Plastic housing for electronics – the outer shell of the product, which not only protects the device from damage, but also gives it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The product with a beautiful “wrapper” inspires confidence in the consumer, and does not raise doubts about the quality. Therefore, manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the development of enclosures for electronics.

Plastic case for rea

Plastic cases are most often created for the manufacture of:

• automated control systems;
• outdoor lighting;
• power distribution systems;
• ventilation and air conditioning;
• installations for electric transport.

Stages of manufacturing housings for electronics

Regardless of which method of creating the body is chosen, first you need to develop a virtual model of the part being manufactured.

3D modeling – creation of a mathematical model of a future product using special computer programs.

3D visualization – construction of a prototype of the device body, as close as possible to reality.

At these stages, the appearance and design of the product are adjusted. Making changes to a 3D layout is much easier than to a finished product. Next, you should proceed directly to the creation of the housing for the electronics. Today it can be done by 3D printing or by using molds.

Plastic housing for electronics

Creation of products using silicone molds

This method allows the manufacture of cases of various shapes and sizes and consists of the following stages:

• design of the prototype of the body of the future product;
• creation of a mold;
• pouring the polymer composition into the mold;
• polymerization of the manufactured structure.

The body removed from the mold can be processed: polished, grinded, painted, etc. Using this method, you can also obtain a product with a smooth or rough surface.

3D-printed plastic housing

This option is suitable for creating a case in several or a single copy. Stages of manufacturing a product using three-dimensional printing:

• creation of a volumetric model of the product according to the customer’s description or photo;
• correction of sizes and sending to print;
• printing of the object;
• processing of the created product.

The realities of the modern world put forward more and more requirements for the developers of plastic cases. If earlier the plastic shell was supposed to mainly prevent damage, protect the internal mechanisms from sunlight, moisture, high and low temperatures, now the very appearance of the case and its design are important. It is not by chance that these methods of creating plastic products are popular among manufacturers – they make it possible to bring to life the most unusual and extravagant ideas of designers.

Plastic enclosures for electronics

Stages of development of industrial design for the body of the future product

• creation of a general idea, development of a concept;
• thinking through the unique design of a specific device to the smallest detail;
• selection of materials for production;
• visualization, creation of three-dimensional models.

Electronics Housing Design Requirements

Aesthetics of appearance. Observance of proportions, clarity of lines and shapes, optimal color scheme – all this should be harmoniously combined in a product.

Body material must meet the requirements of the future device as much as possible, take into account its cost.

Convenience and practicality. The case should be easily disassembled to allow access to the internal mechanisms in the event of a device breakdown.

Plastic case – this is a kind of “packaging” of an electrical appliance. The first impression of the consumer, even before the installation is put into operation, depends precisely on the state of its appearance. The plastic case distinguishes the product from competitors, emphasizes its quality and uniqueness.

What should be the plastic case of the product:

• durable;
• multifunctional;
• ergonomic;
• immune to temperature changes;
• moisture resistant;
• have an original external design.

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