When it comes to choice baby stroller , parents are very meticulous about the available offers. Important for them – safety, functionality and beautiful design baby carriage.

The first baby stroller

The first baby strollerThe first baby carriage appeared in the 18th century. Until that time, children were very rarely taken out for a walk. They were worn on the hands or wrapped in a sheet.

The first stroller for children looked like a basket woven from a vine (a small copy of the cart), which was harnessed to ponies or sled dogs.

William Kent designed the first baby stroller … Due to its high cost, it was in demand only among the people of high society.

Only in the 19th century did baby strollers become more popular and affordable for different segments of the population.

The first company to manufacture baby strollers was Silver cross … The company made strollers for babies and took into account the wishes of mothers. Over time, strollers have become more comfortable for walking.

Types of strollers

Thanks to industrial design studios, safe, comfortable, low-cost strollers made of quality materials are created.

There are many types of strollers in the modern world. This is due to high demand and competition among manufacturers. By using industrial design they improve the design and appearance of strollers. It helps to stand out and create a product that is unlike the competition.

Consider the most popular types of strollers preferred by parents:

Types of strollers

1. Carrycot stroller (classic stroller)

The first baby stroller, also called a newborn stroller, is designed for babies from 0 to 8 months. The main criteria for a classic stroller:

  • security – this is the main aspect that parents pay attention to. Industrial Designers select durable materials that provide soft cushioning for walking on uneven surfaces. Good brakes are essential for any type of stroller.
  • comfort – the cradle should be made of high-quality, hypoallergenic materials, without the use of chemicals for the stroller’s fabrics. It is good if the bottom of the cradle is wide and even, so that the baby is spacious when walking in winter. In strollers for newborns, manufacturers allocate space for bags, where you can put the necessary things for a walk.
  • stylish design – oddly enough, most mothers pay attention to the beautiful design of baby strollers. They are chosen by: color, availability of additional accessories (bags, hoods, aprons, raincoats, capes on the legs).
Carrycot design

2. Stroller

Designed for children who can already sit on their own. Made from durable plastic and aluminum, strollers are lightweight and can be folded and carried. The front wheels turn, thanks to which you can easily maneuver while walking through narrow streets. New models of strollers are equipped with special belts so that the child does not accidentally fall out while walking. You can walk with this stroller at different times of the year.

Stroller design

3. Baby stroller walking stick

Walking stick strollers are often confused with strollers. This is due to their almost identical body and design. Yet they are different.

Baby strollers canes are designed for walking in favorable weather. Because if you get caught in a downpour, your baby will get wet – because of the small visor of the stroller.

A cane stroller weighs less (4-7 kg) than a stroller. It is easy to lift up the landing and easier to fold – at the push of a button.

The cane stroller is ideal for travel because of its small size.

Baby stroller cane design

4. Universal stroller

Universal or modular stroller Is a great and practical option. By choosing this option, parents no longer need to buy additional strollers for walking. It replaces the classic and stroller. Takes up little space in the house. Convenient when walking.

Modular strollers are divided into two types:

  • stroller 2 in1;
  • stroller 3 in 1.

Modular stroller 2 in 1 consists of a chassis, a cradle and a walking block. Often, a carrycot stroller is placed on three wheels. One in the front and two in the back.

Universal stroller design

Modular stroller 3 in 1, it is also called stroller abc – a universal baby stroller, similar to the previous model, but with a third module – a car seat.

Universal stroller design

When choosing between models of strollers, parents should understand the purpose of the stroller, what functions, accessories, etc. are needed.

5. A stroller for the weather

Stroller for the weather – designed for happy parents who have twins or triplets. They have the same features as single strollers, differ only in the location of the cradles – parallel or next to each other.

Stroller design for weather

Design of unusual strollers

Sometimes designers “go crazy” and invent products that look stylish, unusual, and studios industrial design help them with the implementation of projects.

Consider a couple of creative examples of baby stroller designs:


Fans of the Batman Begins DC comics universe will love going for a walk with a small replica of the Batmobile adapted for a stroller.

Don’t forget to wear the Batman mask on your child when walking.

Design of unusual strollers

Stroller Mad Max

The design of the stroller is based on the film of the same name, and frame made of metal. Stroller – MAD MAX is the fastest and most extreme form of transport for a small child. Develops a speed of up to 85 km / h.

Design of unusual strollers

Clone’s advice: no need to test in real life!

Mercedes Benz for toddlers

Car manufacturers decided not to graze the back and came up with their concept of the Abeo baby stroller. Automobile company Mercedes believes that the stroller will become the company’s main accessory.

Design of unusual strollers
Designer looks futuristic and stylish. The material from which it is made is light carbon.

Stroller for “real dads”

The Skoda car company has developed the Skoda vRS Mega Man-Pram stroller to advertise its fastest car in the company’s history, the Octavia vRS. The stroller resembles an all-terrain vehicle that can overcome almost any obstacle.

Design of unusual strollers

The result is a wonderful baby stroller two meters high. The Buggy’s industrial design includes front mirrors, hydraulic suspension, 20-inch alloy wheels, oversized brake calipers, anti-stress grips and a beam for night walks. Those fortunate enough to be on board can look forward to “sports upholstery” and “adjustable lumbar support”. The “King Size” buggy is the perfect accessory for fathers.

Summer stroller for “real kids”

Design of unusual strollers

The body of the stroller is made of stainless steel, the wheels are painted white and the pendants are engraved with large wings. Cradle casing – leather. Design sidecar resembles a miniature copy of a motorcycle.

Bentley for your little one

The strollever looks like a stroller from the Tron or Oblivion movies.

Design of unusual strollers

Zest industrial design strollers – soft suspension. Like an adult car, it has premium options: UV-resistant glass, headlights for night walks. This stroller is like Bentley for your little one

2017 trends in stroller industrial design

Stroller manufacturers don’t want to stand still. Every year they delight young parents with new and improved models of strollers. Designers, constructors of companies producing this “Miracle of transport” , try to follow the latest fashion trends.

We will consider the main trends design strollers 2017:


A stroller with denim material is popular among young mothers. The cradle of the stroller consists of denim, different colors and decorative stitching patterns. A baby stroller made of this material looks best on sports models of children’s transport.

Industrial design trends for baby strollers

Powdery tones

Powdery shades have been popular for a couple of seasons. The KLONA company is sure that this trend will be at the height of fashion for many years to come.

The most common colors are pale pink, blue, beige and lavender. Most often, a baby stroller in powder tones is bought for girls.

Industrial design trends for baby strollers


To emphasize their individuality, parents choose strollers with small or large peas. This trend has been popular for decades. Parents who love the retro style of the polka dot stroller will 100% love it.

Industrial design trends for baby strollers

Eco leather

The eco-leather baby stroller is a great option for parents who want to feel their individuality.

A stroller made of eco-leather will last longer because it can be washed and the material is more durable than fabric.

Industrial design trends for baby strollers


At the peak of popularity are bright baby carriages with rhinestones. Common colors:

neon, yellow, red, blue, orange, etc. Parents with a good income often buy strollers with Swarovski crystals.

Industrial design trends for baby strollers

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