Injection molding of plastics – it is a technological process of manufacturing products, in which liquid plastic is injected under pressure into a metal mold, spreads evenly over it and solidifies. This is the most common method for large-scale production of plastic products. The injection molding process requires sophisticated equipment and serious technical training. However, under the control of experienced specialists, the costs pay off, and the result is product of excellent quality.

Applications of injection molding technology

Almost any plastic product can be produced using this method. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the size or number of parts. Here is a partial list of what can be produced. with injection molding technology:

  • housings for radio-electronic equipment;
  • automotive components;
  • plastic lids and caps;
  • housings for medical equipment;
  • parts of household appliances;
  • Kids toys;
  • plastic packaging, etc.
Injection molding of plastics

Advantages of using plastic injection molding technology

Many manufacturers choose a cheaper production method – silicone molding. However, such a choice often brings even more money costs and does not guarantee excellent quality.

Why is it recommended to choose injection molding when making large batches?

  1. High accuracy finished product. The injection of liquid plastic under pressure allows it to be evenly distributed in the shape, filling even the smallest holes.
  2. Possibility of obtaining a part of any complexity, incl. with very thin walls. For the production of products, a metal mold is made, the design of which takes into account all the small details of the future product. As a result, you can get both a simple and a very complex product, with many holes and bends.
  3. Minimal need for machining products. Most often, the finished product does not require any processing. Exceptions are very complex products, however, in this case, the modifications are minimal.
  4. Unlimited quantity finished products. The metal mold, which is created before production, will last a very long time, with its help you can make any number of products.
  5. Low cost subject to the manufacture of a large batch. The more items are made, the cheaper the cost of one copy will be. Because the main budget is spent at the stage of preparatory work, which is carried out only once.

At the same time, the injection molding technology has its drawbacks: the high cost of preparatory work, and, accordingly, the unprofitability of manufacturing a product in one copy or in a small batch.

Plastic injection molding

The main stages of the production of a product by injection molding

The process of manufacturing plastic products by injection molding includes several stages, which can be divided into two groups: preparatory work and direct casting. Let’s take a closer look at these stages.

Preparatory work

  1. Creation 3D –Models future product. You can create a 3 \ D \ -model according to drawings, descriptions or photos. Three-dimensional modeling is carried out in a special program by an experienced specialist.
  2. Prototype manufacturing. After the 3D model has been created and approved, a prototype can be created, i.e. a sample of the future product. This is most often done using 3D printing. A prototype is needed in order to evaluate and test a future product. If any inaccuracies were found, it is necessary to return to the first stage and finalize the 3D model.
  3. Mold design. This process is carried out on the basis of a 3D model of the future product. When designing, it is important to take into account all the smallest details and subtleties.
  4. Mold making. The finished 3D model is split into several parts. Each part is made separately, after which they are assembled into a mold.
  5. Test casting. Then, using the finished mold, the first copy is made, which is carefully studied and tested. If inaccuracies or flaws were found, the mold is refined.

Preparatory work takes from several weeks to several months. However, this is an important stage where you should not rush. the quality of future products depends on it.

Plastic Injection Mold

Injection molding process

  1. Plastic feed into the mold under pressure. The heated plastic is fed into the mold under high pressure.
  2. Even distribution plastic in the mold. Due to the pressure, the plastic is evenly distributed in the shape, filling even small holes.
  3. Mold cooling and hardening of the plastic. Cooling time depends on several parameters: type of plastic, mold temperature, etc. For small items, this is usually a few seconds.
  4. Delivery of the finished product. After the mold has cooled down, it opens to dispense the finished product.

The cost of manufacturing a product by injection molding

As a rule, the manufacture of products in this way requires serious financial investments at the stage of preparatory work. However, the more pieces will be produced in the future, the lower the cost per item. At the same time, the quality remains high.

The production price is calculated individually, based on all the features of the product. What the final cost may depend on

  1. Complexity products. The higher it is, the more expensive the mold will be, and, accordingly, each product.
  2. Plastic type. The material is selected based on the requirements for the final product.
  3. Quantity pieces per lot. The more there are, the cheaper each product, etc. significant factors.

An example of calculating the cost for the manufacture of a plastic case

KLONA recently completed an order for the production of plastic enclosures. The required circulation is 50,000 pieces.

After all the calculations, we have established that the cost of manufacturing a mold will be 90,000 UAH. At the same time, the price of one copy is 6 UAH. (excluding preparatory work).

Thus, the cost of one product: 7.8 UAH. However, if the customer needs to produce the same products in the future, the price will be lower, since there is no need to carry out preparatory work.

As a result, we got hulls excellent quality at an affordable price.

Manufacturing of plastic cases

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