Photogrammetry Is the process of creating 3D models from photography. Today photogrammetry is widely used for solving applied problems construction, architecture, industrial modeling as well as in art.

Photogrammetry began to develop almost immediately with the advent of photography, but at first it was only used to recreate landscapes and build topographic maps. Modeling from photography allows you to quickly and easily create 3D models, partially automating the process due to modern software. It is difficult to create complex models this way, but it has many uses.

Making a 3D model from photography: the use of technology

3D modeling from photography is used in cases where no way to recreate 3 D-model according to drawings. In addition, this technology makes it possible to simulate large geographic or industrial objects without carrying out field measurements. In addition, this type of simulation is useful for remote sensing in environments where human exposure may be unsafe.

Games and movies

Building a 3D model from a photograph is often used in the gaming industry and animation for drawing heroes. Real people are taken as a basis, or rather their photographs and a model is made from them. This technique allows you to realistically convey facial features and facial expressions.

Making a 3d model from a photo

When creating Captain Shepard from Mass Effect was based on the appearance of the model Mark Vanderloo.

Creation of a 3D model from a photograph

Many famous actors gave their appearance to cartoon characters (and not only people). Lucy Liu became the Viper from “Kung Fu Panda”, and Rihanna became the Type girl from the movie “Dom”.


3D modeling from photography is used to create a prototype of a product. For example, if you have a plastic case and need a similar product, you can take a photo of the existing one. As a result, you will get a 3D model that you can correct. This will help evaluate the functionality of the product even before the start of mass production.


Making a 3D model from photography is sometimes used in industrial design. This allows quickly assess the scope of work to create a complete working model. However, this method is not suitable for creating complex products. In this case, it is better to create a 3D model from scratch.

rules creation photos to build 3D- models

If you want to get an accurate model of an object, you need to adhere to several rules for shooting an object.

1. The object must always be located in focus … It is best to place it on a movable platform and fix the camera statically at a short distance (if the object is small). This will rotate the object by the specified angle, and it will always be in the center.

2. If the object is too large and inconvenient to rotate (for example, a car), you will have to rotate the camera … This greatly complicates the shooting process – in each angle you need to strictly maintain the distance to the object, which requires additional calculations. In this case, you can consider other options – calling a specialist for photographing or measurements. It is also worth considering the option of directly taking measurements from the object.

3. The tripod must be equipped with a “level” for strict positioning of the camera in the vertical and horizontal planes.

When creating a three-dimensional model from a photo, you must at least three shots of the subject: side, front and top. A semi-profile photo will help make the model more accurate, but is not required for inanimate objects.

Построение 3d-модели по фотографии


  • the object is best placed on plain background ;
  • calibration stand (a sheet of paper with markings) will help improve the accuracy of the model;
  • the resulting images are best converted to format jpg ;
  • all images must have the same height and width ;
  • images are required number sequentially.

3D models from photography: programs

For the amateur creation of pseudo-3D models from photographs, there is a variety of software. Usually these programs easy to learn, everything is intuitive in them … However, this software is far from professional 3D editors and is often used when creating low-budget games or animation.

CrazyTalk – one of the best modern programs for creating facial animation … Thanks to the 3D Head Creation tool, users can create highly accurate models, and lip motion simulates any project.

Facegen modeller used to develop characters for computer games. Using the sliders, you can easily change the appearance of your face and quickly achieve the desired result.

3d-моделирование по фотографии

Headshop – another editor for modeling faces based on portrait photos. After uploading the photo, the user needs to place anchor points, after which he can start editing the face.

Strata Foto 3D – a program for creating 3D models with creating masks. Models can be exported to Photoshop where they can be colored. A special plug-in helps the program determine the position of the camera and automatically recreate the object in 3D space. This program can be used to create 3D models for online store products.

Building a model from a photograph

360.3D Is a powerful enough program that creates a three-dimensional model based on 4-8 photographs. The program provides three levels of work (beginner, professional and developer), which allows you to spend a minimum of time mastering the interface. The program is often used to creation of virtual tours and demonstration of goods … It is possible to customize the background, light, animation effects, etc.

123D – a free application that allows you to create 3D models from photos from any technique (smartphone, tablet, camera, etc.). It is the program from the leader among the main 3D graphics editors from Autodesk. Suitable for both beginners and professional users.

3d-моделирование по фотографии

Advantages and disadvantages of the method of 3D modeling from photography

3D modeling from photography has its advantages in the following cases:

  • when missing drawings products;
  • No opportunities to carry out natural measurements object;
  • the internal structure of the object does not matter;
  • for face modeling when developing computer games or animation;
  • for creating virtual tours (restaurants or salons) and demonstration of products of online stores;
  • 3D model printed one-time and its quality does not play a special role.

In all of the above cases, 3D modeling from a photo is an indispensable tool for quickly and easily creating a model. In addition, the modern The software allows you to significantly automate the process without loss of accuracy.

Disadvantages of 3D modeling by photo:

  • to get an accurate model high quality pictures are required with the correct placement of personnel;
  • some received models require lengthy post-editing ;
  • requires additional simulation of the internal structure details;
  • obtained 3D models may differ significantly in relative size from source

If you want to get a high-quality 3D model, but you do not have product drawings or you need animation for the game, contact KLONA. Call us by phone and we will describe in more detail the process of modeling from a photo.