The design of the device case, despite its seeming simplicity, is a rather difficult task. After all, the convenience of using the created device depends on a properly designed case.

This difficult job was entrusted to us by one of the clients – a company that produces electronics for fire and security alarms and other complex equipment.

The CLONA company was tasked with: develop 3 D-model of the housing for the switchboard. The work took place in several stages.

First, we drew up a detailed technical task, in which we described all the requirements for the device and the customer’s wishes for industrial product design … Based on this data, the specialist began to build a 3D model.

The work was carried out on the basis of drawings, provided by the customer. After the base of the enclosure was ready, we sent the 3D model to the client.

Creation of plastic cases

Further it was necessary finalize some details : place a logo, add fasteners, etc. This was done together with the customer, according to his description. After some minor modifications, the model was ready.

To see the product live and test it, we made a prototype, i.e. product sample. Since only one copy was needed, it was decided to resort to the 3D printing method. The resulting body met all customer requirements for quality and functionality. This concludes our work.

In the future, the 3D model of the device case can be used for small- or large-scale production of cases.

If you need to design a plastic housing for electronics or any other product, contact the company KLONA. We provide a full range of services: from design creation to large-scale production.

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