3D model based on photography, drawing, sample

Making a prototype will also allow you to create on its basis a mold for casting, which is so necessary for the release of a trial batch of products and further small-scale production.

Develop a 3d model from a photograph, drawing or sample today it is quite real and accessible to everyone. If you have drawings for 3d modeling, a sample of a product or photographs of an object from three angles (front, side and top view) – ordering a 3d model will not be difficult for you!

The creation of 3d models and the subsequent production of a prototype of the product have become an integral part of the production process. Today, before starting production of products, it is necessary to create a 3d model and prototype product using rapid prototyping technology. Having a prototype of a future product in your hands, you can easily appreciate its ergonomics.

Prototype manufacturing will also allow you to create on its basis a mold for casting, which is so necessary for the release of a trial batch of products and further small-scale production. Boldly put your ideas into practice, and modern technologies and specialists of the KLONA company will help you with this!


3D modeling (three-dimensional modeling) is a special type of computer graphics, which includes both hardware tools and software, with the help of which 3d models of various objects are built.

3D modeling and visualization make it possible to create three-dimensional graphic objects. To achieve maximum photorealism of objects allows rendering – the process of rendering a 3d model in the environment by placing it on the desired background.

3D modeling and professional 3D designers will help you create an accurate 3D model from a photograph or drawing that meets all technical requirements.

The basis for creating a 3d model can be:

– the photo;
– drawing;
– materials obtained by 3d scan ;
– an image or sketch of an object;
– oral description of the subject;
is a real object.


Creating 3d models from photographs is photogrammetry. Today there are a huge number of computer programs for creating a 3D model from a photograph, but most of these programs create not a three-dimensional model, but only a pseudo-three-dimensional image of an object.

Photo-based 3D modeling is necessary in the following cases:

  1. When the drawings of the object are not available or they are lost.
  2. In case you need to build a 3d model of a person.
  3. In cases where it is necessary to achieve photographic similarity of the object model with its original.

Requirements for photographs used to create 3d models:

  • the size of the photo must be at least 4 * 5 cm;
  • it is necessary to have two types of images of the object – face and profile, as well as a top view for inanimate objects;
  • a great advantage are photographs of the object in half-face and half-profile;
  • photographs must be clear and high resolution.

3d model from photos from the KLONA company:

  • meets all technical requirements, norms and standards;
  • indistinguishable from the real object shown in the photograph;
  • our 3d model from the photo can be used to create a prototype of the product.
3d model from photo
3d model from photo
3d model from photo


Drawing Is a technical document containing information about the design, dimensions of the object and the materials from which it will be made. Drawings for 3d modeling, as well as modeling of 3d objects from drawings is the creation of templates. They are necessary when the customer is faced with the task of creating a 3d model according to drawings. To make 3d modeling according to the drawing, it is important to have three types of drawings of the object available – top view, front view and side view.


Creation of a 3d model based on a sample , as a rule, it is used when there is no 3D scanner or it is not possible to provide a high-quality photograph. The sample is a real object, should be small and mobile, since the engineer will work with it directly – move, rotate, move and even disassemble it into separate components.


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Modeling by drawing: price

You can order a 3d model at an individual cost from us. Creation of 3d models is our life’s work! The KLONA company has accumulated considerable experience and professionalism that allows you to create accurate and high-quality 3d models from a photograph, a drawing or a sample in a short time. In addition, we will assist you in prototyping your product and set up small-scale production.

Dare, and be confident in each of your ideas, even if they seem banal to you – this is the only way you can achieve success! After all, as the American inventor and co-founder of Polaroid, Edwin Land, said: “An invention that is rapidly gaining popularity is usually based on a banal alteration of existing things.”