It seems to each new generation that everything has already been invented: a wheel, electricity, a computer, and even a 3D printer. However, reality proves the opposite. Every day humanity creates more and more new inventions: big ones that change the whole world, and small ones that make our life easier. We recently wrote about small innovations that make our life more comfortable in our blog.

It’s not that hard to come up with a new invention. All it takes is a little creativity, diligence and patience.

KLONA company always ready to help you! We provide a full range of services from development industrial design to serial production

So how do you start inventing?

Before starting work, remember: despite the fact that a talented person is talented in everything, you should not take the whole list of work on yourself. Better to trust professional designers, modelers and marketers. You, in turn, will be able to focus on organizing work and supervising performers.

Stage 1. Searching for ideas for new inventions

This stage seems to be the most difficult for many. However, this is not always the case. A new invention is most often born out of a desire to make your life easier and more comfortable. It is only necessary to find a problem that needs to be solved.

For example, the computer emerged from the need of people to process large amounts of information faster. The wheel was invented to save energy and move faster. Perhaps you are also facing some kind of problem that can be solved by creating a simple invention.

Create an invention - an example

Tips for finding ideas

  1. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes even not the most successful ideas, after careful thought and refinement, turn out to be brilliant.
  2. Study the market and communicate with potential customers. In the process, you may realize that you missed something obvious.
  3. Do not be afraid adopt other people’s ideas … Of course, you should not completely steal someone else’s idea. However, there is nothing wrong with taking someone else’s idea, improving it and creating a new invention.

In winter, we developed designs for children’s toys – snowballs. In the process, we were inspired by images of cartoon monsters that children would definitely like.

Simulation of children's toys

Stage 2. Design development and creation of a 3D model

A lot depends on how your invention will look, and, first of all, sales. Therefore, it is better to entrust such a difficult and responsible task of how to start inventing to specialists with experience in the field of industrial design. However, the final choice of the concept and its refinement still depend on the customer.

What to look for when choosing a design concept

  1. Targeting the target audience. Depending on the type of your invention, the design can be completely different. However, apart from this, you should also not forget who the device is intended for. For example, young audiences are attracted to unusual solutions. The older generation will most likely prefer practicality and classic design, etc.
  2. Originality. No matter how ingenious the invention is, at the launch stage it should still attract attention and stand out against the background of similar products. This is one of the main goals of industrial design.
  3. Functionality. In pursuit of creativity, do not forget about the tasks that your invention performs. The design of the product should be in harmony with the functionality and emphasize it.
  4. Manufacturability in terms of production. Care must be taken to ensure that design does not complicate production, but rather reduces costs and simplifies the process.
  5. Correspondence modern trends. Do not forget that most people will prefer what suits their taste and is fashionable at the moment.

At development of fitness bracelet design , we took into account all these recommendations, and in the end we got a modern device that sells well.Умный браслет - работа KLONA

Stage 3. Prototyping and testing

The prototype is created most often using 3D printing … This is the fastest and most convenient way. This step should not be neglected, because after the start of production, it is very difficult to change parts and improve the invention.

The sample will help to thoroughly check everything and, possibly, see those flaws that were not noticeable at the stage of 3D modeling. It is advisable not only to evaluate the prototype yourself, but to collect for this focus group … Representatives of the target audience will be the most critical of your invention and will help improve it if necessary.

Industrial aircraft design

Stage 4. Serial production launch

Depending on the circulation, small-scale and large-scale production are distinguished. In the first case, molding in silicone molds is used, in the second case, injection molding using molds. We have described all production methods with examples and approximate cost in more detail in our training manual

KLONA is engaged in both production methods, however our experience shows that it is more optimal to choose injection molding. There are a number of reasons for this.

  1. High accuracy the finished product, which cannot be achieved when molded into a silicone mold.
  2. Unlimited quantity manufactured products. Even if the mold breaks down, the broken part can be replaced and production can continue. The KLONA company provides a guarantee for its molds for the entire period of cooperation.
  3. Cost savings in the case of production of a large batch. This is because only one mold is required for all products, while silicone molds are designed for a limited number of products.
Car industrial design

Stage 5. Bringing a product to market

This stage can be launched together with production.This is due to the fact that it will take some time to present your product and create demand for it.

Even the best product will not sell itself. It is imperative to draw up a promotion plan … To do this, you will need to carefully study the market, compile a list of communication channels with the target audience, create advertising materials, etc.

For assistance in promoting contact the company KOLORO … The company’s marketers have extensive experience in successfully promoting new brands.

And finally, the most important advice: spare no effort, time and money to create your masterpiece. Each of these steps is equally important for your new product. And saving time or effort can turn into a complete collapse, even if the original idea in genius could compete with the discoveries of Einstein!

If you have already decided create a new invention , contact KLONA. We have accumulated a rich experience in this area, and we will definitely be able to help you.

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