Casting aluminum into sand is used when it is necessary to make a single copy of the product. The advantages of this method are that it is relatively inexpensive and accurate enough.

How is sand casting done?

  1. Making a mold from polystyrene … For this, foam is taken, the protective film is removed from it, and the contours of the future part are drawn. Then the elements of the part are cut along the contours and glued together.
  2. Metal melting … Various small parts can be used to produce molten metal.
  3. Form creation … To create a shape, a large container is taken, for example, a bucket. A little sand is poured into it. A foam mold is then inserted, to which a funnel is attached to infuse molten metal. Then the rest of the sand is poured. After that, it is necessary to wet the surface with water to form a small crater around the funnel. This is done in order to protect yourself from the hot metal.
  4. Pouring metal … When pouring, the foam evaporates and the metal takes its place. In this case, the sand does not have time to sprinkle, because this process occurs instantly. Therefore, the aluminum part is quite accurate.
  5. Removing the finished product … After pouring, you need to let the metal cool down a little. And then carefully remove the finished part with tongs from the sand.
  6. Grinding. With the help of a file and emery paper, minor imperfections can be sanded out and the shape can be made more attractive.

The results are a finished aluminum product using only foam and sand.