Manufacturing of plastic cases in small quantities

Depending on the required requirements for the product and on the number of copies, KLONA will select for you the most optimal and cost-effective method of manufacturing plastic enclosures. As practice shows, most often these methods are casting in silicone molds and 3D printing of plastic cases.

When creating a new device, the task of the developers is not only to design its electro-technical component (“internal content” of the device), but also to work on the aesthetics of the device’s appearance. As a rule, the outer shell of the device is a plastic case, which today is entrusted not only with the function of protecting the device from external mechanical influences, but also creating an attractive appearance of the product.

That’s why manufacturing of plastic cases and parts such a burning question for domestic manufacturers.

The main problem is manufacture of plastic products at large enterprises engaged in plastic molding, it is carried out only in large quantities. If at the enterprise there is a piece or small-scale production, then such a service will be very expensive. In addition, large enterprises practically do not use an individual approach to the manufacture of plastic parts in small quantities.

Price for the manufacture of plastic products can be significantly reduced if we use rapid prototyping technologies in production and the wide possibilities of modern 3D printing

The KLONA company carries out the production of plastic products : production of plastic cases and production of plastic parts in small quantities and in single copies. Such products can be used as a prototype, a pilot batch of products, or as a final product. When choosing a material for the base of the product, we rely on such requirements as: impact resistance, heat resistance, transparency, elasticity, color, etc.

If you need to manufacture plastic enclosures or parts, please contact us, we will make for you products of the required shape, size and color that best suits your requirements. Manufacturing of a case with individual parameters is an ideal solution for the manufacture of products in small quantities.

Depending on the required requirements for the product and on the number of copies KLONA company will select for you the most optimal and cost-effective method of making plastic cases. As practice shows, most often these methods are silicone casting and 3d printing of plastic cases.


When manufacturing a small batch of plastic products, the optimal production method is – casting of casings into silicone molds

This method allows you to choose the material most suitable for your product, the plastic case can be made of a variety of polyurethanes!

Besides, molding in silicone molds provides such characteristics of the plastic case as :

– impact resistance;
– moisture resistance;
– rigidity;
– optimal body color;
– elasticity;
– non-toxicity;
– wear resistance;
– elasticity;
– easy paintability;
– resistance to high temperatures.

How are casting molds created?

The creation of molds for casting consists of several main stages:

  1. Development of a master model or prototype of a product – creation of a model of the future products that meets all technological requirements, surface treatment of the created model.
  2. Creating a container (form) to place the model in it and fill the prototype with silicone. In this case, the shape of the container does not matter, only its dimensions are important – it must be larger than the prototype itself. Typically, with a well-made one silicone mold, 20 to 100 pieces of plastic enclosures / products can be produced.
  3. Filling the prototype with a polymer composition in a manufactured form (container). The polymer composition directly includes silicone and a hardener.
  4. Polymerization process occurs, as a rule, during the day. At its end, the shape of the container is cut in half and the finished prototype (master model of the product) is extracted from it. The timing of the polymerization process depends on the customer’s technical requirements for the master model – the hardness of the model, its elasticity, service life, etc.

Manufacturing of plastic cases by molding into silicone molds allows you to get a finished product with both smooth and rough surfaces. Further, the product can be subjected to various types of processing :
– grinding;
– polishing;
– creation of a special texture of the product;
– surface painting (it is optimal to paint plastic cases for electronics by introducing a dye into the raw material).

Casting in silicone molds allows you to make:

  1. Plastic cases for electronics, household appliances, computer equipment;
  2. Nodes of mechanisms and devices;
  3. Components for medical devices and equipment;
  4. Plastic parts for children’s toys and constructors;
  5. Fittings for furniture and other purposes;
  6. Decor elements;
  7. Souvenirs and stationery.

Advantages of the silicone molding method:

  • high speed of creating plastic parts or a new product;
  • high quality of finished products;
  • reduction of costs for the production of single copies of products;
  • wastelessness;
  • no need for processing equipment and large production areas.
Plastic enclosures
Trial consignment
Manufacturing of plastic cases


Manufacturing of plastic products using rapid prototyping technology makes it possible to:

  1. Assess the functionality and aesthetics of the appearance of the finished product;
  2. Make a trial batch of products and test the perception of the finished product by the target audience. That allows you to correct mistakes in the design of the case inexpensively and in a short time, resulting in a “perfect” product.
  3. Presenting a finished product to your customer – a tangible and material prototype that you can hold in your hands and evaluate from all sides – is an important trump card in communicating with a partner!

Low cost, excellent quality of finished products and short production times of the plastic case – create significant demand and demand for rapid prototyping technologies. KLONA specialists carry out not only the production of plastic products in Ukraine and Russia, but also develop unique design concepts for cases for electronic and household appliances, computer devices and other types of products.

3D printing of the plastic housing of the device

3D printing is becoming an ideal way to make a plastic case if the manufacturer needs to make one or more copies of the product.

KLONA specialists will select for you the most profitable way of 3d-printing and the optimal material for making the case, depending on the level of complexity of its design and product dimensions, as well as on the requirements put forward for the strength of the case. Most often, as practice shows, the method of layer-by-layer build-up with the use of ABS or PLA plastic is used. And also the technology of laser sintering of powders.

Manufacturing of a plastic case using 3D printing technologies can be divided into several main stages:

  1. Development of a three-dimensional model (3D-model) of products;
  2. Adjusting the size of the model and sending it for 3D printing;
  3. Post-processing of the finished product.

Each of the above methods of manufacturing plastic products are good in their own way. Which method is best for you depends on the goals you set for yourself.

Set global goals for yourself and don’t be afraid to bring your bold designs to life! “Think about goals as they have already been achieved” – the words of the great innovator in the history of mankind – Steve Jobs. A man who started by assembling computers in his parents’ garage and ended up as the founder and chief inventor of the world’s largest electronics corporation, Apple. Jobs has repeatedly changed his life and ours with you, despite the fact that she repeatedly “hit him in the head with a brick”, Steve always believed in his great work and did not stop there, inspiring not only his colleagues, but also thousands of inventors with all over the world.

KLONA company will help you take the first steps in the formation of your business. You already have the main thing – this is your unique idea, and we will help to bring it to life!

We will develop for you a unique, up-to-date, functional and informative design of the plastic case. Our production facilities will work for you – we will create a prototype of your product and arrange small-scale production of plastic cases, parts and plastic products. We believe in you.