Today we share with you information about our production where is going injection molding of plastic. We work with large companies involved in high volume production of plastic products … How this happens – read the article.

Manufacturing of plastic products includes three workshops: tool shop, casting shop and storage. Let’s take a closer look at each room

Tool shop: mold making for plastic injection

Press form Is a setup for manufacture of products by plastic injection molding It is a complex device with many parts. All of them must provide long lasting mold work and be durable. Extending the service life of a mold is a pressing concern for engineers.

Today start of multi-batch production became an accessible reality for small and medium businesses , and even for start-ups. Manufacturing of injection molds for plastic injection and manufacturing of plastic products You can order in company KLONA … Contact us for a free injection molding consultation. Contact Information:

+38 (044) 338 88 02

Manufacturing of plastic products

Design Features of Custom Plastic Injection Mold

The mold consists of elements technological and constructive purpose. The shaping area of the mold must exactly repeat the design of the future product. It consists of matrix and punch who are responsible for the formation front and inside of the product. These are the most labor-consuming parts of the mold – the quality of all cast products depends on their perfection. Elements for technological purposes also include clips (responsible for the connection of the design elements), liners (create recesses and holes in the product), threaded marks and rings (for internal and external threads).

Structural details do not take part in the formation of the product, but they ensure the operation of the entire mold. These include guide columns, pushers, counter pushers, supports, shank, etc. … Plastic injection molds are stationary, removable and semi-removable. Stationary molds are the best choice for large scale production.

Increase productivity may multi-seat Press forms. The possibility of their application specifically for your production needs to be clarified. For example, it is advisable to use them to obtain a large circulation of small parts. However, for molding large plastic products to order better fit single Press forms. You can learn more about the design features of molds here

Manufacturing of plastic products

Stages of manufacturing equipment for molding plastics

Everything in the mold must be perfect – from the smallest details to the pusher system. Therefore, all elements and systems of the mold are carefully thought out and the best installation option is selected. First, the body of the product itself is modeled. Then the following steps are implemented.

  1. Design all parts of the mold.
  2. Optimization of work : calculated better arrangement of elements Press forms
  3. Mold making on machine tools and assembly of elements.
  4. Testing : Press form installed on a plastic injection molding machine and checked for defects.
  5. Refinement (in case of defects).

Toolroom equipment: high-precision equipment from KLONA

Molds are made in the tool shop … The quality of metal surface treatment directly depends on the level of equipment used. Our workshop is equipped with modern high-precision equipment – machine tools of tool production for turning parts of a Japanese company Sodick:

  • wire-cut electric spark installations (models AQ327L Premium, VZ300L);
  • coordinate-boring installations (AQ35L, AD25L).

Company KLONA does plastic products on order … You only need to provide a minimum of materials (product drawings or molds) and we will organize your own production.

Positioning Accuracy on Sodick units is 10 nm. Individual parts are made by toolmakers at vertical CNC machining centers firms Finetech (SMV series, models 1060-H3L, 1060-21B, 850-21B) and Twinhorn (VH-850L3, VE-850L3). Today, 90 people are already working in this area in three work shifts. This guarantees high productivity of the workshop and timely execution of all orders.

Оборудование для литья пластмасс

Used types of steel

We make molds from high-quality steel, domestic and imported (*) production … Below are the steel grades that are used in the manufacture of parts for molds:

  • shaping parts (matrix, punch): 40X, 5XHM (1.2714 *), 40X13 (1.2083 *);
  • base plate, attachment plates and pushers : 45 (1.1730 *);
  • bushings and columns : U8, U10.9XS;
  • pushers and counter pushers : U8, U10;
  • shank and set rings : CT45 or 40X.

Shaping details for molds with a high resource of production (from 1 million items) hardened to hardness from 47HRC, base – from 28HRC. The parts through which the cooling channels pass are made made of corrosion-resistant steels … If necessary, the individual parts are covered wear-resistant layer or chrome plated , which is especially important when using abrasive molding materials and with a large number of castings.

Tool shop for making molds

Casting workshop: custom-made plastic products

After making the mold in the tool shop and testing, it ready for molding plastic products to order … The mold is installed on a special device – injection molding machine (TPA), connects to the plastic feeding system and the cooling system.

Molds with resource over 1 mln. products are distinguished by their increased durability and high price. For construction optimal view mold, contact KLONA. We provide a range of services for plastic injection – from the design of the press-case to injection molding machines in our casting workshop

One of the main advantages of molds is reducing the cost of the product with each subsequent casting. At KLONA you get the opportunity to cooperate on the most favorable terms : we provide a guarantee for the molds for the entire period of cooperation. At the same time, we carry out timely replacement of worn-out parts on time and absolutely free.

Workshop with injection molding machines

Plastic injection molding: technology

Plastic injection molding technology pressure is as follows. Into the dosing device loading plastic in the form of granules or powder. In the melt cylinder it heats up and goes into a fluid state, supplied through the gating system into the mold … Punch closes towards the matrix and occurs product formation … After that, the mold is opened, and the finished cooled product falls into the receiver.

Plastic injection molding can take place using hot or cold runner systems. In the first case, the sprue does not solidify in the central channel and the molten material can be used for the next product. This significantly saves the costs of sprues, however, such systems are more expensive than cold-channel systems.

For custom injection molding we use the following types of polymers : styrenic, acrylates, polyvinylchlorides, elastomers, aliphatic polyamides, etc. Detailed information about features of plastic molding to order and assortment of polymers you can ask our managers. Contact Information : +38 (044) 338 88 02

Plastic injection molding: equipment

Our workshop injection molding machines for the production of plastic products on order equipped with modern injection molding machines of the ARBURG 320C, ARBURG 420C, HAITIAN HTF160X models. We select the necessary raw materials and dyes specially for each production.

Modern injection molding machine for plastic injection

Applications of plastic injection molding

The technology of injection molding of plastic into molds allows the production of many high quality plastic products per year. Thus, cases for medical devices, parts for aircraft, auto and machine-building, construction needs, etc. are manufactured. Food containers, children’s toys, stationery and packaging materials are made of special plastic.

More ideas for production of plastic cases in our blog:

Injection molding allows you to receive products better in quality than those produced in silicone mold or 3D printed. However, this is an expensive process and not suitable for any production. How to choose a production technology for your business – read here or contact KLONA for a free consultation.

Mold storage

Also in production there is separate workshop for storage of molds. There are used molds here, as well as removable-type installations that are waiting in the wings. If you are already ready to order the manufacture of plastic products, we are happy to we will take you on an excursion to the production … You will be able to see for yourself our productivity and efficiency.

Plastic Injection Mold Storage

Order a plastic product in Ukraine You can in company KLONA. We guarantee that you will enjoy working with us – we are professionals in the field of industrial design. Ask your questions by phone or come to visit us: plastic injection molding now available in Kiev – down the street Tryokhsvyatitelskaya 5 / 1А.