The level of factories and workshops ranges from small firms to huge factories with high-tech equipment and efficient management levels. For example, Apple, Dell, Acer and ASUS manufacture components in China, and there are no questions about the quality of their equipment. Compared to Ukraine, the level of production in China is higher and prices are lower.

KLONA guarantees quality mold manufacturing in China. We undertake: negotiating, ordering forms, control of production, delivery and customs control. Get a free consultation on China mold making. Contact the managers.

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Mold making in China

Manufacturing capabilities of Chinese contractors

Manufacturing in China is the ability to create molds for plastic injection with a set weight of over 50 tons and a precision mold with an accuracy of 2 μm. Chinese specialists make molds for several types of extrusion:

  • for extrusion of profiles at a speed of over 6 meters per minute;
  • molds with double surfaces for the co-extrusion of the main profiles;
  • for two-color co-extrusion;
  • for joint soft or hard form;
  • for co-extrusion for the manufacture of plastics;
  • for co-extrusion with low coefficient of thermal expansion.

KLONA guarantees shelf life of molds from 1,000,000 cycles. You can also use the services of manufacturing a mold in Ukraine. More about this here

Mold in China

Mold production time in China

Chinese manufacturers provide order fulfillment for 40-50 days, in Ukraine this process can last up to 3 months. Flexible manufacturing process and the latest technology ensure short production time of molds in China. The high level of domestic competition in China poses a tough environment for manufacturing. The Chinese cannot afford to work slowly or sell dearly. Every mistake or delay in production undermines the credibility of the company and diminishes its profits.

Problems with the timing may arise already at the customs in Ukraine, due to the peculiarities of the legislation, the goods may checked up to 40 days, which greatly hinders the rapid establishment of production.

The cost of making molds for casting

The price depends on:

  • the general pricing policy of the manufacturer;
  • mold stability;
  • type of casting system;
  • the type of steel that is used for the manufacture of work items.

The component parts of the mold should be noted separately. Normalized elements have a standard price, but special parts are made to order. Specialized parts include dies, punches, thread marks and rings. These are the most important parts that form the characteristics of the mold. Depending on the technological tasks, the development of special elements increases the price by 5-50%.

All these factors form the price of production. Call the KLONA manager and get a free consultation on pricing for mold making in China.

Mold Making Equipment

KLONA’s Chinese contractors use precision equipment … These are machines for high-precision processing of parts. These include turning, milling, grinding and other groups of machine tools. Precision equipment can be of several types: P – high precision, B – high precision, A – especially high precision, and C – especially accurate.

The contractor company uses EDM, manufacturing, milling and laser machines from Agie Charmilles … Their use guarantees Swiss precision at a favorable Chinese price. Agie Charmilles has been making machine tools since 1952. They are a global supplier of industrial automation equipment. The finished product after such equipment will have surfaces with low roughness and precise axis placement.

The cost of making molds for casting

Mold making in China: peculiarities of cooperation

The language barrier

The high quality of service depends on a precisely drawn up technical task and constant monitoring. This cannot be done if the two parties do not understand each other. Cooperation with representatives of another culture requires knowledge of mentality and language. Only an accurate wording of terminology will help to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies in the production of injection molds.

KLONA company guarantees a well-coordinated system of communication with Chinese contractors and customs.

Terms of Reference for the production of custom molds

For accurate and high-quality execution of the order, you need to provide Chinese contractors with a detailed technical task. Pay special attention to the drawings of the mold design, its appearance, dimensions and characteristics. It is not enough to simply transfer a 3D model or diagram. Each detail should have a description and an explanation of why everything in the design is so. We emphasize it is worth clarifying every detail. Otherwise, the Chinese manufacturer will choose the side of economy and simplification of the design, which will negatively affect the mold. The terms of warranty operation should be described due to the peculiarities of the perception of production by different peoples. In Ukraine, there is an opinion that it is worth doing once and for a long time, in China everything is easier, after a year or two a new mold is made, and the old one is thrown away.

Mold production control in China

For a better control of the cycle, a specialist from the customer must be present in production. He will be in constant contact with contractors and oversee the project in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. The same person is present during the control tests of the mold and checks it for compliance with the design and quality requirements. This ensures fast and accurate execution of project orders … Plus, mold fixes and refinements in the Chinese factory prevent shipment between countries for rework, which takes a lot of time.

Passage of customs control

Passing customs control in Ukraine will take more time and effort than all production in China. Therefore, it is worthwhile to analyze in advance and choose the most profitable and fastest delivery methods. Or hire a person who will constantly monitor the mold and oversee its delivery to the customer. For logistics it is better choose world leaders DHL or Fedex , which guarantee quality delivery and have their warehouses in many countries.

Order molds in China

Bottom line: the pros and cons of ordering a mold in China

China compares favorably with European and domestic competitors precisely price segment. Thanks to a good intermediary, you can find a company with European quality standards and equipment, control all stages of production and even sign a contract in Chinese in order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes on the part of the factory. Cooperation with the world’s leading logistics companies will allow quickly and painlessly go through customs clearance.

Manufacturing in China has its drawbacks. Without a good intermediary, it is difficult to find a responsible manufacturer and control the process. During production, there can be a lot of errors and shortcomings in the mold, which will reduce its quality or even make it impossible to work with it. Due to the language barrier, it is difficult to negotiate guarantees and customs clearance at the border. This will entail many additional costs. As a result, production will be ineffective and expensive.

Order your mold production from trusted resellers who will guarantee you a stable and high-quality injection mold production process. Contact KLONA services , we have signed contracts with leading factories in China, we have many years of experience in cooperation with them. If you are interested in fast and high-quality production of a mold, write to our managers.

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