In the autumn of 2001, the American inventor Dean Kaman presented his creation, namely, a segway or gyro scooter. It was a two-wheeled vehicle with no steering wheel or brakes. Who would have thought that in 15 years the descendants of the strange electric scooter would gain popularity all over the world! Success did not come to the hoverboard immediately: the public took it with hostility. In 2010, the Segway manufacturing company was on the verge of collapse: its owner, James Heselden, while riding a hoverboard, fell into the river and died.

Help for the project came from China. The rights to the segway were bought by Xiaomi and its Ninebot brand. The new owners have invested $ 80 million to improve the hoverboard. As a result, they turned it into a comfortable, safe and reliable transport. Since then, the hoverboard has firmly entered many areas of our life – from children’s entertainment to commuting and police service.

Industrial design and the secrets of popularity

Hoverboard design

At first glance, the design of this vehicle is very simple: a compact platform with two wheels. But the main secret of the hoverboard is inside its body, where the automatic stabilization system is located. It is equipped with gyroscopic and fluid sensors that react to the slightest deviations from balance. When a deviation is detected, the system signals the electric motors to accelerate or decelerate. Thanks to this scheme, the forward and backward movement is controlled by simply tilting the body in the desired direction.

Hoverboard design

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What is the difference between a gyroscooter, a gyroboard and a monocycle

Among users, both Russian-speaking and English-speaking, there are often disputes about the correctness of the name of this transport. The fact is that a single generally accepted term has not yet been invented. At the same time, many marketing names are used in everyday life, which lead to even more confusion. Let’s try to clarify:

  • Hoverboard … Differs in the presence of a steering lever. In older models, it was a regular handle that the rider held on to. New versions of hoverboards are equipped with a shortened knee-operated steering column. In this way, the front-to-back control is separate from the right-left cornering control. This ensures more stable and safer driving at speeds up to 50 km / h. Also, the hoverboard is equipped with a capacious battery, one charge of which is enough for 50-60 km of track. Enough to cross Kiev twice from one end to the other. Only much more bulky e-bikes can boast of these characteristics. The main disadvantages of gyro scooters are the price of about $ 2000 and the weight of several tens of kilograms.
  • Gyrobord … It can be called a “stripped down” version of the hoverboard. It is not for nothing that in many sources it is called a mini-segway. The gyro board does not have a rudder, so the user must lean in the right direction to turn. Its weight, speed and travel distance are 3-5 times less than that of a hoverboard. The gyro board is very compact and charges no longer than a smartphone (1.5-2 hours). In addition, its cost is moderate and will not shock the average city dweller – some models are sold for as little as $ 200-250. All this contributed to the frenzied growth of the popularity of gyroboards all over the planet, including Ukraine.
  • Unicycle or unicycle … This technique can be called a real find for lovers of minimalism. It is a wheel in a casing with two footrests for the user. The control is carried out in the same way as a gyroboard. The advantages of a monocycle include quick learning to ride (30-40 minutes) and an increased power reserve in comparison with a gyro board.
Unicycle or unicycle

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Industrial design of hoverboards

The design of the first segway models resembled vacuum cleaners without a dust collector. The impression was enhanced by the adjustable handle tube and the deliberate “plasticity” of the body and wheels. The style of later versions of gyro scooters approached automotive and motorcycle technology. Designers have begun to pay more attention to wheels: psychologists believe that wheels play a decisive role in the appearance of a vehicle. In addition, special importance was attached to the ergonomics and safety of gyrobikes: special anti-slip materials are used for the platform. They help the legs to stand firmly on the apparatus.

Cases began to be produced from impact-resistant polystyrene by stamping in molds. This technology has one significant drawback: the created mold is very easy to copy. As a result, gyro scooter companies are reluctant to invest in the development of new unusual shapes. They fear that competitors will immediately “copy and paste” the novelty, and all investments will go to waste. Because of this, most gyrobeards look almost the same regardless of brand, although there is a lot of demand for unusual designs. Therefore, those manufacturers who nevertheless decide to release a unique product often win.

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How to improve your gyroboard design?

Still, those who like to personalize the technique have found a way out of this situation. Coloring helps to create an individual design of the gyroboard. The most popular options are:

  • “Graffiti” … It is a print that contains stylized inscriptions, the names of your favorite bands or the names of superheroes.
  • “Skulls” … This option is usually chosen by fans of heavy metal music.
  • “Fire” or “Lightning” … Such drawings are an effective solution for those who want to draw attention to their hoverboard.
  • “Camouflage” … Style military continues to gain in popularity, so it’s no surprise that gyroboard designers have adopted it.
  • Flowers, Water Drops, Stars … These colors are close to those who love nature.
  • “Animals” … Patterns depicting tigers, zebras, lions are usually liked by cheerful people.
How to improve your gyroboard design

In addition to the colors, there is another way to make the gyro bike recognizable. It’s about lighting. Almost all models are backlit. Some devices have LEDs located along the entire body. This gives the gyroboard a festive look and good visibility on the road, but also quickly eats up battery power. Other models have only practical headlights: they help to notice pits and other road defects that await the scooter in the dark. One of the latest innovations is the appearance of glowing wheels. In the evening, they create a fantastic illusion that the gyroboard is not driving, but literally hovers above the ground.

Coloring helps to create an individual design of the gyroboard

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The most unusual hoverboards

Engineers and designers do not stand still. They continue to develop more and more technical solutions in the field of personal electric vehicles. Below are the most interesting and daring ones:

  • Walk car … Mini gyro board from Japan. Outwardly, it can be confused with a laptop on wheels.
Walk car
  • Carr E … The brainchild of the auto concern Ford. Its design reflects the notes of the previous generation Ford Mondeo.
Carr E
  • Hoverboard … This device clearly owes its creation to the famous trilogy “Back to the Future”.
  • AIRWHEEL S6 … Giroskuter for sybarites. It comes with a comfortable bike-style seat that folds down when needed.
  • Windrover … A severe gyro scooter with huge “spiked” wheels. On such a device, you can confidently go fishing or hunting.
  • Monolet … The idea to make the fastest electric unicycle in the world came to the designer from Riga Maxim Maksimov. The project is still under development, but already the prototypes are accelerating to 90 km / h.
  • Homemade … Finally, it is worth mentioning DIY kits, from which enthusiasts independently assemble gyroboards. There is simply no point in talking about thoughtful design in such cases.

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