Manufacturing of housings for electronic equipment

Before starting the production of the body of electronic equipment, it is necessary to create its 3D model. The more complex the body, the longer it will take to 3D modeling.

The cost of manufacturing housings for electronic equipment

Manufacturing of a housing for electronic equipment – an important stage in the process of creating a new device. The radio electronic equipment (radio electronic equipment) housing must protect the device from external influences, while being an attractive, beautiful “package” for the electrical component of the device.

The cost of manufacturing housings for electronic equipment begins from 2000 UAH … The exact price depends on the specifics of your task.


Chosen technology for the manufacture of radioelectronic devices

There are two main methods of making electronics housings: silicone casting and injection molding … Their main difference is in the number of cases of electronic equipment devices that need to be manufactured.

Dimensions of the REA case to order

Not only depends on the size of the REA case to order amount of consumable … A larger radio electronics housing complicates preparatory work and the production itself.

The complexity of the geometry of the body of electronic equipment

Before starting the production of the housing of electronic equipment, it is necessary create its 3D model … The more complex the case, the longer it will take to 3D modeling … In addition, the production of a silicone or mold becomes more complicated.

Requirements for the final form of the electronic equipment body

After the production of the CEA case, he may need additional post-processing … This will add value as well.

Number of pieces in a batch

An increase in circulation does not always mean an increase in the cost of manufacturing a radio electronics housing. When choosing an injection molding method, increasing the batch reduces the cost per item.

Terms of implementation of the project for the production of a radio electronic cabinet to order

All of the above factors can stretch or shorten the time frame for the project. The exact timing can be calculated after drawing up a detailed TOR.


Manufacturing of radioelectronic equipment bodies by molding into a silicone mold

Manufacturing of radio electronic equipment bodies by means of molding in a silicone mold pays off when it is necessary to produce up to 300 pieces.

In order to obtain a plastic product, liquid plastic is poured under vacuum into a silicone mold, which repeats the geometry of the future radio-electronic equipment body. The plastic is evenly distributed over the mold and hardens. One silicone mold is enough for casting several dozen products.

Advantages of custom-made CEA housings by molding into a silicone mold:

  • short duration of preparatory work;
  • low cost;
  • high quality products.

Disadvantages of custom-made radio electronics enclosures by molding into a silicone mold:

  • restrictions on the number of products manufactured;
  • restrictions on the dimensions of the products;
  • limitations in product design.

Manufacturing of radio electronics housings by injection molding

The technology of manufacturing radio electronics housings by injection molding is selected when it is necessary to make a large lot of 300 pieces.

For the manufacture of cases by injection molding, a metal mold is created that repeats the shape of the product from the inside. Heated plastic is fed into the mold under pressure, which are evenly distributed over it. The mold cools and the material hardens. One mold can be used to make unlimited number of radio electronics housings.

The advantages of this method:

  • high precision of the final product;
  • low cost of each product, subject to the manufacture of large batches;
  • no restrictions on the number of manufactured products.

Disadvantages of this method:

  • high costs at the start of production;
  • long period of production start-up.
manufacturing of a case for radio
production of housing for radio
order the design of the case for the radio


Choosing the best way to make a rea body

Making an electronic equipment housing is a rather voluminous task that requires a responsible approach. First, you need to choose a production method that is optimal for this task. Although the main criterion is the number of pieces in a batch, other factors are also important.

Drawing up the technical specification for the production of radio casings

The terms of reference for the production of REA housings are drawn up by the KLONA manager together with the customer. Registered here all important features : purpose of the product, circulation, material, requirements for appearance, etc.

Creation of a 3D model of the body of the REA device

Regardless of the chosen method of manufacturing the body of the REA device, it is necessary to create its 3D model. This is the task of a 3D modeler who works in a special program. You can create a 3D model according to the description, photograph or drawing.

Creation of a 3D-model of the REA device case
corps for rea
development of housing for electronics

Create a mold or silicone mold

The finished 3D model is used to create a mold or silicone mold. The creation of a metal mold takes from one to three months, making a silicone mold lasts from 2 to 7 days.

Test casting of REA body to order

Test casting – this is the manufacture of the first whale body to order. The first sample of the product is carefully inspect for defects and compliance with all requirements. If any problems are found, the mold or silicone mold is sent back for revision.

Launch of production of REA enclosures

After you have managed to get the first successful product, you can launch serial production in the required quantity.

Starting your own production is not as difficult as it seems. Please contact KLONA for this. We will study all the nuances and offer the best solution.