Today, 3D models are used in many fields of activity, for example, in architecture, medicine, computer games, the film industry and industry. The era of digital technologies has not bypassed the production of jewelry made of precious metals. Jewelry 3d modeling allows you to bring to life any, even the most complex and unusual idea of the artist.

Advantages of 3D jewelry modeling

3d modeling of jewelry – the process of creating a rendered model of a decoration based on a drawn sketch, picture or photo. Well-known companies engaged in the production of jewelry have been using this technology for a long time, because it has a number of advantages

  • creation of the most accurate copy of the future product within a short time;
  • making edits and adjustments to the three-dimensional model an unlimited number of times;
  • designing a collection based on one product model without significant time expenditures;
  • determination of the exact weight of the jewelry at the stage of 3d modeling;
  • the ability to create a model of a product that meets the basic requirements and parameters of jewelry technologies.
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How is the process of 3D modeling of jewelry

The finished work does not always correspond to the original idea of the author. A few years ago, in order to achieve the ideal shape of a product, to embody the author’s ideas, it was necessary to create a large number of prototypes. Today, this problem no longer exists thanks to the introduction of digital technologies. The drawn sketch or photo is sent to a 3D-modeler, who, using special computer programs, creates a three-dimensional model of the decoration.

The specialist directly in the 3D-editor imposes a transparent sketch on the volumetric image. This allows you to repeat all lines and patterns with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter. The work of a 3D modeler is that he controls only technical moments, the artist evaluates the work in terms of aesthetic appeal, adding, removing or modifying the details of the model. Thanks to 3D modeling of jewelry, everyone can create their own unique piece of jewelry. All that is needed for this is to describe or depict your ideas to a 3D specialist.
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Ideas for implementation in designer jewelry

Today workshops invite everyone to create their own unique piece of jewelry. Such services are far from being new in the precious jewelry market. However, not every person can easily come up with the design of a future product; many customers have difficulties at this stage. We decided to help and suggest some ideas.

Copying famous brands

Many jewelery artists got their start this way – they adapted the designs from fashion collections for themselves. So why not make a copy of your favorite jewelry from a famous brand? With the help of 3D jewelry modeling, you can create exact copies of jewelry worn by celebrities, political and public figures, only they will cost much less.

Gifts of nature

Jewelry designers often use this technique. Droplets, flowers, leaves or even fruits – all this can be transferred to the product. Artists create whole compositions that impress with their unique style and originality. However, one should not adhere to literalism – all elements of the composition are symbolic.

3d printing of jewelry

Associative row

Jewelry created for women has its own characteristics: flowing lines, intricate shapes, bright colors of precious stones. Products for men are distinguished by their strict form and restrained style. Ornaments in the form of cartoon characters and animals are often made for children. What’s the conclusion?

To create a unique product, you need to use a certain associative range. For example, heart-shaped jewelry is suitable for the second half, you can give a personalized jewelry with a zodiac sign, date of birth. There is another option – the creation of a unique design solution based on associations with human activities, achievements or hobbies. Based on this, you can create a special piece of jewelry that will have no analogues.

3d modeling of jewelry

Before embarking on the development of a jewelry design, you need to take into account the fact that today there are several techniques for processing precious metals.

Filigree – allows you to create an openwork pattern or “spider web” of metal.

Grain – creation of miniature droplet grains soldered onto the metal surface.

Inlay – decoration in the form of a pattern, inscription or image, which differs in color from the surface of the product. Most often, ceramics, marble, mother of pearl, etc. are used for this.

Enameling – covering the product or its sections with colored glassy mass, enamel.

Jewelry 3d modeling – a process that significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of creating jewelry, and most importantly – allows you to create jewelry for every taste and color.

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