physical object, on the basis of which its three-dimensional model is then built.

Examining a physical object, a 3D scanner recreates its exact copy, realizing it in 3d-models of the subject … A modern 3D scanner can be a small hand-held device or look like a larger stationary device that additionally uses a special lamp and a laser as a backlight, increasing the accuracy of the measurements.

How the device works is determined by the scanning technology used in this case, in any case, the device needs to determine the distance to the object of study.

In order to determine the distance to the scanned object, the scanner uses built-in cameras and special illumination, all measurements received by the device are recorded and, upon completion of the data analysis, a finished three-dimensional model is displayed on the screen.

The scanning process can also be performed using a laser beam moving over the surface of the object, making all the necessary measurements. The coordinates of all measured points are recorded and, based on this information, it builds a computer model of the object.

Having set all the necessary parameters and resolution, you can get a higher detail of the finished object. Modern scanning devices make it possible to obtain ready-made three-dimensional models with an accuracy of several tens or hundreds of micrometers.

3D scanning of objects allows you to recreate not only the natural shape of the object, but also its color. The resulting three-dimensional image of the scanned object can always be adjusted for specific requirements and needs using special computer programs for working with 3D graphics.

The main advantages of 3D scanning are:

  1. Maximum high degree of accuracy finished 3D model – recreation of the smallest details of the scanned product;
  2. High speed scanning and building a three-dimensional model – the scanning process is carried out within a few minutes, or even seconds, after which the received data is processed in specialized software products.
  3. Possibility scanning complex and hard-to-reach physical objects , as well as large-sized objects.

Where is 3d scanning of objects applied?

3D scanning has found wide application not only in industry, but also in many other branches of human activity. Different types of 3D scanners have different characteristics and capabilities, due to which they are actively used in different industries.

Applications of 3d scanning :

Architecture … Here, using a 3D scanner, models of architectural structures and buildings, columns, moldings, statues, concrete decorations, emblems and much more are constructed.

Применение 3д сканера
Design … 3D scanning allows designers to create three-dimensional layouts, for example, of a room or interior, as well as make designer packaging.

Construction … Construction of drawings of various structures, bridges in 3D format, as well as reconstruction of highways and highways.

Medicine . 3D scanning services allow you to recreate the structure of organs, joints and bones with a high degree of detail, thereby increasing the effectiveness of medical education. In addition, object scanning simplifies the process of manufacturing orthodontic braces and other devices designed for precise support. Facilitates the modeling of orthopedic structures and anatomical shoes.

3D scanning

Games and entertainment … 3D scanners are also widely used in the gaming industry, video games, the entertainment industry, as well as in Internet marketing. Allows you to get animation models for games or movies, as well as create digital multimedia content.

Film industry … Obtaining color 3D models of a person.

Museum business … Reconstruction of works of art, cultural monuments, antiques, cultural heritage. And also the organization of virtual excursions to museums.

Scanning complex 3D objects

Transport sector … Recreation of a 3D model of any type of transport – car, plane, ship, helicopter, etc.

3d car scan

In addition to all the above-mentioned areas of application of the 3D scanner, another achievement of mankind in the field of 3D scanning was the creation of miniatures – three-dimensional scanning of a person and the recreation of his reduced copy. You can find everything about creating thumbnails in our blog.

3d scanning services greatly facilitate human activity, providing unique opportunities – from creating a design layout to recreating human organs and bones, as well as architectural monuments.

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