Development of mold geometry for PET bottle and canister

Using special molds for molding plastics, you can get products that will differ in shape and volume, so that they can be used for a wide variety of liquids.

Why do you need a mold?

High quality mold making for plastic cans and bottles is today a fairly relevant production, since every year the demand for such products is steadily increasing.

Using special plastic injection mold you can get products that will differ in shape and volume, so that they can be used for a wide variety of liquids.

Modern equipment and a wide range of manufactured products

KLONA company offers visitors a full range of services for the design, development and production of molds of the desired size and texture. Working on the Ukrainian market for several years, the organization has managed to significantly expand its production by installing modern technological equipment. At the same time, the company’s scope of activity includes the production of not only flexible plastic packaging and canisters, but also glass bottles.

mold for plastic canisters
plastic bottle mold
PET mold

Design with 3D animation capabilities

Thanks to the advances in computer graphics and digital capabilities, it is possible to develop such packaging that will best suit the interests of the customer. Any pet mold start with an idea that the customer communicates to our designer, after which a project is drawn up. Modern computer programs make it possible to visualize a picture clearly and clearly, presenting it in 3D animations … This makes it easier to perceive the future product, making it possible, if necessary, to make the necessary adjustments.

Competent assistance from professional design engineers

Our company is proud of its professional employees, who not only responsibly approach the fulfillment of their obligations, but also develop qualitatively new forms for bottles. With their help, the pet mold is created taking into account all the details, which makes it unique and inimitable.

The well-coordinated work of a team of designers, planners and 3D modelers provides effective assistance in the following:

  1. Preparation and development of a new sketch project on the desired topic.
  2. Creation of a unique geometry, design and shape of a plastic or glass canister, bottle.
  3. Improvement of an already existing shape, taking into account current trends, popularity and fashion.
  4. Making a prototype bottle from silicone, printing a form on a 3D printer
  5. Development of a mold for blowing bottles of the required volume.
  6. Adaptation of the product for a specific form of container or packaging.

Modern technological lines

In addition to the beautiful and unique design of the bottle, much also depends on its quality, since each customer must be absolutely sure that the product will withstand the existing loads. The modern technological equipment includes foreign equipment, which guarantees the receipt of good goods. The raw materials used are of high quality, which is confirmed by certificates of environmental compliance with established standards. The durability of the products is confirmed not only by the quality guarantee, but also by numerous positive customer reviews.

Bottle mold
Press form
Mold development


Continuous development of production and search for new solutions

It is important to note that our company KLONA, despite the high level of its development, does not stand still, but continues to look for new methods and technologies in the manufacture of goods. Mold production with us – this is a complete guarantee of the quality and reliability of the manufactured range of plastic and glass products. At the same time, PET containers have good resistance to aggressive influences, and therefore can be used not only for food, but also for technical liquids (machine oils, antifreeze, distilled water, etc.). Thanks to this, many large enterprises are already cooperating with us, which have found a reliable and loyal partner in us.

Only profitable cooperation

Summing up all of the above, we can say with confidence that our company KLONA has quite rightly earned a high reputation and respect from customers. Good pet mold will be designed taking into account all technological and design requirements, which is very important. Having entered the sales markets far beyond Kiev, the company was able to conquer the market and declare itself as a serious partner offering favorable terms of cooperation to all its customers.